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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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05.15.2013 , 02:12 AM | #141
Ah, just remembered one of my favorites:

I tanked a run of SM Boarding Party about a month ago on my Powertech. There was another Powertech in the group, queued as Damage. Pyrotech spec.

I noticed I was having an impossible time holding aggro no matter what I did, this PT DPS would rip it off within seconds. I've never had trouble holding aggro before, ever! What's going on?? I checked my Cylinder... nope, Ion Gas, I didn't mess up.

So I noticed Combustible Gas on the targets maybe PT Pyro DPS was made overpowered in 2.0? Maybe Combustible Gas is bugged and doing insane damage or something?

I started paying more attention to this PT Pyro DPS, trying to figure out what was going on. I noticed she never entered melee range, never even 10 meter range. The entire run, she literally did not fire a single Flame Burst or Rocket Punch. Instead, she stood at 30 meters and fired Unload on cooldown and filled with Rapid Shots and Missile Blasts.

That should be pretty bad DPS output, right? So why is she ripping threat off me?

I noticed she kept irritatingly Grappling all my targets over to her. At first I thought she was just being a lazy DPS, getting them into range for her close-range attacks. But then I checked the log and realized her Rocket Punch / Flame Burst total was exactly zero. Why was she Grappling stuff off me if she wasn't even using close-range attacks??

What I eventually realized was that she was standing at 30 meters and literally just pressing every single button that lit up.

Meaning, her Powertech Pyro "rotation" consisted of:
  • Unload on cooldown
  • Explosive Dart on cooldown (breaking CC constantly)
  • Flame Thrower on cooldown (despite not hitting anything with it, and cancelling the channel immediately)
  • Energy Shield on cooldown (despite not being attacked)
  • Kolto Overload on cooldown (despite not being attacked)
  • Hydraulic Overrides on cooldown (for no reason, because it lit up)
  • Chaff Flare on cooldown (even when not aggro'd, because it lit up)
  • Grapple on cooldown
  • Neural Dart (taunt) on cooldown
  • AoE taunt on cooldown
  • Missile Blast until she overheated

It was... indescribable to watch. It remains one of the most absolutely bizarre things I have ever seen in Group Finder.

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05.15.2013 , 04:00 AM | #142
I did a pug EV a little while ago, on my assassin tank. Got to Gharj without trouble even though we had a lot of first-timers. But now, when I was starting to explain the tactics, 1 dps (probably accidentally) aggroed the boss. The other tank was there for the first time and had 7k less hp, so I thought that okay, I'll tank this. I tanked the boss to face away from the group while 1 of the healers gave a really fast overview on the fight, mostly just "when the platform starts to sink, move to the next one". Platform started to sink. We moved. Expect the offtank.

Okay, everybody does mistakes, I thought. He got a combat-revive and was back at the fight - and I really fast learned to hope that he wasn't. Suddenly, boss turned to face the ops group. I had a little ***-moment, we didn't have any ridicously great-geared dps and I had guarded the one that was best-geared, how did I lose aggro? But soon I noticed the little taunt icon on the boss - and it wasn't my taunt. The offtank, who was standing with the dps, had taunted the boss. I taunted it back and told him not to taunt the boss to face the ops group. But he kept doing it. He was told by other people to stop doing it. He still kept doing it. Actually, one time, I was tanking the boss to face away and he taunted. I taunted the boss back. Then he aoe taunted, and I had to aoe taunt to get the boss to face the right direction. It was like the boss had a new mechanic, a minion who kept forcing the boss to attack the group.

We ended up losing some of our dps (not sure if it was because of this tank or because they didn't know the tactics or what, I was kind of busy to pay attention to where our dps lost their hp the most) and the boss enraged when he had something like 5% hp.
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05.15.2013 , 06:56 AM | #143
Had myself an interesting run of Mandalorian Raiders HM on my Shadow tank earlier this afternoon.

