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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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03.09.2014 , 11:57 AM | #2251
Ok, here I am again to share a couple more stories.
First one has me play my DPS Commando in Gunnery spec before my long break. I queued for Taral V to start the mission revolving around Revan, one of my favourite characters from SW universe. I get a pop through GF fast enough, 15 mins or so, and the team includes me, obviously, a Commando healer, a DPS Scoundrel and a Shadow tank. I was close to the max lvl at which you're allowed to queue, so I guessed I'd probably pull a lot since the tank guarded the healer and only him. Well we begin and get to the 1st boss, the one with those 2 big cats. Before I can ask which cat to focus first, the tank pulls the boss, leaving the cats to slash the healer to death. Well, I figure a dead DPS is better than a dead healer, so I use all the aoe I have to get the cats on me. I basically tank them while the healer and dps keep me up and the tank focuses on the boss alone. In the end, the 2 cats die the same very moment our tank does the same, and the boss focuses me. Smooth, apart from the tank's death, but since I prefer to stick to my role, I ask him to taunt more next time. He starts to get mad at me for suggesting so, but I don't want to leave and restart, so I bear it. We go on and down the next boss the same way, tank focusing the boss and letting us get smashed by the pet, and I'm offtank again. Now it's the healer that asks for some taunt, since we both noticed not a single taunt debuff was on either enemy during the whole fight. The tank gets even more pissed and starts a votekick on me, reason: n00b. I check his achievements and notice he's on his highest lvl char, and that he downed just the 2 bosses we faced already on Taral V. So I write in chat "N00b? Me? Check my achievements dude. You too, guys, if you want." They check and see I've got 3 lvl 55 chars and 2 50+. That, and I finished all SM FP at least once, together with most HM ones and a few Ops. The vote goes the wrong way for him, because noone votes the kick. He starts to offend all, and I menace to start a vote myself on him if he doesn't stop. He doesn't, I start the vote and he writes "I'd love to see how the enemies will smash you all, [CENSORED]." Right before he gets kicked, the healer writes "This DPS Commando tanks better than you, we'd make it with blindfolds on. You, on the other hand..." I lolled like crazy there, then we proceeded with my Elara for some healing support till the bonus boss, when a Guardian tank joined us. GREAT run from there on, never agroed even without a guard on me, no enemies running around.
Now number two. I was playing my Marauder in Annihilation tree around the same time of the story above, practicing, and queued for Hammer Station. The team I got into was composed of me, a Powertech tank, a Sorcerer healer and a DPS Operative. Things go well if we count the lack of deaths, but I keep ripping agro off the tank even when I focus enemies he's focusing, which should not happen. Especially on those nasty mobs at start, I keep tanking everything apart from the silver he's focusing. So, I do as I did before, but I suggest guarding someone would help, since he didn't guard at all. Well, he simply ignored the suggestion and proceeded to go on. The Operative used Scavenging to open the shortcut, but he ignored that too and proceeded to destroy every single enemy. Well, ok, I had time, so no big deal. First boss, after he attacks I wait a few secs and use my jump and, obviously, rip agro. I tank the boss except for those 6 secs here and there when he taunted. He even agroed EVERY SINGLE neutral probe droid that spawned, so we had to kill them too. Our healer keeps me up, and the tank complains that I should not tank. I explain it wasn't by choice, and propose to wait a little more before jumping in. He answered something like "Whatever", and we go on again. Next boss fight, noone focuses the healer except me, and the other bosses resist with no issues to the attack, so I ask for help on the healer. The tank did not explain anything, so it was kinda chaotic, but once the Operative focused the healer and downed it things went smoothly. The tank complained I should not order them around because that was his prerogative, then manaced to stop tanking, to which the others started to get worried. Well, we go on a little bit more with him tanking, but once we get to the bridge before the last boss he switches to the DPS cell, the plasma-something one, can't remember the name atm. The others start begging him to tank, but I dislike his behaviour so much I tell him I can tank this on my DPS, because I know the others can keep up with it. He stays mute, and once we get there I explain tactics. It was the smoothest Mara tanking boss fight I ever had. No deaths, adds killed fast, no issues. When we got out others were amazed, and when the tank left they complemented me. Well, I tanked on both sides of the barricade and never behaved like that, and most ppl were happy to see how tolerant I was. Some ppl even called me around for PUG Ops, from time to time, so I guess I know my stuff well enough on that matter. It wasn't my place to take that role, I know. But I could not let that tank bully the others like that.
Hopefully more on the way, now that I'm thinking about them those stories are coming back pretty fast.
Sorry once again for lenght.
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03.09.2014 , 08:44 PM | #2252
First up: Mandalorian Raiders on my Gunnery commando. Picked up two sages first run around, and a Shadow tank. Shadow can't tank worth anything, as the dpsing sage and I picked up all the aggro, even occasionally whoever the Shadow was tunnel-visioning. After the Shadow missed the elevator and aggroed the entire group beneath, dying quickly, he tried to vote-kick the healer. That didn't work, and he refused to come back to us, so we kicked him (passed in seconds I tell you), and dps sage pulls out Qyzen. We heal-tank our respective ways through the four Sith boarders (hot-switched cells in the middle of combat when the heal sage couldn't keep up and provided booster heals to the dps and heals), and get a new tank just as the BH boarder goes down. The rest of the fp goes smooth and I queue with the dps sage for another round, respeccing to healing for a fast pop. Second run was smooth as anything with no problems on any account.

