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Path to Korriban

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05.01.2013 , 03:23 AM | #1
Without suposition the detaled relics of the order are scattered. The remnants of that governed the heavenly order, have been sealed away or destroyed, all evidence re-written, and left to the finality of time. That is the story they all wish for, true or not.

Korriban: a planet of war, truce, and inhospitable desolation. Plagued by areas as remote as the nearly concealed star system. Once you enter, they say there is no hope of return. Its eternal shadows, are lives that echo within the force, calling to us always.

It is forbidden in my time, and with good reason...

if it existed within the republic record, the council would have forbidden its exploration, and with good reason. The rumors of lost temples and ancient force users, are all monument to it's dangers. The cloud cover promises much of the surface. Environment suits used to scout remote areas, where enough to deal with the environment, not the spirits of the long dead. It is what they are, they are korriban, an echo within the force of a spirii world orbiting a dead star.

Whatever else I have seen remaines there, an echo of the force users trapped there. I knew full well that any contact with that world would be a near fatal mistake, there is good reason it is forbidden in my time to seek after information on it, Despite rumors of ancient jedi and sith locked in eternal conflict.

That is what they are after, that is always what it seeks, a new war of force users to fuel there rituals, to lure others It is forbidden, it has always been so,

The echos are only visable to those touched by the dark side. Those who fight rather than give in to the call to war. They say it is my blood, and the blood upon my hands. If I fought i would have died the same as all the others, and they will. They say it is power of there dead world. Only the wapons left nothing.

Yet i sense to them it is forever, a fight that remembers untill only they are left to fight it again.

Only the celestial temple can offer some opposition to the living shadows found in that place. That system decieved countless force users. I believe the weaker escape, though the stronger the connection to the force, the more dangeropus the haunted world becomes.

for that reason, you will find only a caution. What ever sanctuary can exist, even in the drif of space, rather than the dark side.

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05.11.2013 , 01:41 PM | #2
The RP section is that way ---->
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