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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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10.17.2013 , 03:48 PM | #1041
Hello ,
The weird people that I see every day ??

1 You say << Hello >> no reponse
Have you do not very want to do your role tank or heal with these people
(it is possible that we are not talking the same language)?

2 the player at level 55 ,which still has not figured out how mastered her character

3 the tank, that does not want take the slaps
but done the damage on a single target (expect to spend a bad moment)

4 the heal that make of damage EDIT : when the tank to - 40% of health
under the pretext that you do not really need to be cared
this guy is awesome ,the other two who have the role damage are there just to look pretty

5 those who have the role damage
focus their forces on the strong before the weak
if someone dies ,of course, it is the fault of tank, or heal

6 those who never thinks to use their defensive ability

7 those who have a cc but do not want to use
(Crowd control)
(Assassin-Shadow) stun a human for 60 s (out of fighting)
(Operative-Scoundrel) stun a human for 60 s (out of fighting)
Marauder, Sniper, Operative, can disable the droid
Mercenary, Sorcerer on any target

8 the people who break the crowd control
Please, avoid of being clumsy ,This is so frustrating

9 all its useless people
you will never see these people make things interesting
Marauder ,it does not use speed buff
so useful to assist tank (Czerka hm) in the desert
or at the end of cademimu hm this power can save you of time
the sorcerer , Who Does not activate the bubble That Absorbs
the tank that forgets to put his protection on someone
it would be too long, to say anything more

10 the people who have 31,000 + health (damage or heal)
Full 69 Full 72, with 75 and 78
but which in fact continues to do of **** in an hm
especially those who have 33,000 + health

all these made me laugh

I wish you a pleasant game and good laugh
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10.17.2013 , 05:39 PM | #1042
Quote: Originally Posted by LudovicJG View Post
4 the heal that make of damage
under the pretext that you do not really need to be cared
this guy is awesome ,the other two who have the role damage are there just to look pretty
The healer dealing damage is actually acceptable under the right circumstances, especially given a large level and/or gear discrepancy.

I ran a level 50 flashpoint on my level 54 operative the other night by accident. Not HM50, just SM50. Ran into plenty of occasions where I was sitting there twiddling my thumbs, because I had everyone at full health with two probes on each person and plenty of time to spend a GCD or two (or more!) on abilities other than heals.

When I'm critting for enough damage on an elite mob that its health drops to half, and I have plenty of time to do this in because I'm rolling in TA procs and ready to heal everyone back to full in seconds flat, you're gosh darned right I'm going to backstab to deal damage.
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10.17.2013 , 06:02 PM | #1043
Yeah in my opinion healers should be doing damage if they are having an easy time keeping the group up.

My sorc has only just hit 55, and already I am finding many trash groups in HMs so yawn-inducing that I might as well throw in a bit of lightning. It's not much, but it sure beats doing nothing. I can only imagine it gets even more relevant with more healing experience and better gear.

You also learn which trash groups are high risk and which ones are just going to tickle your tank gently. No need to go crazy healing in the latter case.

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10.17.2013 , 06:06 PM | #1044
Quote: Originally Posted by DKNS View Post
Just so you know, you weren't no saint here either. You initiated a GF kick, what did you expect? Of course, he was gonna do that. And besides that, what's your problem with crude comments anyway? They were setting off your profanity filter anyways so why did you ask him to stop using them? If anyone tells me so, i would do the same. If you are one of the uppity people who can't stand a bit of swearing then fine. You have your filter for it. I am especially irrititated by people like these as i have come across people in Gen Chat who message me because i used the WT* in chat. I mean really?

And if he was insulting the DPS, why didn't he say anything? And he started doing "something" to make life harder? What was that special something?
Because I'd forgotten that he'd already started throwing spaces into his profanity, to get it past the filter, which is what I asked him politely to stop doing. He was making sexually degrading comments about that specific character. And then he intentionally bypassed the filter with about every profane word I know just to aggravate me. You want to curse? Fine. You don't want to shut up? Fine. But intentionally cursing in a way that's just to get a rise out of me? That's ignore material.

And I believe, that what he was doing to hinder the flashpoint (but I don't totally recall it, so I didn't say it) was that he was aggroing groups before me or the DPS had a chance to heal up. What I started the GF kick for, and what he continued to do for the duration of the vote kick timer.

Of course, this happened ages ago, so I have no way of recalling what actually happened, but I do know that if I ever get one of my characters grouped up with that creep, I will immediately put him on ignore, and if he screws around with the team again, attempt another vote kick.
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10.18.2013 , 08:42 PM | #1045
Just happened to me:

Got in a SM Hammer Station with my lvl 20 merc as dps. The other dps gets dc as soon as the phase is loaded, but we wait and she comes back. Ok. So far the group tank, a lvl 15 powertech, doesn't come to the phase and stay in DK.

