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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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06.23.2013 , 08:40 AM | #341
Quote: Originally Posted by Sarielle View Post
I am addicted to this thread.
ROFL I know right! It's almost to bad I don't pug anything (as I run with Guildies or close friends) otherwise i would have more funny stories to add.

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06.23.2013 , 02:47 PM | #342
I ran Cademimu on alt last night I was highest level, and healer, most of the people didnt know the fights so I am calling them out. People ignoring my idea to kite the arrester robot, running into mobs, etc. But being higher level I am keeping everyone up easily. So what do I do? I jump in the taxi, get out of the taxi and manage to walk off the platform. OK I make my excuses come straight back, and then do the same thing again. Ooops......

The tank then managed to die in the first set of flames against the final boss. We won without him as I was able to keep the DPS alive with ease.

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06.23.2013 , 03:10 PM | #343
Quote: Originally Posted by Spyderwraith View Post
ROFL I know right! It's almost to bad I don't pug anything (as I run with Guildies or close friends) otherwise i would have more funny stories to add.
I semi-pug, though usually I know my tank so it's not too bad. I'm just relieved that I haven't seen myself mentioned here, haha!

But yes, some of these stories are train-wreck bad. And I love it.
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06.23.2013 , 03:27 PM | #344
Quote: Originally Posted by Sarielle View Post
I am addicted to this thread.
I check this every time I log in, it's a great thread.
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06.23.2013 , 03:42 PM | #345
Quote: Originally Posted by Sarielle View Post
I semi-pug, though usually I know my tank so it's not too bad. I'm just relieved that I haven't seen myself mentioned here, haha!

But yes, some of these stories are train-wreck bad. And I love it.
I specifically love the one from the OP and it was a long one sufficed with the title
This is Cademimu story mode STORY MODE

I ROFL'd so hard i nearly fell off my chair

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06.23.2013 , 06:08 PM | #346
Damn, I only just discovered this thread. I think I've encountered some of the people mentioned in here.

The post by Darth_Dreselus had a screenshot with a sage that was a very special individual. I'm pretty sure I've encountered that sage as a healer. He was using a mixture of Willpower tanking, melee dps and ranged dps gear while healing. Lets just say he was having trouble with Heroic Essles.

Kind of glad I'm not being mentioned though, I'm waiting for someone to talk about a crazy ADHD guardian tank that runs around like a headless chicken but holds threat on everything.

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06.23.2013 , 07:48 PM | #347
>Queue for a LVL 50 HM Flashpoint as a LVL 51 Scoundrel Healer
>Get placed in a group
>See one of the indicated Damage players was a Healer (Commando with Combat Support Cell on)
>State "Oh, it seems we have two healers. I'll go ahead and respec DPS so this goes faster."
>Commando healer says that's fine.
>Receive a suspiciously low amount of healing
>Reach first boss and Guardian tank says "Heal me pls."
>Believe they were referring to the agreed upon healer.
>Pull threat off LVL 55 Guardian Tank as a Dirty Fighting Scoundrel with only passive accuracy bonus, stealth to drop threat, re-attack and immediately pull and keep threat for the whole fight.
>Whole group almost dies due to poor healing.
>Get to next room.
>Other DPS votes to kick me for "Doesnt heal."
>Kicked from the group within 5 seconds of the vote being initiated.

Thankfully, the next group didn't have a healer that queued for Damage and wouldn't respec so I got to do what my gear supports doing. I wasn't mad that I was kicked either, just extremely confused.

