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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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08.07.2013 , 10:03 AM | #671
I hope I never met both of you guys at the same time in a fp, because that is going to be the longest run ever with no out of combat heals ( or self-heals) :P

As a healer i put some hots on the tank out of combat if he needs them and if I have the energy. As a tank, i use my self-heal even though i normally get healed by the healer.
by the way, there are not that many places in the current game where the tank needs a lot of heals at the end of the fight, and the healer is completely out of energy.
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08.07.2013 , 11:12 AM | #672
Quote: Originally Posted by Never_Hesitate View Post
I don't care if you're the only one who took dmg, it's not my job to outfight heal you, you have a outfight reg for that.
If you don't use your outfight reg in my group and you even start looting mobs while you should be regging, you don't have to expect any heal from me in the next pull.

You don't want to make 20 min runs 45-60 min long because of the healer not topping you up, so you start looting mobs and make yourself the reason for the long run. how noble of you
You and the other 2 who responded should probably re-roll DPS... If you are a healer do your job and heal, cater to the tanks pace. Or re-roll on a RP server....

@adam_wan - I am on POT5... ill be on around 5:30 eastern ill hit you up

@OlosBC - good to see you back... sucks our PT dps got nerfed to the ground

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08.07.2013 , 11:48 AM | #673
oh healing out of combat. this may sound contradictory, but..

while I do heal people up, I really despise the assumption that its my job and they should never contribute.

aka - if you see me start my own out of combat recuperation? do not just stand there tapping your foot waiting for me to finish and top you off. (and sadly i see this all too often. sometimes I make a point of not healing that person. depending on whether i feel like i can afford to without punishing the rest of the group.)

this is especially relevant in leveling flashpoints, where healers resources are horrible and healing abilities are few. you don't really hit your resource regenerating groove until about lvl 40, so prior to that, don't be demanding little **** and use your out of combat heal. and after that, most of the time I don't care, but if a pull goes south (which happens) and we just barely survived? do hit that button. it costs you nothing and its a considerate thing to do.

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08.07.2013 , 12:22 PM | #674
Well yeah, if the healer is regenning resources, I'll do the same, rather than making him spend them again. That goes without saying. But being a primadonna because "I don't heal unless we're in combat" when he has the resources and ability to do so while the group is on the move is another matter entirely. (The primadonna term also applies to DPS/tanks refusing to heal while the healer is using his regency ability)

Anyway, let's get back to the hilarious point of this thread.
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08.07.2013 , 12:23 PM | #675
Quote: Originally Posted by wetslampigduex View Post
You and the other 2 who responded should probably re-roll DPS... If you are a healer do your job and heal, cater to the tanks pace. Or re-roll on a RP server....
You're not asking for a healer, you're asking for a babysitter. Good god, grow a pair and use your out of combat regen. It's given to you for a reason

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08.07.2013 , 12:36 PM | #676
Athiss story mode, I am on a dps powertech and my buddy is on his jug tanking. Healer wont move after we drop down without a guard, already know it is going to be one of those. First couple pulls, yep it is aoeing instead of healing. We let it die on the second pull, because it started the pull by itself. Get to the last pull before the first boss fight, the one with the silver droids and the tank goes down because the healer is dpsing. Pulled out mako and the sorc dps off healed the rest of the run. Got a new healer while we were fighting the second boss.

I understand dpsing on a healer during a run where everyone is so overgeared it doesn't matter, but to do so and let the tank die after being asked to heal ended up getting it kicked. I wasn't going to /ignore it but when the whisper tirade started about it couldn't heal healthy people I had to.

Funny athiss run right when it first opened up for us at 19. We get to the final boss without issues, we are all lowbies but everyone seemed like they had done it before so no biggie. The chasing fire got the healer, I have never seen anyone die to it before. The dps died to the bleed being applied, he started running thinking the boss was hitting him, very funny to watch. I did have to switch stances and taunt the boss of the tank at the very end, it had almost taken him out. Not a bad run for a bunch of lower levels doing it, and the healer was good at faking the funk. Had no idea it was its first time.

They med-centered, so we waited to loot till they got back of course, good times.

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08.07.2013 , 12:43 PM | #677
You know, Im a DPS with a little healing abilities and sometimes, when I see a tank rushing forward (which I like) and I see him HP down I stop for a bit and throw a heal or two. I know its a matter of perspective for everyone but if the healer in my group is still regging Id help no matter what.

And I got one from last night.

HM PUG, and Cademimu came up, I never inspect players unless I see a recurrent behavior, but I do check at least HPs of all players, not that it matters so much for me, but it gives me a hint of what level of progression has been done with all group members. Im a Sage rDPS w/34k HPs, healer was in 22k HPs, the other DPS, a guardian was in 23 HPs and the tank, a shadow was in 32 HPs. All of them from the same guild but me.

Hellos and his and the fights begins, I noticed the healer died a few times in previous thrashes before we got to Xander. Not a problem I have some healing abilities and I could keep the tank alive while he was out. I even rezzed him in-combat once.

Theeen comes Xander

-The tank ask: Hey <my in-game character name here> do you know this fight?

-I repied: Yes I do.

