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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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05.30.2013 , 05:57 PM | #231
I play tanks. I've had long discussions both offline and here on the forums about tank and DPS roles as I try to understand the whys behind the mechanics of kill order for both. I understand that tanks have different styles, and I'm willing to roll with that (now) if it works.

I know usually the stories are of bad DPS or bad let's share one of a bad tank.

So I'm leveling a Sentinel and random into SM Mandalorian Raiders. I'd skipped the Levels 20-36 flashpoints every other time I'd leveled a character, so this was my first time in it despite having a handful of then level 50s (pre 2.0). I mention off the bat it was my first time in but that I was an experienced player and to please let me know if I should be doing something differently.

Halfway through, I'm doing what I think I'm supposed to be doing and burning down mooks (and protecting the healer) while the Tank is taking the strongest guy in the mob, and the Tank decides to absolutely light into me for not attacking what he's attacking. Stunned, I adjusted then decided to apologize rather than being That Sentinel with "Sorry, I know tanks all have their own style, but the tanks I run with have the DPS attacking mooks" (which is how I prefer tanking), and he snaps back, "Then you play with bad tanks." o.O So I say, "I play a tank." He says, "You're welcome."

I did what he asked, but we wiped so many times during the fight against the four Imperial classes that it was only later that I realized this was a strong case of pot. kettle. black. And a jerkface to boot.
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05.31.2013 , 08:33 AM | #232
A few days ago...

I queue up. A few minutes later the queue pops and I get [Hard Mode] Mandalorian Raiders. Get inside and see that it is a Guild group and I'm the odd one out. I greet everyone and off we go.

We get to the Imperial Boarding Party with no issues. I ask what the kill order is since it is a guild group and they might do things differently. Tank says "Agent > Sorceror > Bounty Hunter and kill Marauder last". I do a double-take and warn that the Marauder should die first as he leaps about all over the place and will end up killing the healer. Tank says they have done this before and know what they are doing. I say "OK" and off we go. 1 Wipe later I again say that maybe we should kill the Marauder first. The healer now insists that they know what they are doing. Off we go again. 1 Wipe later I ask if they are willing to try something crazy and kill the Marauder first and then follow the kill order. There is a moment of silence, (I'm guessing they were discussing it in Vent or something), and the Tank says, "OK. We will try it your way, but if we wipe again we are going to kick you." I guess in their minds it would prove that I was "the problem". Off we go again. The tank holds aggro on the other 3 while the other DPS and I mowed down the Marauder, then "Agent > Sorceror > Bounty Hunter". Yay. We won. (I shrugged it off. My guess is that only the tank had done that before and been told to tank the other 3 so he never realized that the Marauder was being killed first. Whatever.)

On we go. We get to the bonus boss. I type in party "remember to move away from the boss when he gets the red circle under him and don't stand with your back to space as he does a knockback". Noone else says anything. Fight starts and we one shot him. Good stuff.

Final boss. Engage. Varad jumps to 1st corner, I attack a turret. Realize I am alone and go to move to other turret. Noone else is attacking the turrets: tank and DPS are on the boss. I warn "attack the turrets". They ignore me. Boss jumps to next corner. We get the flame debuff, 4 turrets open fire on the group. Wipe. Run back. I explain that we should kill the turrets before hitting the boss again or he will put a debuff on us that will increase the turret damage and jump to the next corner activating another pair of turrets and that they will kill us, as had just happened. Tank says they have done this before and know what they are doing. Deja vu. I mention that we have had this discussion before and that I was right before, would they mind trying it my way first before we have another wipe. Silence (probably them on Vent again). They agree to try my way. Engage. Kill turrets. Hit boss. Kill turrets. Hit boss. Kill turrets. Kill boss. Yay. We won.

Healer activates the console. Flashpoint completes. We roll on the loot. I say "bye guys. see you around.". They port out without a word.


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05.31.2013 , 02:31 PM | #233
Here's an "I'm the weird one" story:
My first flashpoint ever was story mode Mandalorian Raiders. I had my Sage queued as a healer, and did fine on that for the most part. Then we got to the four Imperials and started wiping. The second or third time, someone asked me to CC one and, hopelessly lost, I asked what a CC was. When they explained, I insisted I didn't have any such move.
After asking if I bought all my skills (I did), it took the group a couple of minutes to look up what it was called.
I said "Oh, Force Lift? I thought that was useless" (because why would you ever want to heal an enemy?), apologized, got it out, and we beat them easily on the next try.

Thankfully, I've improved a lot since then.

Oh, and running Esseles on my gunslinger, we got a DPS who was a "Jedi Knight", no advanced class, and needed on (and won) a Cunning piece I actually did need.
I probably should have made an effort to ask why before kicking him. Then again, I was playing a dark side toon.
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05.31.2013 , 03:06 PM | #234
So, this happened just yesterday as of this post. I'm playing a level 19 operative, either healer or dps (Field respec), and I queue for hammer station. Couple minutes later, the queue pops, and, to nobody's great surprise, I'm healing. The group is comprised of two assassins, levels 15 and 17, a Sniper, 23, and me, op healer, 19.

