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08.25.2014 , 11:53 AM | #4491
Quote: Originally Posted by lazyax View Post
I understand everything you said. The thing is, the dps dont move when the sandstorm/green gen comes up, they just stay in one spot and keep dps'ing the boss, which means I have to get back into range and taunt. If I use the taunt and I am not close enough to the generator that would be a wasted taunt, an instant smash, and a ton of unnecessary healing for the healer. Of course I guard the highest dps geared player. My tank is in almost full 180s with about 44k hp, and because the dps group isnt moving, I don't want to use taunt, yet. Is there something I am missing here?
Here is what I do on my Jugg for that fight.

I guard a DPS of course and have Rule of Two so my speed is increased when they take damage which of course they will be for this phase.

Start of the fight I leap in, use saber reflect and use my high threat attacks. If for some reason I lose aggro before the fist sandstorm I use my single target taunt to get it back.

As soon as the sandstorm starts I throw my AoE taunt and run the the generator. The AoE taunt gives everyone else a small damage shield, boosts my threat, and assures that it will follow me for six seconds. Also it comes back in time to use it every storm. If the dps are in position you can intercede to them but thank to Rule of Two I'm usually there first. Then I turn around and beat on it till it rampages and after it breaks the generator I take it back to the middle.

So far that has not failed me.

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08.25.2014 , 05:25 PM | #4492
Quote: Originally Posted by Elusive_Thing View Post
Now I want to go to the Fleet and start recruiting people with a message like "LF3M for Esseles SM social run. 168+ gear, 3200+ DPS on the dummy required. Must be on Teamspeak!"
I've seen something along those lines. Sadly, don't remember exactly what it as, but yeah it was basically that but for Black Talon.
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08.25.2014 , 06:10 PM | #4493
This past weekend during the "run flashpoints on alts for points" event, I had a really interesting HM Cademinu.

I was on my shadow tank, wearing a mix of 162/168. First off, the poor Scoundrel healer was woefully underskilled. The trash fights with 5+ mobs required me to use ALL my defensive cds. I don't think I've ever needed to use Deflection, Battle Readiness, a Medpack AND an Exotech Absorb adrenal all in the same trash fight, (even when soloing H4s). I manged to not die, while keeping the mobs off of the healer and dps.

I tried to delicately bring the issue up to the healer, but I didn't get any response. /le sigh

The Sentinel in the group was the other problem. When we hit the bonus boss, I discovered he was addicted to standing in bad.

He died FIVE TIMES during that fight. FIVE. Every single AOE. He wouldn't run out. I tried typing it in chat, no response. The AOE would kill him, he'd revive, run back to the fight (which was still going on), attack the boss, just to die in the next AOE. It went from annoying to amusing, actually. I guess his dps must have been pretty low, because we didn't really miss him all that much.

On Ortol, I was certain that we'd have troubles, so in addition to typing the instructions for the fight, I put myself on shackle duty. I positioned the boss, broke as many shackles as I could, and moved us around the room.

Within a minute, the Sentinel had already died from standing under the rocket exhaust. He wasn't shackled, he just didn't move. The healer tosses him a combat revive (wishful thinking) and on the very next rocket cycle he died again. I was watching closely this time. He didn't have any shackles, and the boss was running away from him (following me). Instead of running after the boss, he stood still and did a Saber Throw followed by a Twin Saber throw.


Of course, the rocket exhaust killed him right after that. We finished the fight without him.

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08.26.2014 , 01:18 AM | #4494
Derptinel. <3
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08.26.2014 , 01:47 AM | #4495
See, there's a reason we call them things like "Sent-tard," "Stup-tinel," and "Marau-durr-durr-duuurrrrs".
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08.26.2014 , 04:31 AM | #4496
NiM KP, arranged via gen chat so not group finder per se.

As usual the 4 dps are spamming fleet for healers and tanks, but my Sorc has had EV and EC done for ages and damn I want that shiny black speederbike, so I agree to heal. We finally get a pair of tanks and most of the raid zones in, at which point I see the first tank. Pink sith (dark side with corruption showing) in Dramatic Extrovert set, already has the other healer guarded. Alarm bells deafening, stick finger in ear and wiggle around a bit, shake head to clear ringing.

On inspection, the horror intensifies. Defence chance around 11.5%, mostly stock 156 with accuracy and absorb. Out of curiosity I later asked that tank what their shield/absorb were - around 35% and 32%. They were squishy as hell, especially on Foreman Crusher.

The other tank, what can I say? Name was a single letter removed from Vader, which already told me a lot. Mouthy, tunnel-visioner in Eradicator shells, so far so predictable. No attempt to tank Sorno when Jarg leaps to the balcony, leaving our poor lightning sorc or marksman sniper face tanking instead. Fortunately the carboniser probes were dealt with in decent time, but it was still hell to heal during those phases.

Foreman Crusher, not-Vader calls the boss, pulls and parks him by a wall then promptly disconnects. Squishy UnderBoobTank takes FOREVER to taunt. The 2 marauderps completely ignore the adds, leaving them to pound on healers or lightning sorc. UnderBoobTank almost dies 4 or 5 times during frenzy and I'm desperately typing "adds", "kill the mother********* adds" in an attempt to get their attention with foul language. Finally Crusher dies and I breathe a sigh of relief. Surely the worst is over.

Oh wait, this is KP. I know what's next. *cry*

Yes, the stupid-killing derpblock that is Fabricator. I make futile attempts to marshall a sensible strat, but notVader has by now reconnected and pressed the starter button. He's doing ready checks, asking if we can get going. I finally have to put "NO! We are not even close to being ready" in raid chat to get him to shut up. One of the marauderps complains about being put on button duty as he "does current NiM content". I mollify him somewhat by pointing out it's hard enough to keep notVader and UnderBoobTank alive as it is without adding more melee. I eventually give up and tell him to go dps and that I will personally handle that button.

