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Bolster should be simple and transparent

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Bolster should be simple and transparent

Brillat's Avatar

04.30.2013 , 05:44 PM | #1
Whatever the final numbers are Bolster should be made simple and transparent.

All players should have a reasonable idea of gear that is 'good' or 'bad' or 'better' or 'worse' for PvP without having to research arcane formulae.

The simpler the method, the less open it is to things like mod-stripping, augment-replacing, etc bugs that are still with us despite the last 'fix' to Bolster. Gaming of the system by people who use exploits reduces the enjoyability of WZs for those who don't.

Quite a few people have proposed there should be a free 'Recruit MK-3' set equivalent, given that the Recruit MK-1 and MK-2 sets provided a simple and equitable solution to entry into PvP. Certainly people could argue the stat difference Recruit -> WH was too large but numbers are tweakable.

Problem with the Recruit gear set solutions (1) it involves more gear to stick in inventory and have to switch into between matches and (2) potentially trivialises early PvE progression and devalues entry-level PvE gear.

My proposed solution:

There is a 'virtual' Recruit MK-3 set, with each item maybe ~5% or ~10% lower in stats than the equivalent Partisan piece.

If your piece of gear (or empty slot) has less Expertise than the Partisan piece, Bolster ignores your gear completely and gives you the 'Recruit MK-3' stats for that piece.

If your piece of gear has Partisan level (or higher) Expertise, you don't get Bolstered.

People can jump straight into 55 PvP with only a small gear gap and enjoy it.
No risk of raid gear ever being BiS for PvP
No extra gear sets to carry for PvEers