We all zone in, and I inspect everyone's gear (It's a habit of mine). The sniper is wearing a mix of greens and orange quality items, which is ok. The one assassin, level 15, and the "Tank" of the group, is wearing what looks like mostly stuff he got on Korriban, and a focus. Alright, I thought. He's gonna be a bit tough to heal. The level 17 assasin has only four pieces of gear equipped: Customizable chestpiece, customizable legs, green boots, and a Cartel Market saber with no modifications at all.

After the first mob, I ask him why he's wearing almost nothing. He says that "I purchased some level 28 gear early." I just leave it at that. He dies during the second pull, due to me trying to not die myself, due to the tank and sniper having tunnel vision, and me trying to stay alive. He then disconnects. We finish the mob, and I try to initiate a vote to kick him from the group. It fails, due to lack of votes. I then tell the "Tank" to go into Dark Charge, and he complies.

We move on, and thanks to the sniper, take the shortcut to the first boss. The sniper pulls out her Kaliyo, but the companion stays on the ledge overlooking the boss area. We engage the boss, and I find out that this "Tank" is squishy as anything I've ever seen. Eventually, at about 50% of the boss's health, he dies. I've run out of energy just trying to keep this guy alive. So, now the Sniper is both DPS and Tank. It is a much smoother experience, and we manage to kill the boss.

We move on again, making it through all trash mobs until about right before the second boss. Again, I initiate a vote kick, and this time, it works. We get a new dps, a level 19 assassin, who turns out to be an actual "Tank." This one actually has a shield generator. So, the second boss passes without incident. As I am not being attacked, I can keep everyone healed, and though the kill order is thrown completely in the trash, it was quite easy.

We then go through the last amount of trash mobs, and I begin to notice something very interesting. Both shadows open with Whirlwind, and then proceed to break the cc'd mob out of it. Dang you, imp version of force breach. So, we get to the last boss.

I tell everyone that the tank needs to turn the boss away from the group. The tank responds by turning him about 90 degrees away. Ok, I thought. I can live with this. I am the target of the adds every time, and I just carbine burst them to death each time. We kill the boss without incident, but, I have to say, though it was a successful flashpoint, it was filled with some of the newbiest players I have ever grouped with.

And one last note: Never underestimate a good healer. They can mean the difference between a wipe and a kill. And I mean that in the most non-conceited way possible.

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05.31.2013 , 05:17 PM | #235
I love reading these. I've got another to add unfortunately.

After months of running my Guardian in Vigilance form and not getting queues to pop fast enough for me to gear him, I decided to switch for the Defense tree. No problem there since I've used him to tank before but not often. So I got him fully geared after a wk or so make Armorings, Mods, Earpieces etc on my other toons.

So Thursday I'm ready to go. 1st run was a test run, so I ran level 50 HMs, maybe 2, to get into the swing of things. Went off without a hitch. (I was nervous because I only Tank on my Shadow mostly)
So I decide to queue for level 55 HM. I'm wiping up trash mobs with no real issues. I may lose aggro for a moment but I've saved all my taunts just in case. Only issue was the healer would aggro the mobs to keep things going fast paced. Well, he was with a guild mate so I figured it wouldn't be so bad and it actually wasn't.

Next run, Athiss. This is where the issue comes into play. We have a Guardian DPS, a Sage Healer and a Smuggler all from the same guild. I say hey to everybody. 1 person responds. No issues. As we're going I ask if we're picking up bonus. Only person responds, so I keep going and proceed to mow down every trash mob I see. We get to a point where things got sticky but no one dies...The guardian Saber threw before me and got aggro and I got it back but the mob was spread so I notice the dps taking more damage. Whatever, I adjust and throw guard on dps while fighting. Because I didn't want to wipe I tell them to CC golds (the fat elite Sorcs). The first time they do and we do well. I mark the next one say CC marked target. They ignore me. Whatever no one died. I say cc marked again and this time it's the 2 Sorcs standing on opposite sides. They ignore me. This time Slinger dies and the Guardian is close to dying. Meanwhile I'm fighting the furthest gold and the guardian is fighting the one I asked to be CC'd. We get through it and I ask them to CC gold again. lolnope. At least they listened when I told them to wait while I kited boss to the cave lol.

Fast forward to the tomb fights. Being impatient they try running past the Sorcs/Assassins and aggro the warriors. This happened twice lol. You would think they would wait for tank because the guardians health was dropping quickly. Whatever. In the end, we struggled through the boss with only the Slinger dying from standing in the purple circles even tho I'd kite to another side every time the circles appeared.

