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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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10.31.2013 , 10:24 AM | #1131

I thought tanks were supposed to be the élite? Just ask them, they'll tell you!

Well, damn: There went the last of my innocent illusions

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10.31.2013 , 11:17 AM | #1132
[QUOTE=SW_display_name;6236472]I just had a Group Finder FP run with a player queued as Damage. (this was Republic side, translations provided for Imperial players reference frame)

He was a Shadow (Assassin), spec'd Kinetic Combat (Darkness), using Combat Technique (Dark Charge). Every single pull, from start to finish, his rotation was:
  • stand 10 yards away
  • use Telekinetic Throw (Force Lightning) on cooldown
  • use Project (Shock) on cooldown
  • use Force Breach (Discharge) on cooldown
  • maintain Kinetic Ward (Dark Ward) religiously at 15 charges
  • stand there and do nothing else in-between these 4 cooldowns

Watching someone with a double-bladed lightsaber and rocks swirling around them stand outside melee range, never once swing their saber, and spam weak rock attacks was... really, really weird.

Damage was agonizingly low, fights took forever, but at least we had a Guardian DPS who really, really knew her stuff and carried us through (just barely) on tighter fights.[QUOTE]

I had something like that happen to me in hammer station only this guy WAS our tank! i was healing(commando, lev 23) the two dps were good but the tank he was a 16 shadow he did not even have his tanking stance on I told him to switch to tank one..but he was not in we got to the first boss and thru the Intire fight he did not taunt the boss one time, our sentinal dps was getting hit so hard(but he did not die I healed him) and the tank did not taunt, come to think of it he might not have realized he was tank, anyway after the fight we voted to kick him but he left before the vote was complete, we queued for a replacement but we ended doing the flashpoint without a tank, it really wasn't that hard we died once on the final boss but we beat him the second time.

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10.31.2013 , 02:53 PM | #1133
A couple recent ones I had

Playing on my level 52 at the time sent I catch a hm kaon. Now I tend to overgear a bit but I was only in level 50 stuff at this point. So I look at the group and see a 55 guardian tank, 55 scoundrel heals and a 54 sent dps, so I think we're in good shape. Yeah, not so much. I look a little closer and oh crap the tank has 16k health. Upon inspection there was no tankin gear in evidence, a couple different mainstats and nothing higher than level 49 mostly greens. This is going to be ever so much fun. But, I'm close to 53 and I got a full set of 66 waiting for me so in I go. The "tank" doesn't bother guarding anybody and somehow we clear the first few mobs. This despite the tank dying twice due to what he referred to as poor heals. The fact that he was pulling mobs 2 and 3 pulls ahead of we were wasn't a consideration. Now the fun begins, we get to the turret. Not a hard fight but a long one. Our intrepid tank decrees that we don't need the turret. At which point I ask if he had ever tanked this particular flaspoint before. He says he has and never needed the turret once and pulls without another word. Sure enough he leaps to the first pack of mobs and insta dies. So I jump on the turret. Our healer gamely rezzes the tank who does not help by rebuffing or regenning his health but yells at me to l2p and get off the turret. Immediately following this he leaps to another group and insta dies again. Now he starts demanding that he gets rezzed again. The healers explanation that it's on a 5 minute cd was met with utter disbelief by our friendly tank. We finish the fight and lo and behold there's a pretty decent cunning piece drop which our buddy the tank proceeds to need on. When I mention that he has no need of the piece and if he's rolling for a comp it's common courtesy to make sure nobody actually needs it he proceeds to equip it and say "%#^* you it's bound now" well that was enough for me so I bid the others good luck and tell our tank that if he had leveled any way other than space missions I'd be completely amazed since actual tanking is beyond him. Well I'm annoyed enough that I jump on my slinger and re que. A little while later I get a Mando raider HM and there's my favorite tank. I tell the group that they will die a lot with this tank, throw him on ignore and get outta there.

Anyone who plays on Pot5, pub or imp, has run across a certain guild who shall remain nameless. I'll give a hint though the initials are B F. Well I catch a HM cad in progress one day and as I enter I see in group chat "last 2 dps quit, hope better" Now I'm just entering and I'm too far away to see all of their details but my spider sense is tingling. I draw near and my fears are confirmed. It's 3 of them. I stumbled into a guild run. I should've ran but I needed one more for the weekly so I press on. Theyre at the bonus boss and I'm pretty confident in my dps so i dive in. Wow that was a bad idea. The tank and other dps die real quick the healer is dpsing. So I'm in chat over and over saying Rez the tank. This is apparently a horrible tactical call on my part because as the healer so eloquently put it, "no tell how to heal" Yeah I must be terribad if I thought a tank might be handy on the bonus boss. So upon the inevitable wipe I simply say "ummm, no" and head off. I guess the first two dps that left must've been as bad as me.

