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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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07.31.2014 , 08:10 AM | #4191
Quote: Originally Posted by TW-Cool View Post
I made a mental note to remind them off the fire before the boss fight began. "Stay out the fire" or something like that.
Fight begins, they seem to be staying in the center and dont move much away from the one rocket coming down. I'm tossing heals but the tank is getting pounded because he got too close to the fire. "Move" I type into the chat. And the tank dies from the fire.
"damn" the tank says.
This reminds me of a recent one. On my dps sorcerer, had a totally silent healer and tank who clearly wasn't, but it was story mode and the other dps (pt iirc) and I had nuked through most of the run to the last boss, random deaths all over the place but it was more funny than anything until we reached the last boss. We enter the room, and us dps head for the far corner as usual. The tank and healer enter the room, but not by much, and by now we had basically given up trying to explain the fights. The assassin tank charges the boss, but keeps him in the centre, the healer stands between the boss and door.

The other dps and I yell to move to where we were, and get ignored. The first rocket fires, both tank and healer start burning, neither move, both die fast as the healer barely healed anyway. Us dps just /stuck the fight, and try once again to explain the concept of a fight. But the next try is basically a carbon copy of the first, same positions, same rapid incinerations. Now it's losing it's entertainment value as we aren't even getting started, so the inspections of the toons start. The tank has no tank gear, and the pt has been watching buffs, something I've never got the hang of, and questions the assassin's spec.

Reluctantly, the assassin admits he's a hybrid spec, insisting dark ward (I think, the 15 charges defense talent) was the next thing on his list. This implies he has barely half his points in the tank tree, if that. The PT has now run out of patience, and tells the healer to heal him, he'll tank the fight. In we go, the assassin charges ahead of the PT, ignoring the fact he's been relegated, the healer stands in exactly the same spot again, even though the PT taunts the boss off the assassin and moves away from the middle of the room. The healer continues to cast his infrequent heals on the assassin, fails to notice the changes discussed in chat and obviously in the game in front of him, and the PT dies without a heal - I probably should have helped but by now I'm almost in hysterics at the ineptitude of the tank and healer to recognise anything going on around them.

Now the PT loses it, probably the first actually justified rant I've seen in the game. He tells the assassin and healer exactly where to go, what to do, when to move while I'm laughing at the whole picture. Finally, an attempt actually makes progress, we still wipe but we actually move around the room as a group, avoiding most of the fire, and getting the boss below half. On the fifth attempt, we kill him. The assassin died earlier, the healer nearly made the end of the fight but not quite, and I managed to keep the PT up for the last few % with my slow and inefficient dps heals.

The redeeming feature was that finally, with the boss down, both the assassin and the healer thanked us for putting up with them and getting through the place. For once, it really did feel like newb rather than noob, so new that our explanations, while clear to us, just didn't mean anything to them. Even the healer, who had not responded to a single comment the whole run, said thank you before we parted. I laughed most of the way through, I have a fairly high tolerance for foolishness in games, as long as it is isn't accompanied by arrogance. We all had to learn, and admit mistakes even just to ourselves so I can live with people just not understanding. Those that swear and curse when told about their errors are another matter...

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07.31.2014 , 08:20 AM | #4192

Yeah, admit mistakes and thank people and it's all good.

I tried to inform a tank, with respect, once in Mando Raiders. I was told **** as he farmed DP NiM. Before DP NiM was even released on the PTS!

Why? Why say that. Right click inspect achivements does exist? That and anyone with 1% of sense knows you're lying.
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07.31.2014 , 11:23 AM | #4193
Ive never got on with the "don't know what to do, but no1 dare comment on it" people.

I met a couple in KDY a while ago, the story is written 30 odd pages back but seems relevant here

2 people in the group at lvl 15, sorc and mara from the same guild and, presumably school friends/brother who are going to play together. Both are in the (I think its called) vindicators armour set, im playing tank. These guys ignored the blue shield under my picture and chain pulled everything. The rate that their health dropped was UNBELIEVABLE. I inspect and their armour sets brought off the cartel market are completely deviod of any mods/armourings/enhancements. 9 empty shells (when you include their cartel main- and off-hands).

