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Sages/Sorcerers - Cap the amount that can join Warzones.

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Sages/Sorcerers - Cap the amount that can join Warzones.

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05.01.2013 , 10:56 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Morpurgo View Post
Ponder that while you are flying through the air like ragdoll 95% of the match time.
Juggernauts, Mercs, and Assassins all have KB. Why are we picking on Sorcerers (and now Snipers I guess)?

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05.01.2013 , 11:01 AM | #12
i think he is putting the sages pulling teammates and shadows pulling enemies in the same catagory and found a group where the shadows kept fire pulling when they got the ball while the sages pulled their teams ball carrier to the endzone.
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05.01.2013 , 11:23 AM | #13
LOL this is too damned funny...cap the amount of healers or nukers? Do you even know the difference? LMAO

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05.01.2013 , 11:24 AM | #14
Someone sticky this... best thread since orange pixel, purple box.
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05.01.2013 , 11:29 AM | #15
Honestly though, BW should have some better matchmaking requirements in place. Anytime I get into a match with 5+ of any advanced class, its becomes really annoying. Whether that is 5 smashers, 5 healers, 5 assassins/Operatives, and so on.

Sadly they don't have any matchmaking requirements because it would slow down the warzone queue times and then players would be upset at that. The only way BW could fix both issues would be to implement cross server queue's and then add some matchmaking tools that limits having too many of one advanced class.
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