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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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12.19.2013 , 10:33 AM | #1571
I was on my lowbie sorc and I got a pop for atthiss, I was healing. Most of the run was fine, tank died once or twice when i could not keep him up.
on both the first and second bosses one of the dps forgot too kill the adds, but we got thru both in fine form so I thought it did not matter, but both times after the fights the second dps wanted to kick the first dps for it, both times the votes failed. We killed the last boss without much difficulty, got the artifacts and left the flashpoint, that's when things got strange, most of us were by the terminal when the dps who had wanted to do all the kicking started a vote to kick ME!!! I whispered him and said "dude, the flashpoints over, why kick me now?" he said they one of the others in the group(can't remember which) had told him that I had been talking s*** about him behind his back, I told him that i Hadn't said a thing about him(which is true). He then told me that I was a sucky healer cus the tank had died once or twice! I asked him if he voted to kick all healers that let someone die once or twice? He didn't respond.

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12.19.2013 , 10:51 AM | #1572
I guess I'm one of those weird guys that doesn't know what they're doing, but I've always seem to be grouped with nice people. If I say at the beginning its my first time they usually give a good explanation on what to do before a boss fight. I'm playing a scoundrel healer at the moment, and I do visit the forums on guides and skills and gear and whatnot, but just like in real life, theory and practice are totally different things. Etc at lvl 20 a DPS pointed out that I should be using SRMP by then, we made it through with my meagre underworld meds coz we had an awesome tank at the time. I eventually got it at lvl 24 and understood how important it was. I always appreciate help and tips given by the more experienced players, and being polite goes a long way.

EDIT : I also had no idea how the need/greed system works. For my first few runs I just clicked need or greed at random without knowing what it really does. Nobody ever mentioned anything to me. But on one run I selected need on a willpower item and someone politely mentioned that I shouldn't roll need on an item I wouldn't use. I apologized and thats how I learned bout that particular system.

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12.19.2013 , 12:35 PM | #1573
Quote: Originally Posted by TheSupaCoopa View Post
Duran'del here:

I liked it when this thread was about weird people, not an argument over FPs being boring and LoSing...
This thread used to be funny, then people came and killed it :'(
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12.20.2013 , 02:29 AM | #1574
Quote: Originally Posted by sithBracer View Post
Personally when I tank I always aggro the adds and use saber reflect on my jugg or just kill them on my shadow. People like to leave them alone but that sometimes leads to them ganking the healer. It's easier to just kill them when they appear.
I ignore the adds most of the time and leave them for the derps to kill. If I see the derps not paying attention and killing the mobs I'll force pull the closest one, that usually gets their attention. When I'm derpsing as sent, I take care of the closest mobs and leave the far ones to the rdps.

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12.20.2013 , 04:14 AM | #1575
Not so long ago Cademinu SM on the Pub side, tank guardian, heal sage, dps sent and gunslinger. Everything was going ok, no wipes quick FP until we got to the last boss, and just as we position ourselves in the boss chamber the sent jumps in on a boss and start smacking the living hell out of him, heal quickly gets on what's going on and starts healing the idiot but tank doesn't take the aggro thinking to punish dumb sent, until he sees that boss is down by 1/3 hp, fortunately the sent is not so dumb in the end and knows what to do, kites the boss away from fire and everything goes ok, no wipe the boss is dead.
I was that sent and the jump was an honest misclick, after the last fight I had 30 stacks of centering and didn't want them to go to waste so in the last seconds of the buff I wanted to convert them into focus by zen, unfortunately binding zen to "R" and force jump to "T" tend to end badly. I have no hard feelings for the tank, would have done the same thing in his place and let the dps die, and the healer was awesome, kudos to you man. In the end I apologized to everyone and praised the sage.
As you see sometimes even good players (I'm not great but I know my way around) have their derp moments, so if it's a one time thing, no need to jump to conclusions.

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12.20.2013 , 08:49 AM | #1576
Quote: Originally Posted by slafko View Post
I ignore the adds most of the time and leave them for the derps to kill. If I see the derps not paying attention and killing the mobs I'll force pull the closest one, that usually gets their attention. When I'm derpsing as sent, I take care of the closest mobs and leave the far ones to the rdps.
I hate it when I am on my Deception Assassin and get paired with an rDPS, who instantly kills the closest people. I Spike a mook, hit Maul and just prepare to click Assassinate and the silly Merc or whatever shoots it instead of killing the people who now have their barrels aimed at the healer.