Then the tank disconnects. We start without him because the first part is pretty easy. We manage to do that part where we find 2 droid bosses and some other lesser droids grouped. This is a hard fight if not properly done, but we manage it without our tank, still disconnected, without any deaths. Heck, we didn't even need serious healing in this fight.

We go as far the first trio of real bosses (Sawbones Gjonfs and 2R-CH) and win without any issue.

Then we use the console and while we are havind the conversation our tank reconnects. Our healer asks if the guy is coming. No answer at all, and even without any word the tank start a vote to KICK ME -- yes, ME!!! -- and then leaves the group. Of course, the group approves the kicking without reading the damned nick of the person to be kicked, and I'm voted out of the flashpoint after waiting for some good time to get there.

What. The. Hell?!

(sorry about my English. not my first language.)

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10.19.2013 , 01:08 AM | #1046
Mando Raiders, SM, we get to the turrets by the tram, I Whirlwind one, everybody kills the other. Then the tram shows up and the tank jumps on and leaves. Other turret's still there. "Just leave it, it's CC'd." And then for the rest of the flashpoint, he insisted on killing everything. We had a Sin and an Op, and the tank apparently decided that stealth CC meant "Force Leap to this one" rather than "Let's skip these guys."

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10.19.2013 , 06:23 PM | #1047
Quote: Originally Posted by SWGEvictee View Post
I have dropped groups for the dps doing this. I find it highly insulting. I'm either the tank all the way through it I'm not. I refuse to run with DPS who only let me fulfill my role when they deem it necessary. I will not be the meat shield you only pull out for the boss fights.
Same here and i also have had healers who just randomly heal the dps'ers but not me whilst taking 3-4 mobs......until i have to blow all my defensive cooldowns even enure and then they start to heal i seriously facepalm at those guys.....
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10.20.2013 , 02:06 AM | #1048
Quote: Originally Posted by SWGEvictee View Post
I have dropped groups for the dps doing this. I find it highly insulting. I'm either the tank all the way through it I'm not. I refuse to run with DPS who only let me fulfill my role when they deem it necessary. I will not be the meat shield you only pull out for the boss fights.
Feeling a little entitled, are we?

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10.20.2013 , 02:32 AM | #1049
So, after reading every story in this thread (yes. every single one), I decided it's time to contribute. This is not a GF story, but oh well.

I am on my (decently geared) Jugger Tank. It's the Section X Weekly, and I immediately find a group for the H4. Oh joy. We have me, a Powertech Tank, an Op Healer and a Sniper. The Sniper's gear left things to be desired, but that's not really any problem in this quest.
So, halfway through the mission, our ingenious PT Tank suddenly has an epiphany. He realises that I am, in fact, a Tank aswell. Nevermind the fact that I had, in fact, opened up every fight in the quest so far, had aggroed the mobs and all that. So anyway, he suddenly decides to go all-in try-hard Tank mode. Meaning, on the next group, I go in, taunt to make sure everything's on me, throw Saber Reflect, and then he uses Sonic Missile to take the aggro away from me. This happens again for the next group. So, good guy me, I switch to my only other stance to make things easier for him and to do more damage myself.
But then, it happened. The final boss. The things I've seen, people. In the beginning, everything is fine. I manage to interrupt his move that heals him back to nearly fully HP (Force Siphon, I believe). But then, when he casts it again, I'm still on cooldown untill the last instant of the cast and I don't get it in time. So he heals back to nearly full. Rinse and repeat. For a solid 3 minutes, despite everyone in our group having an interrupt, I'm the only one using it. Unless, and that would be laughable, try-hard Tank mode involves using your interrupts at the exact same time as the other Tank.
Anyway, "Mr. Try-Hard" eventually listens to our Op healer and decides on an order for the interrupts. Nevermind that nobody followed his specific order and that I still have to do a majority of it (I actually had to go to 10m range to interrupt his heal with Force Leap because my interrupt was on cooldown and noone else would do it ) , we finally manage to do it. Good god. I never experienced that fight like this before, I hope it happens never again.

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10.20.2013 , 01:20 PM | #1050
Quote: Originally Posted by Subach View Post
Feeling a little entitled, are we?
No, as someone who has played all three roles since Everquest (though I sucked as a healer in Everquest... having to sit down to regen mana was annoying) I agree with him completely. Know your role, perform your role, and everything should go smoothly. When the dps tries to tank without the proper gear and abilities it creates more work for the healer. Nothing annoys me more as a healer than having to heal DPS that constantly think they are the tank (AoE attacks I understand) and so decide to attack CCed mobs because the tank is tanking the other one.

When I am DPS, I try to follow the tank's lead. When I am tanking, I expect others to follow my lead. It's not entitlement, as I said, when I am DPS or healer, I follow the tank's lead. So, it's not about me, it's about the tank.
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