For my first time tanking on my Guardian in 2.0+ I felt I did well. Now to move on to my PowerTech
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05.31.2013 , 05:47 PM | #236
Quote: Originally Posted by crazylegoman View Post
..we haven't been in the same fp, have we?
Man, but there are unfortunately a lot of fps in the lower levels that are exactly like that. I had almost the same experience. Spend 10 minutes persuading an assassin tank to put in dark charge, him dying in the boss fighting so that I, a sniper, had to tank, assa tanks opening with a CC and attacking the CC'd mob.. and so on.

but this happens a lot. I mean, me tanking. It's quite annoying. I know, they don't have their taunts yet and all that, but wow, in the one fp where you have to fight against four guys with the different classes the tank did everything aside from tanking. No, wait, he didn't really do anything. I don't know, it was so weird. They started attacking the heal and we told him to get them off of the heal (since we decided on a kill order and concentrating on one), so I had no other choice than to pull them off the healer.. we managed to beat them though I was dead of course.
I just can't understand why some people don't read the chat. Can't they read? No, they can. Don't they pay attention to the chat? How? I mean.. you see it. It's so obvious. Why don't the react to instructions or tips? Do they want to die? I just don't get it.

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05.31.2013 , 06:20 PM | #237
Quote: Originally Posted by abokado View Post
..we haven't been in the same fp, have we?
I don't know. If you're on the Ebon Hawk server and had a level 23 sniper, there's a chance. I was a level 19 operative named Driarda. Ring any bells?

(I know there's a very slim chance that we actually were in the same fp, but your display name reminded me of the sniper's ingame name, which I've forgotten.)

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05.31.2013 , 07:16 PM | #238
I once ran The Foundry in a PUG featuring a tank who did not know what guard was. The Foundry becomes available in the group finder at what, level 35 or something? How do you make it through all of the flash points up to The Foundry without at least one person questioning why you don't cast guard on the healer? I didn't even notice until we wiped on HK. Fortunately, I was able to drop a trainer holo down and he bought guard so we could finish. This wasn't a big deal for me because even though he wasn't a very good tank, he was a NICE tank and open to suggestions. I'd rather PUG with him again than this next guy.

I once ran Boarding Party with my sister and we picked up two more in a PUG. The tank was completely in love with himself. We all wanted to do bonuses, but he would just walk on by saying he wasn't interested in them. He didn't care what we wanted. The DPS my sister and I picked up in the PUG casually mentioned that he was spec'd for healing. The tank immediately tried to kick the DPS out of the group on grounds that he would rather have a better DPS. No one else voted to kick him. Boarding Party is a pretty laid back FP, in my opinion, so we were just playing it rather casually. At one point my sister accidentally broke my CC. No one said anything except Queen Tank who decided to call my sister "mentally challenged" because she accidentally broke a CC on a trash mob in a story mode flash point. This was the final straw, and we all unanimously booted the tank after that fight. We only had to wait a few minutes for a replacement, fortunately for us.

Booting a tank always comes with potentially having to wait up to an hour for a replacement. They're rarest members of the group finder, and they know this. Some of them abuse their position to act like divas and pretend they're better than the rest of the group. Fat egos are the one thing I hate about PUGs. If you're not playing the game for FUN then uninstall, please. Thanks.

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06.01.2013 , 03:52 AM | #239
Had a SM Athiss run tonight with a level 26 Sentinel. Athiss is a level 20 FP; 26 is the absolute maximum level you can get thrown into it. So, you'd think a Sentinel with a 6-level advantage would be tearing stuff to shreds, right?

This guy. Me (Commando Healer), the tank, and the other DPS (Guardian in Shien) would mow down every other thing in each pack of mobs. Then you'd turn and see the Sentinel still whacking at a single Standard-difficulty mob which was at about half health.

I started paying more attention to him (because healing SM Athiss is like zZzzZzzZz). He would start each fight by Force Leaping onto a Standard enemy (like the Hunters, or the spitting beasts at the beginning). Then he would just... sit there. Every 4-5 seconds his lightsabers would swing; then he would just stop and sit in his "idle" animation for another 4-6 seconds. Then swing again.

So, in the time it took the rest of us to kill 1 Elite + 2 Strongs + 1 Standard (etc.), he would get about halfway through a single Standard mob that was 6 levels below him. It was... kind of cute, in a weird way. I can't imagine how solo missions must be for him.

On Boss fights he would leap to the boss, then sit there (including through stuff on the ground) doing the same slow, long-delay attack pattern. We explained the Prophet fight, but when the Fires came after him he just sat there, spun in a circle a few times, ran back and forth in a small haphazard zig-zag, then just sat there (panicking?) while I spam-healed him through it.

We cleared the FP no problem (It's SM Athiss.) and I didn't say anything because I just didn't feel like getting into a long discussion of game mechanics or who-knows-what he needed explained to him. But it was very odd to watch.

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06.01.2013 , 01:35 PM | #240
FPs always go well when someone queues for tank who plays DPS and someone else queues for healer but only uses weak AoE attacks.

Always trust your instincts and leave at the beginning instead of sticking around for over and hour and ending with all broken equipment and no drops.

oh pugs...