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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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06.01.2013 , 02:25 PM | #241
Quote: Originally Posted by SW_display_name View Post
It's possible he hadn't bought any new skills since Tyon, or was trying to do a rotation he didn't have all the abilities for.

I have a few stories, but I'll only share one. I'm currently leveling a tank spec Guardian, and while I can't hotkey very well (I'm a lefty :P ) I can get through most any sm fp, and the majority of end-game FPs (she's 52 as I write this). While most of my stories are just newbs needing things they shouldn't, one still stands out to me.

I had just gotten into Melstrom Prison, and, being in the early 40 levels, figured this would be an easy run. The Sage DPS was way over geared, with around 14K health (on Maelstrom!), the other DPS was fine, and the Sage Healer was okay for his level.

We got through the first boss fine. The Sage DPS tended to rush ahead, but he was over geared and was fine. However, once we got to the Cyborg guy, problems,started popping up. I wasn't over geared for my level, but I was way above level for this FP. I was dodging the cyborg guy (you know, ducking behind the wall,or whatever), while the Sage goes and stands in front of him, beating down the Cyborg. No one died, so I was just, "meh."

After proceeding forward, the healer started having issues, the Sage DPS was moving around a lo, constantly leaving the healers casting range. When the healer points this out, the Sage DPS gets very defensive, telling the healer he should move around, "he has legs". Wanting to stop the argument, I tried to diffuse the situation, to no avail. They argued all the way up to the bonus boss.

While we didn't have a single wipe, the Sage DPS made a lot of other remarks, and was overall just a d***. I put him on /ignore and moved on, after sending the Healer a few apologies, and telling him how much of a jerk the DPS had been.
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06.01.2013 , 03:18 PM | #242
Since I have 3 complaint posts in this thread I thought I'd post a good example of a FP run for a change.

Had a HM Athiss before work this morning. Me on my Shadow tanking, a Sage healer, a Sentinel and a Commando.

Every pull was perfect. I'd go up and CC an Elite (no one gave me crap about these being easy fights so there is no need for a CC as often happens) and position myself for the pull and everything is smooth running. Each. And. Every. Pull.

Kited the big akk dog boss to the cave, healer followed and DPS were waiting patiently and no issues.

Killed the bonus boss. They asked me where I wanted them and where I'd tank. I walked to the wall, put my back to it and they hopped on the opposite side of me. Again, fight went without a hitch. No aggro pulls from the Sentinel or Commando and no picking up stray mobs.

Healer kept my health above 70%, if not higher, for most of the encounters. In fact, I don't recall any of the other DPS dropping below a certain percentage either.

Last boss, which some people have issues with (including me when I heal it) health stayed above 70%n and I even asked the healer how he made it look so easy lol. He lol'd of course in between heals. I didn't even have to heal after the fight was done. I was fully topped off. So were the dps and the healer.

There was 1 issue, tho not an issue really. I always select greed when loot drops unless I know someone else needs it then I select pass. Well I selected greed and probably got like 4 loot drops. I felt like I was being greedy so I offered it to them but no one needed it.

All in all, one of the best runs I've had. Thanks to the group I ran with on Jedi Covenant this morning.
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06.02.2013 , 04:02 PM | #243
Last night I got the itch to tank. I qued for a 55 HM FP and Mando Raiders popped. One of the dps was kind enough to pass lead over to me (without asking). I popped on the ready check and got the green light. The FP was going quickly and smoothly. We get to the first boss; ready check goes out, ready check comes back green. I pull. I was never below 75% health and the dps where never below 90%. Things were good. Then I killed the boss before the dogs were killed (dps where not attacking boss). I think to myself, I am a Shadow, I am OP we move on.

Moving through this FP the trash is going smoothly. I am grouping it and keeping it coming. The dps is AoE'ing at the right times and targeting the right adds. I am happy, they are happy. Then we get to that one room with the turrets in the middle that you can skip by going around to the right side. All but one member of the group makes the jump and we wait for a bit for him/her. This player is obviously having trouble. I walk back and tell the player to "jump to me" (This player is a Guardian, Guardian Leap = EZ mode). Well, what does this player do!? He/She backs up, walks up the ramp and trys to jump from a higher point to the place where I am standing....................well, not so great because the room was pulled. I think to myself, "I should have been more clear, my fault". This room was our nastiest pull resulting in a couple deaths. Luckily the healer was up to the challenge and had a Combat Res on me the instant I died. I was up and me and the Guardian cleaned up resulting in a No-wipe.

Moving on to the second encounter, I ask if everyone knows the order to kill the boss's in. There is no response so I pop the ready check. I get the green light! Then I notice someone is marking the adds, I wait for the person to finish and the healer makes a quick kill x then y comment. I pull, position and am good to go. Part way through the healer tells the "Jedi" to stop attacking a certain add (We had a Commando and Guardian for dps). The dps switches and the fight goes off without a hitch.

Moving along through the rest of the instance was smooth. Then we came to the bonus boss. Someone makes the comment to go on the wing and I decline (I thought the had patched that on live, but I guess test is the one with the fix). This isn't a difficult fight to tank if I am against a wall. We pull....tanking is great, healing is great and the dps are not taking damage. Then I get hit like a friggin truck and loose 75% of my I am dead. I quickly check the buffs on the boss and sure enough he enraged ! Since both dps where attacking the whole time, I make a quick inspection of them. The Commando's gear is right along with his cell. Then I go to the Guardian.....His gear is of a good level, but his right side is dps stats and his left side are tanking stats. I see his main hand is a tank main hand. I can not see his off hand.