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06.23.2013 , 09:32 PM | #348
Another strange PuG today

Get queued for D7 HM on my scoundrel healer. I begin by asking if everyone know the place, everyone says so, but then the tank drops immediately (no clue why) and we go through the first pull with Bowdaar and do decent. A new tank comes and we proceed through the trash everyone knew the shortcuts except a sentinel who kept pulling random trash. We don't really have a problem with te extra pulls its just a bit annoying. We get to the assassins and I refresh everyone's memory by stating not to hit shielded droids ( I suspected it was the sentinel's first time) right off the bat he charges the orange shielded droid and got knocked back. The weird thing was that he kept attacking and charging the droid despite getting knocked back. It was quite funny to watch actually. And once he figured out to stop hitting the droid, (after getting knocked back 20+ times) he attacks the blue shielded droid. The tank typed "***" while the sentinel continues to attack the droid. He finally gets on the right target and we complete the fight. Later he also did not attack adds on the Interrogator droid, and did not disable consoles or attack/cc droids on bulwark despite us telling him to.

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06.24.2013 , 01:44 PM | #349
ok how about this

I enter S&V sm in group finder and the group can't get the first boss even down to 70% by the time they reach the last shield (I've had groups that can't make it to 50% before, but not even to 70% is a new record of what I have seen)

So after the wipe they insist going again, but I click not ready and start looking at their gear.
So what do I see?

A guardian dps in willpower gear with every imaginable secondary stat like defense and alacrity.
He had some strength in few pieces of his gear either one armoring or mod with other being still always willpower in every in every item, but much of his gear also had only willpower on both, so he had more than four times more willpower than strength. The only item he had that did not have willpower was one Aim implant.

Well it would not come to as much of a surprise that there was someone with wrong gear for his class, since unfortunately I have seen things like that many times before (although it is still hard to understand how someone manages to make it to 55 without figuring it out),

I did not really care to try vote to kick anyone at that point, as it didn't mind that time to take some time to try to help people improve, but I thought it best to explain them that there was something wrong with that. Then what happened next was really unbelievable.

So I pointed out in the ops chat that there is something wrong with that gear and this might be one of the (though in retrospect I must say not the only) reasons of why the dps was way too low. Their reactions were such that it seemed that nobody, literally nobody, understood at all what I was saying. All 7 of them (including other jedi knights) acted as if they thought it was perfectly normal for a Guardian dps to stack mostly willpower and such on their gear when doing ops.

It's unfortunately not very rare to have people who are that clueless about what stats each class should or should not have, but how did I ever end up in a group with 7 such people?

Well... republic side pugs in certain server which shall not be named are much worse than empire side (not saying that there aren't bads in both sides)

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06.24.2013 , 02:54 PM | #350
This happened to me a few weeks ago when the gree event was back.
So I decide to do xeno to stock up on components so I pug 16man with a bro, we are both running shadow tanks and though it's an easy fight we decide to get a third tank. We start and clear Sm without any issues, some people had lockout for HM and leave, so we pug the rest. We enter the instance and decide that my bro will be main tank since he's done it many times before, me being a recent new tank (my main is sent DPS) will be off tank on main boss, and the third tank will kite adds. We start the fight, panel click went a little slow but no problem; we go to the first core and for some reason that I can't remember I taunted the boss and had agro, and then BAM I get killed, the 9 55 dps failed to take down the core in time and killed me since I had agro. I think to my self, not a big deal we still have 2 well geared tanks. I get revive and continue on, we move on to the second core, by now my bro and I are talking to each other and decide that since we are running a little low on dps I will taunt the boss before the timer runs out just in case; again we fail to take down core and I get shot once again. my bro continues to tank the boss, second wave of adds shows up, third tank taunts them and starts kiting them. This is where things start going from funny to funnier, our dps is way low and the boss is taking a long time to go down, third add shoes up, a rancor, and I think to myself "never since I began doing this fight have I made it to the point where the rancor shows up, we always kill the boss before that". Our third tank who is smart sees the rancor taunts it and start kiting it along with the other adds. I get a second revive by now just right when "final solution" starts, we keep swapping agro but the healers can't keep up and both tanks on main boss die (myself for a third time during the fight). somehow no one else dies and they finally take down the boss, now we start marking each add one by one while the dps take them down. I the end a good tank proved to be better than 9 dps.
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