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Too High a mark up for pvp 28x mods and enhancements

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > PvP
Too High a mark up for pvp 28x mods and enhancements

dinchydoo's Avatar

05.01.2013 , 06:31 AM | #1
For a lightsaber level 1 = 1550 warzone coms
for level 2 lightsaber you need level 1 + 3475 RWC (10425 WC) so you get(4) hit,mod etc
total cost = 11975 (say 13 day overall to get the saber) so lto get to level 1 to 2 cost 7.73than to get to level 1

27x mod cost you 400 WC
28x mod cost you 1750 RWC (5250 WC) + 775 WC =6025 WC
6025 / 400 = 15

so thats twice the the cost per item and this will take months to mod up as you feel that works better for you
Then bioware trun round and make your gear/mod down grade to level 1 form to and all the pvp done is for nothing
the cost should be ether 27x + 800 RWC or 900 RWC + 350 WC
because this chase up gear all the will make people ether do another story or will not play as much and the PvP will suffer for less clued up playing level 55 and the game slowly dies (cause contexted is slow to come and bugged)
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05.01.2013 , 06:51 AM | #2
I agree that the tier 2 mods are way overpriced. Better off going back to the old fashion of buying the entire armor piece and pulling what you need.
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05.01.2013 , 09:25 AM | #3
They're obviously not worth it, you didn't even have to do the math. They were brought to us by the same idiot nephew that came up with the craftable PvP adrenals.
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