I politely ask him if he is usually a Tank or DPS (Could have qued as both to get the pop). He responds he is "usually a dps but wants to tank". He then tells me that he doesn't feel his dps gear is good enough. I explain to him that having 20 points of a dps stat is better then 60 points of a tank stat. There is no response. I hit the ready-check. Green lights and a go. I pull......

I notice the Guardian sitting off to the side not doing anything......I get worried. After a while he leaps in, pops Saber Ward and goes to town. As I watch him, I find it odd that I am not seeing Force Sweep (he is in the Focus Stance). I then notice a shield, shield a cleave ..... ok, ok not a big deal. Maybe his OH is just in a generator vs a focus. Then I see blade barricade!!! By this time I am perplexed. I type in to chat "Did you respec to tank" response, I type it again......nothing. The boss then resets (Bug!?). I type in one final time and ask him if he respected to tank.........he was still in the Focus Stance and not the Tank Stance.......nothing. Now I am annoyed. I start a vote kick and as I am nicely typing out a L2P note I get a vote kick notification..................someone else wanted this dude gone. I comply, before we could kick him..........he drops group!

We que and get a another dps and clear the rest in no time.

What bugs me the most is what da*** is this guy thinking!?
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06.02.2013 , 04:15 PM | #244
An HC on Taris.

A DPS goes into a room and pulls aggro on every mob. Typically 3 or 4 mobs in a room. Needless to say, we wipe. I explain to let the tank go first and do 1 mob at a time. This guy stays silent and runs into the next mob, mortar volleys the 2nd mob, and sticky grenades the 3rd. We wipe.

We somehow blunder through until the end and he kicks me from the group before the final objective, where I am ejected from the instance before completing the quest.

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06.02.2013 , 06:26 PM | #245
Quote: Originally Posted by inc_CichYBoB View Post
i saw couple of times people who when f.e. arkanian boots drops they strangly have 61s mods in them end rest of gear mix of 69/72.
or story from yesterday,not gf but pug toboro. fury drooped mainhand we roled ,some guy won,got loot ,but when i inspected him he had no mods in his mainhand,
People in this game go to strange lengths to got loot, forgetin they didn't solo killed boss,but that was team effort .
In some cases this is actually correct. For instance, if a pyrotech DPS gets a pair of 69 gloves that have crit and alacrity (alacrity is very bad for pyros) on the enhancement or even power and accuracy (but 29 power instead of the 50 something that some sets of arkanian leggings have), it's better for him to swap that enhancement out for a 26, 27 or 28 initiative enh.

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06.02.2013 , 11:31 PM | #246
Quote: Originally Posted by obliminator View Post
I said "Oh, Force Lift? I thought that was useless" (because why would you ever want to heal an enemy?), apologized, got it out, and we beat them easily on the next try.
Ye it took mean while to figure out that it has that just so it can't be used a secondary stun. It still annoys me that when I lift something in an OP it gets 4k every second, wish my actual heals did that =D.
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06.03.2013 , 03:30 AM | #247
A few days ago, I'm on my Commando healer alt. Cademimu HM pops up. Tank is a Guardian and there are 2 Gunslingers. At the very first pull I hardly keep the tank alive and the mobs die just when we were about to wipe. Tank is either a very new player or he's main is a dps and he's on his alt. He leaps onto one mob, doesn't taunts anything, stays on that mob while the rest of the mobs slaughter the rest of us.

The second pull, the same. We barely survive. One of the gunslingers warn him to use his taunt and attack multiple targets to get aggro. We continue and not much changes. There are long pauses between trash pulls, so I assume one of the dps guys is /whisper'ing him what to do.

At some point one of the Gunslingers says he has to drop. A Vanguard dps joins. I love the class, I have one myself, very fun to play. He comes and sadly at the first pull I see that he's one of those Vanguards who think they are ranged dps. Mortar Volley, Sticky Grenade, Full Auto and his basic phew phew. Nothing else.

Then later the other Gunslinger also drops. I seriously begin to worry. A Guardian dps joins. Apparently he's a tank and he's now trying his dps offspec. Always leaps first and pulls the mobs before tank, even uses his taunts.

So after a couple of wipes, we finish the fp with a Guardian tank who thinks he's a dps, a Guardian dps who thinks he's a tank and a Vanguard dps who thinks he's ranged.

For me it was really something to remember.
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06.03.2013 , 10:58 AM | #248
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord_Erman View Post
So after a couple of wipes, we finish the fp with a Guardian tank who thinks he's a dps, a Guardian dps who thinks he's a tank and a Vanguard dps who thinks he's ranged.
This? Is epic.

It's too bad your two Guardian's couldn't get their gear and stats to align with their expectations. Things would have been golden.
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06.03.2013 , 07:52 PM | #249

Some Commando walked in the flashy red circle... twice.

Oh, I'm sorry. What does: "Avoid these 2 areas." does one not understand?

Don't get me wrong, still funny as hell but the ignorance... -.-

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06.04.2013 , 12:45 AM | #250
Okay there is that pug Sage dps in the group. I realize that he's Telekinetics spec'ed but not using the correct rotation; as a matter of fact, he doesn't even have one. As the other guys are guildies, I tell them to stop a bit because I want to help this dude.

I /whisper him what to do and at the end I say "Basically spam Disturbance until you have 3x Concentration or you get a free Telekinetic Wave". We continue but no changes.

I /whisper again, "Dude spam Disturbance".

After a rather long pause he replies back, "Yeah but I don't have spam in my skill tree".

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