Ran Foundry twice, no problems first time around. Second Foundry run-- lost our jugger dps right after the first pull, he just up and quit, nothing in chat, no whispers, no say, nothin'. Requeued, got a second merc for dps, and off we went. HK went smoother than normal, and this may be because HK's relatively easy to keep aggro on so long as you don't let him start sniping at random people. That and having two mercs for damage knocked off the adds really quick. Revan was even easier, missed an interrupt but no big deal.

Kuat; got the two of us, a heals merc and a dpsing sniper. First champion boss down, and the sniper and merc start arguing over ninja looting on the merc's side. Myself and my sister keep going, dragging the merc and sniper along for the ride. About halfway through, someone initiated a votekick, and he left with a derogatory comment (considering we were all female toons save him), and we three-manned to the boss with no difficulty at all. Picked up a fourth person and proceeded to wipe the deck with a good four meters of soon-to-be-scrapmetal.

TL;DR: today was not a good day for flashpoints on the Ebon Hawk.
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03.10.2014 , 04:01 AM | #2253
Cademimu HM, I'm tanking with my Vanguard. Guildie as Guardian dps, pug Shadow dps and Commando healer. All is going well and we get to the Pyromaniac Wookie boss. Before engaging, I type "hug the tank here". I jump in, start doing my rotation, the mdps join. The Commando healer does not...

First three adds spawn, I hit them with aoe twice, they go straight for the healer. Harpoon one, single taunt the other, basic attack on the third one and they're starting to come back to me. I ask the healer to come closer and ball up with us. No response. Second wave of adds spawn, 2x Explosive Surge + AoE taunt and... The first three ignore everything and go for the healer. Those three mobs continued to bug and ignore all my threat for the duration of the fight. Healer ignores my calls to come closer and procedes to run circles around the three of us, the boss and his friends with three adds following him in single file. The only thing missing at this point is Benny Hill music.

The boss explodes killing his adds but the healer still has his friends chasing him around. At this point I don't know what to do. Not sure if I should bash my head on the keyboard because the healer blatantly ignores my calls, don't know why the mobs are losing aggro two seconds into a taunt and don't know how to respond to the healer's "OMG TANK" cries. We manage to kill the mobs and loot the boss. The healer starts whining and complaining about how I'm a bad tank and how the adds almost killed him. My response that he brought it on himself by not listening to me in the first place obviously does not agree with him and he leaves thus earning himself a membership in my Ignore List.

Gotta love people who refuse to follow even the simplest of tactics.
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03.10.2014 , 07:32 AM | #2254
Quote: Originally Posted by AdirahBerkovich View Post
TL;DR: today was not a good day for flashpoints on the Ebon Hawk.
Speaking of flashpoints on ebon hawk, I did a KDY run this morning on my sin as DPS with a sorc healer, sniper, and undergeared marauder. After about two minutes in the marauder starts throwing out in chat saying how I've got "damage hacks" because of how fast I'm killing things. I tell him that deception is a burst DPS spec and that what I'm doing is completely normal but he just won't have any of it and keeps spouting the same thing in chat through the entire course of the FP. The healer puts a *sigh* into the chat box and stops healing the marauder, but otherwise it was a smooth run.