All I say is "you guys seem rather undergeared, you might be best off letting me fill my role.

the sorc seems partially sensible "lol mate, shut up, we are fine"

the mara on the other hand "you must be a downer, dk doesn't need good gear"
me: "we aren't on DK"
Mara: "you f***ing noob, KDY bolsters, l2p"
me: "if you let me tank, you live, if you carry on chain pulling, you will carry on dieing to every pull"
Mara: "lol mate I run NiM regularly"
me: "which 1?"
Mara: "lol noob, NiM is the hardest mission in the game"
me: "NiM is not a mission, it is a difficulty setting for a number of missions, but your achievements state you have never run any ops on any difficulty"
Mara: "elitist *****" then rage quit

The sorc apologised for his friend and we proceed to complete the mission. I gave up answering the mara's whispers as I find it difficult to type and tank at the same time. What I don't get is someone clearly is new to the game, so why, when someone offers advice do they try to act like a pro? Everyone is new at some point.
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07.31.2014 , 12:14 PM | #4194
Got into a lowbie Mando Raiders after a long mid-day queue on my baby mara. The tank and other DPS are in the same guild. The tank has some issues getting something to load properly so while we wait the sorc healer tells us that there are going to be some hard bosses in this place, like Jedi and elite guards and assassins. He proceeds to recommend modded gear and weapons, so I check him. He has a total of three pieces of gear - his offhand, helmet, and chestpiece. His lightsaber is green.

The "first" pull, the three of the elevator, are easy. But after that, the tank dies on every. Single. Pull. We tell the healer to heal him and he says okay and proceeds to spam his longer cast heal. For that pull. Next pull he's back to DPSing. With some shocks, force lightning, and... lightsaber attacks. And not healing me, or the tank, or the sniper.

I initiated a vote kick at some point, which failed to insufficient votes (I assume they didn't see it).

After we wipe on the pull before the first boss healer says he has to go. Before he actually leaves, the tank leaves group, then the healer drops. The other DPS and I left but later regrouped and are now waiting in a sniper/mara all-DPS-and-no-choice-about-it queue.
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07.31.2014 , 05:41 PM | #4195
I had a fun one... On my new lowbie Anni Mara lvl 26 with my friend on her Deception Sin lvl 24. We queue for Athiss/Mando for the daily comms and proceed to 2-man Athiss. Everything die super fast, we don't even need Heroic Moment or Unity. We get out and enter Mando to see the queue pop for... Athiss!!! Laughing hard, we accept and go in. We get a lvl 20 sorc Heal, and a lvl 24 Rage Jugg tank.
The Jugg has Archeology so we don't need the explosives. I write in chat that we just 2-manned it so if we are going too fast they just need to tell us to slow down... We go on our merry way. At the first boss.. I end up maratanking. Laughing, I write in chat afterward to my friend how I liked Rage Jugg tank and the practice to my maratanking skills.. The Juggs ask what is maratanking and my friend just answers he witnessed it on the last boss. I then explain to him how bad it was to queue up as tank when you're DPS. I explain how I don't care right now cause I'm overleveled and overgeared for the fp, but if I was lower level and not geared I would have kicked him to get my Treek or a competent tank. He seemed to understand.... So it was probably newbiness
Second boss.. the tank taunt off me once. Then I grab aggro again and pull it in the cavern behind it so we don't get knocked away non stop. We down it easily.
Third boss... The healer can't seems to keep up. I didn't think to ask, but he wasn't in healing spec. The 'tank' died to Crushing Affliction, then the healer died to the flame. My friend got killed as I was running from fire as she was lvl 17 geared. And I downed the boss solo...
The 'tank' thanked us for the explanation and our patience then left. I kept him off my ignore list just to see how he would turn out Then the discussion between me, my friend and the healer went on aggro generation.... And I was astonished. My friend has several 55. Know her classes well. But failed to understand threat generation.. Both of them were sure that Guard belonged on the healer. /masive facepalm. Explanations later, the healer leave us... Nothing said he just leave the group. My friend and me keep arguing. She finally agree with me and we go in Mando.

Anyway.. All this for two things.. First. How newbies aren't always ******es too arrogant to follow advices. And second, to show that even players with experiences and a few 55 may not know the ins and outs of this game
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08.01.2014 , 02:21 AM | #4196
This one is pretty good:

Kuat Drive Yards (Tactical)
I was on my Sorcerer Healer

Griefer's Toon #1: spacebar plz
Me: don't be that guy
Griefer's Toon #1: ?
Griefer's Toon #1: asking ppl who have seen the same cs over and over to skip it?
Me: you don't know that, so don't be that guy
Griefer's Toon #1: done with you

* Not done with me, not by a long shot.