As it turned out, I was on the right button in the end, not the middle one. Each time we had the puzzle assembled, there followed 30s of "Get out of the black square", "Get on the stripes", "GET ON THE MOTHER******* STRIPES" before finally Extricating UnderBoobTank up onto the platform so I can hit the button without killing her. notVader is screaming at us to fire it, with apparently zero concept of where his co-tank is standing. He manages to die by standing in stupid himself, and then takes almost a minute to accept the combat res. I'm finally ready to fire for the fourth time when Fabricator dies and it takes all my self-control to simply type "nm" into chat instead of the heartfelt tirade I could feel hardening my arteries. Still, I got a Karagga's helm out of it.

The first pull with the cannons, both tanks go in and tunnel vision, so yours truly attracts healing aggro from an Eye of Karagga, gets yanked in and punted off the platform in less time than it takes to sigh brokenly. 2 Extricates later (yay edge of platform bug) and we're on our way to the big slug himself.

An explanation of the fight is given, including an oh-so-pretty line of purple tank markers to indicate the path the tank should take and extra care given to "just get to the edge of an oil patch, don't run all over the place". I should've saved myself the effort. The very first oil patch, notVader, who's decided he's tanking the boss, runs off in multiple random directions. The melee give chase, swinging wildly at the slugs rapidly receding nether regions. By the time we were finally done, my hair was in clumps and greyer than ever, and the nice neat line of oil patches was actually somewhat reminiscent of a starfish that's been brutally attacked with a half ton of bricks. The marauderps had given up trying to find a safe space to stand.

notVader's feeling pretty self-congratulatory and, of course, won the decoration item. I couldn't resist admitting in Ops chat that it was the single worst experience of that fight I had ever had. A couple of raid members thanked me for trying to give advice, however unheeded it had been. I just headed to the terminal to get my Nightscythe and decided I need to get in some XCOM time where at least the soldiers largely follow orders.....

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08.26.2014 , 05:20 AM | #4497
Had a Cad which I refer to as "A Mara and his bot". The group is a Mara and a Jugg tank, both from the same guild, along with an operative heals, and me on my sorc dps.

We start off and on the first trash, the mara jumps first followed by the tank jumping on the same target. That sets the stage for the rest of the run: mara always goes first, jugg follows, and both always attack the same target. After a while I begin to suspect that it's actually one person with two accounts with the mara always doing something first and the jugg doing a similar move a moment later. This means of course that mob aggro always goes to the heals and I'm trying to aoe things to grab aggro and we end each fight with jugg/mara almost untouched and me and the operative taking all the damage.

We make it to Ortol and heals and I have barely entered the room when twin sabers go flying at the boss, The two of us are still close together when the first shackles go out and it gets both of us. I type "s" in group chat and.....nothing. Then type "shackled" and.....nothing. By this time we're seeing smoke so I force pull our mara to me which breaks the shackles on me and the operative and both of us run for safety. Well, that got a response: "You're ranged you don't need to move"

For some reason pulling the mara really messed up the jugg who just stood there while the mara was typing his response. At the last moment mara stops moving and jugg uses his leap to the heals and we finish the fight with the mara smoking on the ground. Oddly enough, neither myself nor the operative offer a combat rez to the mara. I have to say, it was an interesting run. Not one I'd want to repeat, but interesting.

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08.26.2014 , 06:16 AM | #4498
HM Atheiss

myself on my sniper, a sorc healer, jugg tank and sorc dps

Im the wierd 1 in this story, it was my first every Atheiss HM run.

Everything goes pretty well up until beast of Vodal. Tank pulls and we get going. However the tank is always facing the beast towards the group so everyone gets hit by the stuns/knockbacks. Ofc being mm sniper I just throw entrench on cd and im pretty much safe. However when I point this out to the tank he says he has to be on same side of boss as healer as the boss will block LOS. Now I feel abit bad for asking the tank to change what hes doing when hes actually doing it right so I apologised. The fight ended up as rather a shambles with the tank tunnel-visioning and me trying to pick adds with my grenade/supressive fire before they get to the healer (and often missing, I don't use supressive fire often so im not familiar with the delay).

My real derp moment came at prophet of Vodal. Second round of flames I get them, but I decide I will be really clever and use cover roll to make it easy. I stand somewhere clear and cover roll once they are near me, kite round until my debuff reads 3 seconds. Now I be really smart (or not). Evasion gives 100% dodge chance for 3 seconds, so I enter cover and switch on evasion then begin my dps. The silly flames sit on top of me and my 100% dodge does....nothing, I die instantly LMAO. I wont try that again.
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08.26.2014 , 07:10 AM | #4499
Quote: Originally Posted by BobFredJohn View Post
Evasion gives 100% dodge chance for 3 seconds, so I enter cover and switch on evasion then begin my dps. The silly flames sit on top of me and my 100% dodge does....nothing, I die instantly LMAO. I wont try that again.
That's because it's only melee/range dodge, and the flames are (probably) Force damage. :3
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08.26.2014 , 07:41 AM | #4500
Quote: Originally Posted by BobFredJohn View Post
However when I point this out to the tank he says he has to be on same side of boss as healer as the boss will block LOS. Now I feel abit bad for asking the tank to change what hes doing when hes actually doing it right so I apologised.
Except he's wrong. The beast does not block LoS any more than any other mob in the game. You can target through it just fine.