Shadows seem a bit squishy on 2.0, at least compared to the Guardian, so I tend to pull a bit more carefully and with more generous use of cooldowns. We had a DPS dropping out at the start, nothing unusual, and clearing the way proceeded as it normally would. Along the way our healer started asking to be guarded - a request I generally don't pay attention to. In hard modes I prefer to keep aggro on myself and with only a 66 hilt I therefore guard the hardest hitting DPS.
So we come up on one of the nastier pulls. The one where you go through a door, a strong mob will come running at you (which can be pulled separately), and the mobs on the next pull will spawn adds from a blast door on the left. Much as it usually happens, a DPS manages to pull both the running strong mob and the group behind. I AoE taunt, pop Deflection, throw Slow Time and proceed to spam Force Breach and Whirling Blow. I die. Afterwards our healer tells us she won't be healing me until she's guarded. Sounding an awful lot like an ultimatum effectively holding the party hostage until she gets her way. I simply reply that I won't be guarding a healer in a 55 HM.
I try the pull again, pretty much same approach. Now guarding the 31k HP Sentinel that joined us as a replacement for the dropout from earlier. Receiving no heals whatsoever. The inevitable vote kick of the healer fails, leaving me no choice but to abandon the run and sticking the healer and both DPS on ignore.

I wonder what might have happened had I kept at it until the first boss, Braxx the Bloodhound...
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05.15.2013 , 07:48 AM | #144
Worst one I ran accros recently was in a GF run of athiss hm. Before we even starting the flashpoint the tank asked us to votekick him because he didn't like athiss, but didn't want to get the 15 min lockout you get by leaving a group at the start...
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05.15.2013 , 08:33 AM | #145
Leveling up one of my alts (Lightning Sorcerer) I queued into Collicoid as damage. When we're waiting for the healer to load in, the other damage (Marauder) who happened to be group leader, started the first event. We wipe horribly, three times, before all of us died together and it reset.

After some scolding by the rest of the group, we head to the second set of turrets, and realize he's already there, jumps in, and we spend 10 seconds or so catching up. No problem though, it's easy enough.

We loot and the guy Needs on a cunning piece (healer is Operative). He's F2P and can't trade it.

So the first pack of mobs is those 4 tough elites with a ton of health. He just runs into the middle of them while the healer was still typing about the Need he rolled. He dies instantly, and the tank goes down quick. As they are dogpiling onto me, I notice the marauder running BACK into them again.

We wipe like three more times (unable to votekick him while in combat) before I manage to yoink him back as he's charging down long enough to get out of combat and votekick him.

Was the weirdest thing I've ever seen, and some ingenious trolling.

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05.15.2013 , 11:31 AM | #146
I got into two bad runs yesterday myself. When it rains it pours...

First one was a HM LI, trying to get the daily done for the 10 basic coms on my sentinel. I'm level 55, healer is 54, other rdps is 55, tank is level 50 with only 14k health, mostly tionese gear and green relics/earpieces. He dies on the first sub boss and on one of the totally avoidable trash pulls before the first boss. I proceed to drop group.

Later, I get HM Hammer Station with a naked vanguard (see for more details) who wipes our group twice before we can vote kick him. Healer pulls out tanking companion and we proceed until we get to the droid group with the two elites/two strongs. As I CC one of the elites, the healer DC's and we wipe. 5 minutes later the healer is still DC'd. Drop group again.

Full moon or patch day, take your pick.
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05.16.2013 , 04:36 AM | #147
I just pretty much tanked 2 first bosses of mandalorian raiders sm with a healer. It was pretty interesting.
There is a face beneath this mask but it's not me.
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05.16.2013 , 05:15 AM | #148
Quote: Originally Posted by ArdoNorrin View Post
I've got quite a few, and since I've done just about every class and role at some point, I've seen a lot.

For example:
On my Merc (ordinarily DPS, but I know how to heal too), I was grouped as a healer and one of the DPS asked me not to heal her because she didn't like all the green stuff getting on her clothes
Sounds like a good role-player to me.

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05.16.2013 , 06:07 AM | #149
Quote: Originally Posted by Cisavexis View Post
Along the way our healer started asking to be guarded - a request I generally don't pay attention to. In hard modes I prefer to keep aggro on myself and with only a 66 hilt I therefore guard the hardest hitting DPS.
Actually in those new L55 FP's if you don't guard the healer and don't CC in general something tends to go for the healer. Healer aggro is much higher then it used to be and if the healer doesn't use his/her aggro dump it becomes really tricky with larger groups. Not that it's not doable, but I found that actually it makes sense to guard healers at times.

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05.16.2013 , 06:46 AM | #150
Quote: Originally Posted by SW_display_name View Post
What I eventually realized was that she was standing at 30 meters and literally just pressing every single button that lit up.
That does indeed sound like THE most weird player ever.