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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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12.14.2013 , 11:42 AM | #1511
I ran the mission again today with some random group. I debated whether or not to go in as a healer again, but I figured I'd give it one more go. Wow. This group was great. Not a lot of chatter, but everyone understood their role and got the job done. No one died.; not once. We sliced through the flashpoint like it was butter. I'm a little disappointed I didn't get any cool gear, but other than that it was a fun mission. No one gave me any grief. Everyone just came in and got it done. It has given me a little more faith in the process. Maybe I'll just avoid late night groups as it seems the less mature ones are bound to be online.

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12.15.2013 , 04:34 AM | #1512
I went to athiss today on my assault commando and there is a level 21 scoundrel.
we wipe on the second boss repeatedly, after this I tell him he must heal, to which he responded 'You are a commando' i pointed out that he has the healer role.

i then look at his rotation and see that he is using sucker punch ( i am familiar with it as i have a 55 scraper )
he keeps on saying that he is a DPS / Healer which at 21 is not effective.

So i quit and put him on ignore.

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12.15.2013 , 07:15 AM | #1513
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord_Submarine View Post
Recently, I am having a feeling that the Flashpoints have changed from an adventure to a race. This feeling occurs more and more as I am nearing the level 50 (so yeah, I am not as experienced as most of the experienced raiders here who write their gear in the first sentence just to make sure they are not the strange person in the story)..
What's even worse for me is the people that are like **** PRESS SPACEBAR on SM flashpoints... I enjoy the game because of the dialogue and I enjoy seeing all the different things different classes can say and such. Playing since beta I still haven't seen it all. But too many players are in such a hurry they INSIST that I press spacebar. Now, if it's a HM I don't mind so much... but the SMs, it annoys me to the extent that I have the following.

1. Did you ask nicely, and we are sure everyone is okay with spacebarring? Then I will do so.

2. Did you break Wheaton's Law by INSISTING that I spacebar? I will break Wheaton's Law too and wait until the last second to reply on each and every dialogue choice.

Really, that's my take. Be nice to me, I'll be nice to you. If you are a ****, don't expect me to just obey you.

Then, as you said for all the shortcuts and skipping, it does very much annoy me (again, mostly in SMs) because really it's not a race and some people might actually want gear off of an easy boss that they want to skip just because they're trying for the record completion time.
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12.15.2013 , 02:48 PM | #1514
I had the longest Esseles walkthru ever last day when my group had at least 3 changes before the end
One left to coruscant in the middle of the thing for no reason, his subsiture did the same later on because he had not enough time (Y going to FP then??)
Our tank was a stupid rusher and another ******* didn't felt the need to reload its life before attacking, had to kick him.

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12.15.2013 , 04:36 PM | #1515
Duran'del here:

Whenever I play as Commando and do a PUG FP, there is always one thing that is consistent:
The tank is sub-par or horrible. They also pop their CDs before a fight AND don't listen to my advice.
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12.15.2013 , 10:48 PM | #1516
Been running GF during the week and it had been going pretty well with groups ... until a while ago.

Got queued into MR and the group started out pretty okay. The tank wanted to LOS nearly every pull (He said something at the start of the FP about it) and did it for about 2-3 pulls before the healer told him it wasn't necessary and to just go tank (Wasn't weird, most healers know if they can take it or not, which the healer had no problems and was very excellent in heals).

Problems started when the second dps (I was also dps) started to have problems with skipping/pulling aggro and the healer decided to call him out and call him 'retarded' (Despite one of the pulls being on me I believe. Not sure because we were both running pretty close to each other.).

The last boss glitched or something and all 6 turrets came up at once (The boss had gotten down to 40% before the turrets came up), and the tank died (Not sure why, as I was busy trying to get the turrets down as fast as possible). The healer was able to keep both DPS up as we cleared the turrets and the boss as the tank re-spawned and ran back.

Despite the harsh comments from the healer (mostly to the other dps), It went pretty well. I am not sure if I should have /ignored the healer or not, because they did their job and did it well, and I myself have been snappy in FP's a few times, to which I regretted later.
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12.16.2013 , 12:41 AM | #1517
Doing HM Eternity Vault
We invite along a guild prospect who we are getting to know, who claims they are experienced for a bit of a fun run through EV
First up we explain to some first time raiders at the Puzzle Pylon, not to touch the pylon
The new guy touches the pylon puzzle causing it to spawn as we are explaining in chat what to do for this mechanic
New guy seems confused but we pull through easily in the end, and given him the benefit of the doubt