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03.10.2014 , 07:39 AM | #2255
Quote: Originally Posted by Kulyok View Post
It's this immortal story:
[rofltastic butter story]
Seriously, going AFK, especially for more than two minutes, is bad. Phone calls happen, calls of nature happen, but butter can wait.
Just been catching up with this thread and that is possibly the funniest thing I've read on these forums, and I remember sword in a box.

TOFN seems to have a fresh batch of late night useless level 55s. I run both CZ-198 FPs weekly on my three mains - 2x Imp, 1x Rep. In the last two weeks I've found only one group who actually had any idea how to run these FPs, and when I thanked them at the end for being so good one guy said it was his first time! I had no problems on my tank because I know the tactics but on my other characters...

Group not using the glowing drums on the desert boss, even after I tell them. One group actually wiped on that boss 3 or 4 times before they got it through their thick heads. Not using the mushrooms on the vrbrither boss, again after I tell them. Not shooting the outer ring of Data Integration Points at all then trying to shoot the Vigilant and wondering why he is immune. I had all these problems, not once but in every group on both sides for the last two weeks (except one run).

In one Corp Labs run on my dps Smuggler the tank admitted half way through the FP that he had never run it before and asked me to lead the way. Tbh I don't think the other two had run it before either. That worked a little better except he ignored me when I explained tactics for the two beast bosses. My Smuggler kept drawing threat in that run despite hitting my threat drop a lot and later that night I saw the same tank turn up in Core Meltdown queued as dps. I wonder if he was tank spec at all.

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03.10.2014 , 08:47 AM | #2256
Had two runs of hammer on my low lowbie Jugg tank...
First I left as we got two Dps in a reque, one was a Jugg tank lvl 24! The other a marauder lvl 23. I just left as no xp to be had from those mobs now with a red number lvl in there (seriously why can a 24 que for a FP with lvl 16 mobs?). This was also a run where the healer invited me to his guild, when I declined verbally lashed out at me for low HP (3k at the time but in none orange gear which I fixed after it). He tried to kick me, failed. Then as I was leaving he tried to inv me to his guild... Two more times.

Second run went a bit better;
Three new players though so I took a moment to explain the fights mechanics to them and some base mechanics of Boss mob situations. Got some upgrades from it and went on my merry way to a good chunk of xp.

This weekend will see this thread jump up several pages as it will be double xp... I am looking forward to it.
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03.10.2014 , 10:29 AM | #2257
The funniest character I have ever seen was an operative who queued as a healer. Well, we did The False Emperor HM and wiped relatively early as the guy's greatest heal was maybe 750 HP every few seconds. He was in all green (okay, maybe he had 1 blue on him) and didn't understand what our problem was "I'm doing my best.". I mean it was a HM FP. He had no idea about healing. He was like "I have never healed before. What if I tried? Let's start the experiment in a HM FP. Makes sense..." Would have been epic if he did that in an OP. Although peeps would probably check his gear.

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03.10.2014 , 12:26 PM | #2258
Quote: Originally Posted by slafko View Post
The boss explodes killing his adds but the healer still has his friends chasing him around. At this point I don't know what to do. Not sure if I should bash my head on the keyboard because the healer blatantly ignores my calls, don't know why the mobs are losing aggro two seconds into a taunt and don't know how to respond to the healer's "OMG TANK" cries.
Fixate mechanic. What I *think* happens is that they fixate on the first person to generate threat after they spawn, so it's always the healer if you're using the shuttle, but stacked on the boss the tank has a chance with a well-timed surge/sweep/slow time to be that first person. Taunt will override it, but only for the duration of the taunt, once the taunt is up they're going right back on the fixate target.

So yeah, the healer was a tard and wasn't a damn thing you could do for another 39 seconds.

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03.10.2014 , 08:43 PM | #2259
Quote: Originally Posted by Irongut View Post
Not shooting the outer ring of Data Integration Points at all then trying to shoot the Vigilant and wondering why he is immune.
Vigilant: Prey... is clueless.

(Maybe they should patch that in.)
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03.10.2014 , 08:57 PM | #2260
Quote: Originally Posted by Sinapus View Post
Vigilant: Prey... is clueless.

(Maybe they should patch that in.)
Hope they will
Quote: Originally Posted by Essence_of_Light View Post
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