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10.31.2013 , 05:13 PM | #1134
Quote: Originally Posted by Marvoussh View Post
@ xBenouze Yes, I agree with you.. I can't believe I forgot to mention the loot needing in my message , that has got to be the most annoying subject out there.. Good to read that there are more people out there who sometimes help people out, instead of kicking them out without explanation! I completely understand why you quit the group, I would've done the same, some people are just impossible
Loot needing can be extremely annoying once I was running hammer station on my jugg and we killed the first boss and he droped a rating 50 lightsaber with strength stats and a sorc needed it and got it, I was so annoyed cus my current lightsaber was like rating 32 i just fergot about it and then the last boss drops a lightsaber with willpower and the sorc does not even need it.

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10.31.2013 , 05:22 PM | #1135
Quote: Originally Posted by sw_display_name View Post
i had a sorcerer in my colicoid war game group the other day who seemed to be very new to the game — she was very disoriented by the cannon section and we needed to keep covering her to prevent her dying (she kept accidentally dismounting). Did awesome lightning dps, though.

anyway, when we got to the last section she was incredibly excited that she could use slicing to open the cage door and get a pet akk dog. she then went on and on in chat about how much she loved her new "puppy" and announced in party chat that she had given it a name. This continued through the arena beasts and up to annihilator 6k-a2, at which point she asked if the akk dog was permanent and would stay with her after the fp.

I gently explained the akk dog would get itself incinerated within a few seconds once the boss started putting down ground fire, and she was traumatized. She told me to switch to dps (i was healing) so she could heal and the dog wouldn't charge in and get killed. We gently explained that guardian pets will run in the second she takes random damage from the boss.

So she begged me to keep her akk dog healed through the fire. I said i would try. Even though it cost our operative dps his life because i was distracted spamming kolto injection on an akk dog, alas, i could not keep the dog alive through the fire it was sitting in.

Upon seeing her pet akk dog die, the sorc /yelled "noooooooooooo" and expressed grieving emoticons in party chat. As soon as the boss died, she ran up and performed /cry emotes over her akk dog before /kneeling and asking to be left alone.

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10.31.2013 , 05:35 PM | #1136
Quote: Originally Posted by midianlord View Post
OK, what the f is with Mandalorian Raiders [HARD] mode lately?

Last two days, it's all I'm getting, and all I seem to get (as R/DPS) is either drama-king/queen tanks who don't know how to tank, tanks who drop before we've even all loaded-in, or other DPS who are hero-1337-killer derp-wads.

Seriously, ***?

Yes, all those stupid dog-beast-things suck. So what? trash-mobs in general suck. Step up and deal, FFS.
Sounds like a frustrated healer. Which server / faction? So far I haven't noticed anything like that on Harbinger. Though the Imperial side does have a few more queens and princesses than the Republic.

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10.31.2013 , 11:40 PM | #1137
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord_of_Mu View Post
Sounds like a frustrated healer. Which server / faction? So far I haven't noticed anything like that on Harbinger. Though the Imperial side does have a few more queens and princesses than the Republic.
It is Harbi/Imp-side, strangely enough.

I don't do a lot of healing and am still really, really nub at it (Merc/Bodyguard --our version of Commando/Combat Medic), but let's just say that if I ever see another DPS Sorc(/Sage) run in to "hero/1337-tank" from the first pull, then I'm dropping group like, right freaking now.

Now, I'm stubborn as Hell --I'm Polish, we're just sexy like that-- but I just don't have the creds for those kinds of repair-bills on a constant basis.

Yes, Imp-side does seem to have its kiddie-component (this is part why we seem to always lose in PvP, too, but I've done my last Warzone for while, so no more f's will be given there.).

The kiddies can be amusing sometimes, though:

The Boarding Party [HARD] (<---I think? I've done so many FPs recently, it all becomes a blur), off we go. No derp-ness at all except when the other DPS ('Sin) ran in to pull first once and the tank said, "heals, don't heal them if they do that again." They didn't do that again, so all good.