Griefer's Toon #1: not gonna waste my time with sumb *******
Griefer's Toon #1: yep sucks as a healer
Griefer's Toon #1: go figure
Griefer's Toon #1: you only slow me down

* I asked for a votekick at this point, didn't go through, no big deal, I just stopped healing this guy

Griefer's Toon #1: hes a scrub
Griefer's Toon #1: he cant even heal
Me: not being able to heal and choosing not to heal aren't the same thing
Griefer's Toon #1: u just can't heal
Griefer's Toon #1: only one who started something was you kaly
Me: that's fine if you think that, that's why it's a vote to kick, not autokick
Party Member #1: can you huys just chill out
Party Member #2: thanks

* At this point I /ignore Griefer's Toon #1 cuz I know how to separate myself from turds and I can only assume he just kept raging at me in chat, then Guildmate talks in guild chat (we're the only ones on).

Guildmate: no somebody named Griefer's Toon #1?
Me: yep, in kuat with that turd right now

(Griefer's Toon #1 has initiated a vote to kick you from the group. Reason: slowing us down refuseing to heal)

Guildmate: LMAO
Me: how do you know about it?
Guildmate: je sent me tell asking for the guild leader
Me: nice
Me: i have him on ignore
Guildmate: lol what did you do?
Me: much rage he has

(the vote to kick failed)

Guildmate: it is enjoyable I do love cheap entertainment
Me: it's not bad
Guildmate: eh I wouldnt worry about it
Me: i'm not
Me: how did he know to ask you for the info?
Guildmate: most likely guild search know clue though he just randomly asked me if I was the guild leader

* KDY ends, I say gg, leave to go about my business, but it's not over, he actually switched characters to get past my /ignore and harass me:

Griefer's Toon #2 Whispers: i really hope it was worth u being a c*** as of now u have been posted on top site endgame guilds use when looking for ppl as someone who can not heal and is very toxic
Griefer's Toon #2 Whispers: gl hope it was worth it for nothing

* I didn't reply, of course, and tried to /ignore but they went offline quickly and can't /ignore offline players. I really love the "top site endgame guilds" threat like this is my first day on the Internet and I'm supposed to be afraid.

- What's a "top site endgame guilds use"?
- *I'm* "very toxic"?
- Trying to tattle on me to my guild leader?
- You can't sit through ONE cut-scene? (especially since this was the <55 KDY so many people are first-timers and haven't seen it yet)

PS - I really wish this game had a chat log so I didn't have to type this out.
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08.01.2014 , 04:46 AM | #4197
Quote: Originally Posted by BobFredJohn View Post
The sorc apologised for his friend and we proceed to complete the mission. I gave up answering the mara's whispers as I find it difficult to type and tank at the same time. What I don't get is someone clearly is new to the game, so why, when someone offers advice do they try to act like a pro? Everyone is new at some point.
There's a lot of these players running around on TRE. Even more so on Imperial side.
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08.01.2014 , 05:34 AM | #4198
Why some players are really weird on Red Eclipse?
I thought players on Progenitor are weird...

Mando raiders... yes, finally completed it but it wasn't without struggle.

Not really anything very bad. Just small things that add up. DPS who gets kicked for... I don't even know. Healer wasn't bad but letting tank die multiple times...

We wiped because one of dps didn't know the fight. We eventually cleared it even though healer kept demanding Guard (No, you don't generate "a lot aggro", I'd say threat generation for healer is closer to "pathetic")...

Boarding party:
"LoS Pull! Noob!", "Yes, I know Sentinel is annoying but that's exactly the reason why you kill Sage first!", "We did it even though you didn't LoS pull."
(Not their exact words)

Mavrix Varad:
No issues. I was surprised healer didn't ask LoS pull.

Edit: Now I remember! Marauder was highest level melee dps! That's why he got kicked.
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08.01.2014 , 06:41 AM | #4199
Quote: Originally Posted by mustopak View Post
Lowbie Colicoid FP. As Sorc healer.

"Unique" Jugg tank. Takes F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to pull. I had to initiate the pull by CC'ing mobs, if not, he'll NEVER pull. Burns SABER WARD out of combat. On the arena beasts prior to last boss--waited for like 5 mins for him to pull, then he burns ENURE / ENDURE PAIN + SABER WARD at FULL HEALTH. My eyes. Please help me.

It was too early in the morning for me to give him tanking lessons. I was just glad to finish the FP.
not the first time i hear/see this, it's like watching a baby taking his first steps sometimes..some other you explain them or try to and get falmed..
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08.01.2014 , 01:00 PM | #4200
Quote: Originally Posted by JouerTue View Post
not the first time i hear/see this, it's like watching a baby taking his first steps sometimes..some other you explain them or try to and get falmed..
I hate getting falmed.