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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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10.24.2013 , 06:06 AM | #1071
I had just hit 50 on my sorc healer. I actually have a lvl55 sorc healer already (yes yes crazy I know ) and been raiding and pvping with that for 1,5 year as a main toon so I can safely say I'm very well connected to how to play a sorc heals.
So ok little sorc hits 50 and I wanna do FP. I get BoI HM from gf. I don't really have much gear, I have about 14k HP and custom gear with lvl ~45 mods and a handful of mods you get from doing dailies.
We have a PT tank in the team, equal amount of HP than me, then 2 x assassin dps. First boss didn't really give any sign of stuff maybe taking a wrong turn. Then at second boss (the one that has the adds, when the adds are up you can't touch the boss).
I get hit all time and have to run LoS. That tank was hard to heal anyways in there but I do know my class and can go quite far with poor gear too. I die cos of getting hit all the time even tho I'm quite far away. I get a comment from the tank saying my gear is not for lvl50 HM FPs... ok might be the case but dying cos getting aggro is not a gear issue.

I look at the tanks debuffs, and verify from a guildie that the cylinder he is using is not a tanking cylinder. (I don't know anything about PTs :P ). I tell him if he could be so kind as to change it to tanking one. I told him he is a bit hard to heal but I can manage. He says "I can leave if you want" I say "nah let's just do this". He says "well stop ************ then" ... -.- I told him off at that point and we continued without talking to the end. He did put a guard on me after switching cylinders.
So not a biggy but just got annoyed.
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10.24.2013 , 08:14 AM | #1072
Quote: Originally Posted by AbsolutGrndZero View Post
Me personally the only time I ever saw a character level 50 knight without an advanced class he "logged in" right next to me down in The Works on Coruscant and I was like about to be like how the... when he sent me a tell and he was the GM there to fix a maaaajor issue I had (there was an issue where smugglers were not being granted the class quest to go to Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine, so the GMs had to catch you online to run the code to manually add the quests to your quest log so you could continue beta testing LOL). This was during beta, which is why he showed up in person and just sent a tell rather than using the ticket chat system, cause it didn't exist yet.
That's pretty cool! I wish they still did that. When i played CoX, the gm's would show up as little hover police bots. They would either point out why you were stuck or they would lend assistance with pulling an enemy out of a wall (which was a BIG issue with CoX for awhile). The good ole days.
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10.24.2013 , 08:40 AM | #1073
Some "nice" ones today...

DF SM 16-man

Decided to go with my tank ... Thank goodness this is an easy one even if there's lots of mistakes going around. While inspecting others I realized the other tank had never done it before further than the first boss, but when asked if everyone knows the tactics he didn't say anything. I wasn't the raid leader, so I just notified he clearly hasn't done the other bosses. The four first bosses went fine since you don't really need two tanks on them. We get to Brontes and ask again if everyone knows tactics but nobody asks for explanations. Off we go. First wipe is because the other tank doesn't tank the other tentacle properly and it keeps hitting the raid. I tell the tanks what he should do and it seems fine. Second wipe because people wiped on the beams popping from ground. Third wipe because people weren't killing the right mobs during Bronte's beam, instead everyone killing different mobs. One healer decides that's enough and leaves. Fine, it can be done with three healers no problem so I decide to stick for one more but ask again who doesn't know the tactics and to just fess up so they can be explaind. Few ppl tell they haven't done it before and don't really know what's going on. I explain. I whisper the other tank for a recap what he should be doing on each phase. I pull, mistakes still happening, but nothing fatal although the other tank is acting more like a DPS. Last phase and the other tank doesn't pick up Brontes when needed and I have to ask for him to do it in chat, think he taunted it once. We do manage to kill it however and I'm just happy it's over.