We get to the part where you have to choose between spacing and capturing the engineers/crewmen, and as usual, I chose to capture them, and I see in /party chat from the tank (Jugg):

"F U Lightside BH!"

Now, it's taken me awhile to make Light V, as I play/see my Mercs as professionals who are decent and honourable, but definitely not "do-gooders," so I'd rather not see that alignment meter drop again. Also, IMHO, a lot of the Dark-side choices --at least for Imperial characters, Rep-side handles this with much more proper "adult" subtlety, particularly on the Trooper-- are just totally cartoonish/juvenile "FOR TEH EVULZ LOLOL!!!onoeone!!" and I just don't like that, soooo....

I (strained/brittle-)patiently explained to this chick, to the effect of "Look, you get the alignment points for the choice you make regardless of who wins the convo-roll, the latter only determines how much Social Points you get."

She didn't have much to say to that, and on we went.

Nothing else to report --she was/is a good tank, everybody knew their roles, and preformed them properly --that Sin-pull seems like it was just a "sorry, my bad" moment, we all have those I'm sure.

Hell, she even /emoted blowing me a kiss at the end. (I emoted /bow back)

I just thought that LS/DS thing was a little "funny," myself.

Oh, have I mentioned how incredibly useful the "Unity" Legacy ability can be whilst soloing the [HEROIC 2] on Oricon? Doing "good" has its rewards


Or is that Hammer Station? Need coffee naow.
Merc and 'Slinger since launch, Merc and 'Slinger for life
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11.01.2013 , 12:26 AM | #1138
Quote: Originally Posted by OlosBC View Post
Spot on. Tank ignores dogs.

In var ad fight, tanks won't do enough damage to var ad to push him over (20%) unless the DPS really suck. So one of thedps was focusing var ad or dropping heavy aoe on him. However, tank should still be focusing the correct turret to keep agro on it (as well as tossing a couple abilities on the second turret to keep it off healer)

Sounds like both times it wasn't a tank issue. Fancy that.
Oh, the dogs can't even be taunted at all? That explains much.

Yeah, I know about no AoE during the turret fights (and being careful with it, and positioning, in general for that instance)...It would seem that some don't though :/
Merc and 'Slinger since launch, Merc and 'Slinger for life
(Feels good, doesn't it? Well it certainly does for me!)

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11.01.2013 , 04:14 AM | #1139
Was running Cademimu SM. PUG pop-up pretty fast.
Me (op-heal), Sin (tank), Sorc (dps) and Snipe.

But after first fight i realized, that tank (sin) are not using tanking stance (DC).
Iv politely asked him - Why are u not using tank stance.
Answer: I just put myself in tank role for a quick pop. But i can tank if no one else wants (sorc, oper and sniper in team lol)
So a asking again (politely) - So you want to tank without tank spec and not using Dark Charge?
Answer: Hey, i can do it.
The whole team is waiting for me on the next pull. I guess they didn't realize what will happen if that "tank" will actually try to tank bosses.
So i said "sorry" and leave...

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11.01.2013 , 08:59 AM | #1140
Quote: Originally Posted by TW-Cool View Post
I may have been at fault in this story.

I typically play as a Republic player. However, I queued in group finder for a flashpoint as a tank - sith jugg. It was an insta-pop. This was my 2nd imperial character, however my first toon never got to run this flashpoint. The flashpoint was - The Foundry (SM) . I was interested in seeing the story with how it connects to the Boarding Party storyline.

Someone says 'hello" in group chat. I announce in group chat that it was my first time in here. Someone else responds "No problem, we will tell you what to do" or something along those lines. I get up to the first conversation and begin to watch the story conversation. The same person who said they would tell me what to do kept typing "press spacebar". After the 3rd time he typed it I replieid, "but it's my first time here, I'd like to see the story". The reply was something like "We dont have time for that".

So, I said I was sorry, and that I would leave and I dropped group. Hopefully they found a new space-bar friendly tank after that.

I plan to solo the flashpoint on my lvl 55 assassin to enjoy the story first. Do you guys think I was at fault?
It's called story mode. I can understand wanting to skip Black Talon/Esseles conversations even in story mode because they're easy to find people for, soloable at very early levels so you can just about watch them any time you want - and those two are full of cutscenes. But Boarding Party? It's not even a conversation-heavy FP at all. You did nothing wrong, the others should have accepted that you'd like to see the story. Because it's called story mode.