The fight begins and when EN-4C got activated I start running behind the orange circle, the tank start running by my side and steps into the circle. Somehow we managed to survive before he was released, but now we are all less than 40% life. By then Im already in position to the next circle and EN-4C is following me because Im aggroing it like mad, I didnt throw my boots because there is no ability like that, then a few milliseconds before it steps into the circle, aaand, guess what?, exactly, tanks steals the base and steps into the circle before EN-4C. By then, the healer is dead again, I couldnt rezz him because my in-battle rezzing ability still in CD. So we wipe. Then the tank started yelling all kinds of c*rap to me and finally asked me how in heavens name I managed to be on top of the shuttle before him. I answered with:

-How would I know, I just did whats common in this FP, the next floor ring was active and I ran behind it to attract EN-4C, and arent you supposed to be keeping Xander busy?

Tank: -NO, somehow you pushed me.

No more arguments from my side, because I thought form his last comment something was wrong with this guys.

Aaaand I got votekicked

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08.07.2013 , 03:32 PM | #678
Quote: Originally Posted by Darken-Ust View Post
Tank: -NO, somehow you pushed me.
Ok! That one wins the thread!
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08.07.2013 , 04:59 PM | #679
So last night I finally got around to doing the HK-51 quests, and I queued HM Foundry to get the last piece. Queue pops and it's 3 55's, including me, and a 53 dps. I'm thinking, sweet, nice quick run, no one will take any serious damage, mobs will die before I can blink, good times! Alas, faint, false hope.

To start off, the tank doesn't actually enter the flashpoint. Do the dps care? Nope! Off we go! But I'm like, whatever, they're BH's, they have some off-heals and okay armor and they're overleveled, it'll be fine. What follows is the most work I've had to do in a level 50 HM, like, ever, including when I was running them at level 50. Neither dps stops running and pulling until I die from no one ever pulling aggro off me, after popping all my defensive cds including Cloaking Screen and healing myself like a madman, which of course just pulled more aggro. Then when the tank finally joins us, he's in High Energy cylinder, and his "rotation" consists of firing Neural Dart from max range and then Flame Sweeping(without moving, with no mobs anywhere near him) until he overheats, then running up to the mobs and Rapid Shotting them until he can do something else. The dps do a great job of aggroing the biggest thing they can find and tunneling on that until it dies, and meanwhile I have all my defensive cds on cooldown and am having to kill stuff myself to make it stop shooting me.

"You should be in Ion Cylinder." "Oh, sorry, first time tanking." "Also Flame Sweep has a really short range." "Oh, sorry." Next several pulls, tank is still in HE Cylinder, still stands next to me doing Flame Sweep, but he does finally add Death From Above occasionally. "No, really you should be in Ion Cylinder. Also, you should have an ability that lets you rocket jump toward the enemies." "Yeah, Death From Above, sorry, I'll try to use it more." ", not that, but do keep using that, I mean an ability that makes you jump toward an enemy." "Oh, that costs a lot of heat and I overheat too much." "... ... ...well, whatever, just switch to Ion Cylinder, will you?" "I don't have it, hang on." /headdesk (He did eventually find Ion Cylinder.)

Also, these guys insisted on pulling absolutely everything. Everything in the entire instance, even after we get enough kills for the bonus. I run up and Sleep Dart to let them skip a pack, nope! We're fightin' that! Demonstrate how to get past another pack without aggroing, nope! We're fightin' that, too! Get to the bonus boss, hey, let's aggro every k'lor'slug up here, then activate the boss while we're still fighting them! Green goo on the ground? Who cares! Wipe. "*** one shot?" Finally get to Revan, only I and one of the dps get away from him after he pulls us in, and then when he's dropping asteroids, everyone decides it's fine to just stand in the purple circle. Naturally one of the dps dies(did I mention that they seem to be wearing armor made of tissue paper?), but Revan dies immediately after that, so no big deal. I go to rez the dead guy, but see he's already at full health and figure someone else got him, so I grab my HK part and open the chest. Dead guy says, "Wait!" Apparently he went to the medcenter when he died. With the boss at 2% health. Oops. I feel a little bad about screwing the guy out of his comms, but not really, because who does that? And then he aggros something that we somehow missed on the way in, and actually manages to survive to bring it to us, we kill it, click the console, and it's finally over.

I really should have dropped the group after I died that first time, but I hate doing that.

Also, to weigh in on healing people out of combat, I don't like doing it because a) you have a rest ability, b) I'm used to groups that keep running pell-mell toward whatever they can see and not doing a good job of keeping aggro off the healer, so when combat starts and that HoT I threw on you ticks and no one has aggro on anything, guess who's getting shot half to death before anyone even notices? plus c) I want to start fights in stealth and if I take the time to heal after combat, 9 times out of 10 someone has run up and put me in combat before I can either rest or get into stealth.

I think I need to just learn to stop being so permissive and start letting people die when they do stupid things.

Jeweledleah's Avatar

08.07.2013 , 05:33 PM | #680
oh, letting people die when they do stupid things is highly satisfying. I tend to give a single warning in chat and if they continue - I let them die. its not as flexible when I'm on a sorc, but when I'm on my operative? I've been known to stealth out of wipes to make my point. again. and again.

and its not that I can't heal through a lot of the crap that people pull. its that I chose not to, once they piss me off enough.

like recent run of colicoid wargames on my sage. sentinel kept jumping ahead of the tank. no big deal some of you will say, but the thing is - you allow it to continue and they think its ok and keep doing it in flashpoints where it IS a big deal. so I warned him. you jump ahead of tank again, I'm letting you die.

he didn't listen. and pulled the last boss. so I let him die. very deliberately, while keeping the rest of the group between 90% and 100% health at all time. hopefully THAT will get through his skull.

maybe it makes me a bad person, but I find having ability to do that highly satisfying.