DF HM 8-man

Fleet ad for DF HM 8-man from second boss. Joined with my merc. Should've been suspicious about them asking for a healer for second boss. I phase in, it's a guild run so good, but when asking for voice chat I would have needed to understand Russian for that apparently. I check their achis and another red flag when I see none of them has done it before. Decide to give it a go anyway, maybe they're awesome. First wipe because other healer doesn't cleanse people when needed. I ask the DPS capable of healing themselves to do so. Second wipe because of dismantlers. I go through what they should do with them just to be sure they know. Third wipe because a mass affliction got through. I'm ready to call it, but decide to give it one more go. Everything goes fine until boss enrages around 25%. I check the DPS's gear and notice only one of them has proper accuracy, two of the worst offenders had 105% and 106%. I tell them their DPS can't possibly be good enough for the fight and they need to fix their gear before going in again, apologize and leave the group... now back at my baby Powertech.
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10.24.2013 , 08:52 AM | #1074
I once did a run on my Vanguard tank, not well geared but i was good enough playing it to manage.
But had one DPS just keep pulling mobs. After first few packs as I asked polity can he stop pulling as I am the tank and i would like to make choices where to throw my AoE then switch over to single target, pull with harpoon etc.

He just laugh and said something alongside the lines: its just a flashpoint

So when he did it again, i just stood there watching him die. I did get some abuse from him and he even tried to vote me out, but he failed. I am not sure how it ended but he either left the group or did let me pull each group.

The thing is, you might be best DPS out there, but if you let other classes play the way it should be, everything will just go smoother.
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10.24.2013 , 10:25 AM | #1075
Had a funny run today. I have a level 52 Operative healer and I accidentally queued not only for the level 50 HMs but also the higher tier regular FPs. Got a quick tick for False Emperor and figured I might just as well give it a go for the Classic comms and I am still not in full Black Hole, so giving the group a boost seemed like the appropriate thing to do instead of quitting and leaving the folks wait for a new healer.

The rest of the group consisted of level 48s. Powertech tank, Mercenary DPS and Juggernaut DPS. Our tank told right off the bat that he had never done the FP before and would prefer to do the bonus as well as watch all the cutscenes. The Juggernaut was not too happy about it, but agreed eventually after some persuasion. The first mob (which is one of the hardest pulls in the FP), the Juggernaut promptly broke both of my CCs and proceeded to pummel a bunch of enemies. In the mean time, the Powertech tunnelvisioned on just one enemy and naturally I was taking a lot of heat from the mobs.

Soon I realised the Juggernaut was ripping aggro real quick. The reason was obvious, he was in Soresu stance and tank gear, but queued as DPS. I asked him about it and the response was "Never changed out of Soresu lol". When I asked about his spec, he told he was a tank. After the next boss (the cleave fellow on the bridge) he finally agreed to change his stance, which made healing a bit easier although the PT was still tunneling all the pulls...

Once we got to the part in the bonus quest, where we had to slice some consoles, I just asked the people to wait as I roflroll to the console and then use Cloaking Screen to leave. The first two times the Juggernaut and PT just attacked the droid, thus resulting in me wasting the Cloaking Screen and so on. At this point the Juggernaut started badmouthing me, telling I did not know my class and that I sucked at stealthing. I tried to explain that they'd just have to wait and let me do my thing, after all I had done the same trick numerous times on my Scrapper and Assassin. The third time the Mercenary spoke for the first time, just telling them to wait and let me show, because he knew I could stealth it. After I did, the Juggernaut just told it was all good luck... Oh well.

I started whispering the Merc and we agreed we'd have to take care of interrupting Malgus and so on. No deaths in the end and the Powertech actually approached me and asked for some tanking advice. Well, I have a PT tank, so I helped and he happily thanked with his broken English. I hope to see him again! The Juggernaut is now on my ignore list, because not only did he constantly badmouth me but he also called Need on every single roll, including DPS Juggernaut gear (fair enough, I guess), Aim gear as well as snatching the delicious Black Hole healer implant I wanted...

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10.25.2013 , 01:16 AM | #1076
I was the weird guy a few days ago. Teamed up with a guildie dps and popped GF for a 55 FP. As I started tanking I noticed both dps pulling mobs. Thought they were hacking for sure because no one steals aggro from a Shadow. The reason they were pulling was made apparent upon inspecting my gear - I was still in dps gear and skill set from previous evening's TC HM run.

Asked people to give me a minute to respec, slapped on my tanking relics and... Proceeded to tank in dps gear. Nadia was wearing my tanking set. FP was a breeze in the end.