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12.20.2013 , 03:42 PM | #1577
PUG commendations run on Dread Fortress. Leader encourages folks to join in group voice, so we comply. After greetings, fighting commences. I am calling out bomb droid entrances on first boss, but I am the only one talking, noting a decidedly chilly response. Laughing and cat-calls follow someone getting killed. Primary reason for voice, to compair DPS parses after fights. Tanks rarely get to start fights, and there is minimal teamwork, as the challenge is to do the most damage. Other DPS getting killed, knocked back, or having to heal, decreases their threat to the highest numbers. This became especially clear when we fought trash mob droids that have a red circle of death appear just before they explode/expire. Early DF runs developed a tactic of knocking the droids back before they explode. The new tactic is to knock the droids into the party, seeing how many group members you can kill. Again cat-calls and profanity follow with claims for the most party kills being boasted. On my first experience of this run method, I just thought it a fluke group, keep head down, grab comms, put leads on ignore. My second exposure to this was more frustrating, so I commented in voice. After being shouted down by the majority of the group, I dropped voice, I again put head down, got the mission completed, grabbed comms, and left (yeah, yeah, greed won over principle).

I have encountered this as tank and DPS, and both are in mostly 78s, so loot is all greed, which is to say these are comms only runs (way too much work to police the ninjas). After the run, I recieve a profanity laced private tell on my looting habits (I checked, no loot recieved) and several "old man" references about my desires for teamwork and mutual support. Easy enough, he was added to my growing /ignore list, but it realy struck me that I have a very different version of fun than these crowds I pugged with.

The recent posts about needing to challenge the group to find your limits is all well and good when all agree to do so. My guildies and I used to time ourselves on level 50 HM Flashpoints back when they were worth running. Stealth stunning, skipping, diving through things was fun when we all agreed, and cutting 30 seconds off meant something. The thing that ticks me the most about only seeing the back of a tank that won't self heal is the payouts the same guys! Saving 1 or two minutes of my life when it took 30 minutes to get everyone invited and in one place is nothing. If you have 11 level 55s you are cycling through every day or week it is NMFP. Getting 16 folks to agreed to run through trash mobs to Titan 6 is guarenteed to kill at least one and take Far More Time while they clone and try again. An all friends DPS parse-a-thon? Sounds fun. I am a PUG watching you fools try and get me killed? I want off this crazy ride.

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12.22.2013 , 04:52 PM | #1578
Just one of the many stories I can share with you guys and fresh too

I did a sm mandolorian raiders today through groupfinder with 2 guildies, me being a scroundel healer and my guildies both being dps commandos. We got a shadow tank.
I checked out his gear, missing one implant, clearly geared for dps (that's ok for me, tank gear is hard to get at lvl 25)
but no tank stance or shield equiped(he had a focus)
Ok I think to myself, I've healed worse let's see how it goes. Meanwhile my guildies were having fun with me on ts that I had to heal him.
Well our tank did not disappoint, he started chainpulling everything he got, cc'ing stuff and then attack it
Worst that happend was that he was needing on every piece of gear that dropped, but every item, even green ones Worst part was that he won a piece that I actually needed (cunning gear)
When we asked about this, he did not respond and kept happily attacking everything he could put his lightsaber on....oh and needing too.
SInce he did not respond to our remarks or questions, I decided to stop healing him till we got his attention.
Well he didn't got the hint, he died, left group and we managed to finish it without him
Still it's a pity he didn't communicate with us, we could have given him some pointers how to improve.

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12.22.2013 , 05:13 PM | #1579
Quote: Originally Posted by Hatstandard View Post
Often times when I do group finder it's with two of my pals (I'm tanking, they are heal, dps) and we group finder a 4th dps. We're all in 78s, experienced raiders, etc. Just doing the weekly to get our CPU companions some more 78s and have fun.

Immediately after the group forms and we're in the flashpoint I give the 4th guy the business (well call the 4th guy Poor Sod for the generic purposes of the following dialog). Usually I start by saying

"Listen up Poor SoB... er Poor Sod"
"Listen up and Listen good because I'm only going to say this once"

and then I don't say anything.

Usually at that point they'll say something like "?"

and one of my pals will then say

"Jesus Christ dude he already told you once why are you causing problems?"

and the other one will say

"oh man I can't believe you said that after he had already told you once... We may have to vote kick this guy"

and then I'll say

"yeah. I've already told you once Poor Sod DON'T make me tell you again"

At this point about a 1/3rd of the time the 4th person leaves. Sometimes he'll put us on ignore in which case we vote kick him.

Then a 5 or so minutes in Poor Sod will ask a question or one of us will pull a second mob/3rd mob for excitement and well say

"gosh darn it Poor Sod why the hell did you do that? Pay attention dude you don't want me to have to tell you twice."

one time there was a guy in body type 3 (the fat one) that we kept telling "try to tag along fattie" or "I'm not sure this guy can do it I think he is too fat" during a jumping skip. He ended up reporting us and CSR gave us an excessive role play violation.

anyway if they tough it out they are treated to a clean run which is more than any group que'ing solo dps deserves. And we tell them to foward any complements or complaints to our guild master. (who gets really mad about it)
Goes to show that anyone can get high gear these days.

Please tell us the name of your guild and the server you are on. Is this the sort of people that play RP ?
Star Wars: Attack of the Cartel.

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12.23.2013 , 03:38 AM | #1580
100k says it's an american server.