We advance to the part where all the group does a one on one duel, mechanics explained and we tell him where to stand and who to fight
Simply enough
He argues over why he cant take another one he chose, we explain its a mechanic and best suited to be done a certain way,
It doesnt sink into him that this is whay the operation requires and makes a big seen believing we dont want him to fight a guy, and starts flipping out. We figure he is new and maybe just doesnt understand, but we spend 5 mins explaining its just a mechanic and no personal attack on him by asking him to fight a particular spawn

After making everyone in chat facepalm, it was needless to say things were not going to work out between us so we said thanks but no thanks, then one of the group proceeded to get hate telled all night by him claiming we had no idea what we were doing and shouldnt pick on people
Had a few laughs at his expense admittedly

I know we all start somewhere, but when you refuse to listen or grasp a basic concept :P

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12.16.2013 , 12:48 AM | #1518
Lately, Lost Island [HARD] has been a complete disaster for me.


I should have known that this latest kick at the cat would result in the cat kicking back --hard-- when I first loaded-in (Sniper/full Engineering DPS in my case), did an inspect on the tank, and saw...Quest greens and blues --no, not blue mods, un-moddable mid-level-40s blue shells-- and less than 14k HP.

Now, I'm not normally one to bust people's chops about being under-geared --especially given that that particular Eng-Sniper is himself a bit under-geared at present (still needs ilvl 58+ purple mods in a few pieces, as well as a "real" belt and bracers, plus relics)-- but maybe this seemed a bit low for a [HARD] instance, especially for a tank?

Well, alright then.

The other DPS was a Merc with over double the HP, so I says to myself, I says, "Self, it's cool: He's 55, he's geared, I'm sure he knows his class, his role, and has at least a basic knowledge of the content, yes?"

Um. Maybe not.

He had Combustion-Gas Cylinder loaded. Yet, on the first pull where we wiped because of this derp running ahead to pull everything --the first of many, many wipes-- I saw the good ole' Tracer Missile and Heatseeker Missile animations.

For my melée-brawler brethren, think of a Merc's cylinders like your "stances;" CGC is broadly analogous to an elemental damage/DoT "stance." But this Merc was supposed to be using the Armour-Piercer cylinder!

(You don't use anything else --with possibly certain very rare, and highly situational exceptions-- whilst DPS'ing as an Arsenal-spec Mercenary (/Gunnery-spec Commando) past approximately level 25 when the talents for the specific cylinders for your skill-tree start coming in.)

So I type in chat "(Player Name) please switch to HV Gas cyl."

No response.

Well. Alrighty, then. On yer bikes!

More wipes with this intrepid Merc "tanking" us to our doom, with the actual tank being unable to keep aggro off him, followed by me pulling aggro (my threat-dump is on a fairly long CD, by the way) off the Merc once the fight got going.

Finally, after who knows how many wipes, the Merc says "lol, my armour is all red and I got no money, GTG )" and bails off.

50k creds repair-bill and four attempts at Sav-Rak later --yes, we got to him with our back-fill second DPS (Lightning Sorc.). Eventually-- I finally said, "Sorry guys, RL duty calls, I gotta go. Best of luck." and dropped.

I could go on --everything that could go wrong with a PuG [HARD] instance, did in this case-- but I don't want to write a novel here.

I just thought it worth noting that particular Merc, especially if you're in the mood to wallow in some Schadenfreude:

And because it sincerely, genuinely pains me --IRL even-- to see my beloved dual-balster wielders, with such a high skill-cap compared to almost all other classes, played that badly by someone who clearly couldn't care less about not being the stereotypical "Der-Pee-Ess." (Oh, just as an aside: How the f can you not afford repair-bills for at least the odd wipe by the time you're level-capped? In all ilvl-72/75 gear?)

Christ kid, that kind of derp-heroics is what smashers are tailor-made for, maybe you should roll one?
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12.16.2013 , 12:52 AM | #1519
Quote: Originally Posted by midianlord View Post
Lately, Lost Island [HARD] has been a complete disaster for me.

i hate that FP. i've NEVER gotten through it.

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12.16.2013 , 01:10 AM | #1520
Quote: Originally Posted by dancezwithnubz View Post
i hate that FP. i've NEVER gotten through it.
Oh, I've gotten through it, but when things go pear-shaped in that one, it can can get really expensive, really quickly.

It's like Mandalorian Raiders [HARD] in that it doesn't forgive derp.

Pack-aggro is...well, LI, though. Don't know if that's bugged or intended.

But I've come to actually like Mando Raiders a lot, whereas LI just makes me go "meh" for some reason.
SW: tOR and BioWare are dead to me.
20 December 2011 --- 26 January 2017