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10.25.2013 , 06:00 AM | #1077
Quote: Originally Posted by Duvack View Post
That's pretty cool! I wish they still did that. When i played CoX, the gm's would show up as little hover police bots. They would either point out why you were stuck or they would lend assistance with pulling an enemy out of a wall (which was a BIG issue with CoX for awhile). The good ole days.
Yeah, I once had a map were like I couldn't find the last guy for a kill all, I was sure I'd looked everywhere. So the GM shows up and says "Whoa, this is bad... okay here..." and a mob spawned in front of me so I killed it. The another like 20 times he had to pull in mobs that were stuck outside the map ROFLMAO. He said it was the first time he'd seen a map bugged THAT badly.
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10.25.2013 , 07:39 AM | #1078
Hehe this is a nice little story well actually two.

First I was on my PT who can Dps or tank now, and was teaching a guild mate how to tank. I explained this at the start of each HM 55 FP we got and the healer\dps did not seem to care. So I was going through teaching via Ts and explained the fights to the group as well (the healer said it was his first time doing them). We got to the last boss in mando raiders and wiped. So it being late I threw on my tank set and respecced and proceeded to two tank the last boss (the original tank guildie and the healer were kind of poorly geared and that boss is rough if your under geared and/or learning your role still).

Kind of the same thing last night. Que'd with 2 guildies, one a Dps and the other a tank. Now I am on my Sin who is only a tank. So we two tanked through Athiss HM and probably had the healer going "*** is wrong with these guys" as we played ping pong with the bosses using taunts and natural aggro gen. We also chain pulled most of the FP lol. Was good times, and I do hope the healer got a laugh out of it.

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10.25.2013 , 12:29 PM | #1079
HM athiss on my sniper. Op healer stealths to go get the explosives. Tank goes by himself to kill the first pull of lizards and gets wrecked, I finish off the last couple and walk up to rez him. He leaves group after cursing us out.

Wait for a replacement for a few minutes, no dice. Finally I say "**** it, treektank". Proceed to use my treek (in full DPS/healing gear and tank stance). Super smooth the whole run, even do beast out in the open instead of cave. Prophet picked treek twice and I had to put her on passive and run and kite them. They are apparently single target damage and thus CAN hurt companions, hah.

Everyone commented it was one of the smoothest runs they'd had.
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10.25.2013 , 02:53 PM | #1080
A warning to fellow tanks out there. The same lack of tactics and respect that has invaded HM Flash Points is now appearing in SM Ops runs. Case in point, ran SM TfB last night as Main Tank. I am not forming the group, but no off-tank identified initially. After I started the first two trash fights, never lead another. Some jedi or another would fly through the air just as one fight was ending to start the next trash encounter. Recover half my lost health and ammo only to have the next red tag of combat preclude any vehicular travel. Just in case one of them was my off-tank I asked...several times..healer answered...nope he's not a jedi. No wipes, so I casually monitored target-of-target (partially to keep my Tank Union Card). It was a a kalidescope of dps, with no one fighter holding agro for more than a few seconds until it would land on a mid-rank female toon. I jumped in at this point thinking the deer-in-the-headlights tactics resembled a novice healer. Turned out to be a dps.
First boss, try to communicate to OT when I expected to transfer (Jealous Male). Response from several dps was, don't worry it's SM. Fight starts, sure enough Hand-off time comes, I switch to JM, and the OT isn't stepping up. Only chat comment was I need to turn boss away from party. Leap in with de-buffs still active, boss is down before next JM spawn. I query where OT was in tank swap...from healer..."Change of Plan". Rest of run plays the same, but now the OT was jumping into trash fights with dps, same kalidascope of target-of-target for the big trash fighters. I solo fight the bosses, including two at a time with Dread Guard. After weekly is completed, I am too tired to fight about it. "Thanks for the help, good luck". I figure I'll be pounding too many dents out of my helmet when the Terror's scream gets ignored.
I have stopped running HM FP for the lack of CCs, target progression, or anything resembling tactics. "Dude it's SM" is supposed to suffice. I call it Stupid Mode. Our gear allows us to zerg through, but my Tank Union Card says I need to maintain some semblance of a plan. I don't need full stamp-my-feet control of the group, but some form of order would be nice. Now HM classic Ops, and with the 78s in the game, TfB and S&V, have become zerg-fests.
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