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Rate the best class stories

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09.11.2013 , 06:05 PM | #111
I've finished 7 out of 8 classes. I'm currently finishing the Smuggler story, so I won't include that on this list. I'll include in parenthesis whether I played light side or dark side, as some stories may have varying degrees of differences on how things happen within said stories.

1) Jedi Knight (Light Side)

This is THE main story of the game. It may not be the most original, but it is the most Star Wars-ey of them all. It's a Hero's Journey type of story which is the closest thing to what I expect and what I want out of a Star Wars story. I also like some of the surprises in various chapters, the story really made me hate the final boss in Chapter 1, I actually teared up and got mad when he did what he did at the end of Alderaan, for example. I also love the big twist at the end of chapter 2, and the final confrontation in chapter 3.

This is also practically KOTOR3 and continues the story from KOTOR 1 and 2 in a way. You end up doing something both Revan (KOTOR1) and The Exile (KOTOR2) was not able to do, you get to realize that in Chapter 3 and learn more from conversations with a certain companion.

I had the most emotional attachment to the Jedi Knight story than any other class story in the game. This is definitely my favorite.

2) Imperial Agent (Light Side)

This is the top story for a lot of people, and if I didn't love the JK story as much as I did, this would also be my number one. Everyone has already said why, it's the most original and it has a big psychological twist in the middle that surprises you. Also, I neither love nor hate spy stories, and as expected this is pretty much a spy story, if you like those, then you'll like this even more than I did.

3) Sith Warrior (Dark Side)

This is quite a fun and evil playthrough, especially if you played it dark side like I did. And it's not cartoon-ey evil as well, you have reasons behind why you're doing things the way you did. It's also probably the most bad *** out of all the stories. You just get so many moments that you really feel your character was becoming an unstoppable force (forgive the pun). You also get to see some sith politics come into play.

4) Sith Inquisitor (Dark Side)

This has a bit more nuance behind it than the Sith Warrior play through, but it is at times less exciting. It has a good start, was a bit boring in the middle, and only becomes great again at the end. The great and satisfying ending brought it up for me a notch.

5) Bounty Hunter (Light Side)

I enjoyed this quite a bit, since I have a soft spot for playing that lone mercenary type. Not to mention, I played a Bounty Hunter back in SWG. But it is pretty much what you would expect for a Bounty Hunter story, you go after bounties. It has a nice surprise in chapter 3. Overall it was a good story, nothing much special about it, but I still had fun with it. I also liked most of the companions in it.

6) Trooper (Light Side)

As expected, this one has that military movie feel to it. It has a nice twist at the end of the starter planet, and it also has a moral decision in the middle chapter that takes some players a long time to decide on (they know what I'm talking about). Aside from certain moments and minor surprises here and there, it's pretty much your average military story as you try your best to protect the Republic. What I didn't like was the ending. In my opinion this probably has the worst ending out of all the stories in this game. I can't really explain why without spoiling it, suffice to say I felt like they erased something I worked hard for.

7) Jedi Consular (Light Side)

This is probably not a surprise. I have also seen people place this as last on their list. It doesn't mean it's a bad story... it's just okay. It takes you a bit into diplomacy, investigations, healing people and such. It's still a quality story, but it is probably the most mediocre story out of them all in my opinion. While the Trooper had the worst ending for me, it did have more peaks and over all better moments during the overall story. The Consular story was pretty much consistent in just being okay or bland. You do get to say a nice big speech in the end though.
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09.11.2013 , 06:07 PM | #112
1. Agent
2. Knight
3. Warrior

These top three are far better than any of the rest.

4. Smuggler
5. Trooper

Then we have the bottom three, the bottom three are far worse than any of the rest.

6. Consular
7. Inquisitor
8. Hunter
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09.23.2013 , 11:52 PM | #113
I can't really rate 1-8 so I'm gonna put them into tiers

Tier 1: Agent (Loved every part of the story and even the twist at the end of chapter one and the middle of chapter 2 even emotionally took control of me. Chapter 3 wasent as exciting as one and two but the ending was great either way)
Knight (Great class overall, basically KOTOR3, very satisfying ending)
Inquisitor ( I loved every part of this class, to me the story was really interesting even if chapter 2 was apparantally dull, loved it all in all, great class.)

Tier 2: Warrior(could be tier 1 but I enjoyed the Inquiz a bit more, so you could say this is tier 1.5)
Counsolar(1st class and first to finish so it has a special place in my heart)
Smuggler ( I loved the prologue so a good prologue really leads to a good chapter 1 which it did, I liked chapter 1, 2 was ehh but 3 was good aswell, so it was a decent class.

Tier 3: Bounty Hunter (Enjoyed it up until chapter 2 until I realized its just more Bounty finding)
Trooper (might be good but I can't get used to the story even though chapter one isn't even that bad, my guy is stuck on Shaddaa and I don't feel like playing it at all.

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09.24.2013 , 05:55 AM | #114
I've played through Sith War, Jedi Knight and Inq. stories. Currently working on Smuggler, IA and BH.

Out of all these stories, Sith War was only one that didn't feel like a pile of bloated sith. SW:TOR has gigantic issues with storytelling. Everything moves so..very..slowly. BW's peculiar decision to cram all these stories within boundaries of WoW era questing structure pretty much ensures the hero's journey consists of millon tiny, methodically covered baby steps.

Steps taken feel so insignificant that by time something interesting actually happens, you have grown so perfectly numb that it is difficult to care anymore.

Somehow I always felt Sith War manages to avoid this. The lie SW class story sells about things actually constantly moving onwards managed to convince me. With the exceoption of Sith War, pretty much everything is same stale boring seen it million times " Find Patended Bioware Key1, Bioware Key2, Bioware Key3 in order to open Bioware Door4 on Planet Blah" - type of a thing. Except Smuggler and BH. Apparently literally nothing ever ****** happens in either of these 2 stories.

Much less NPCs to interact with. Much more life and character to ones who remain. Currently class story is ..what, 10 hours of dialogue about 100 quests spread among 80 NPCs. It should be like 8 hours of dialogue, 50 quests spread among 10 quest giver NPCs.

Issue necessarily isn't even with bad writing as such; It's just that very deisgn of the game requires storyline must be presented to playter though 200 simple MMO quests with design as fresh as vanilla-era WoW. it makes pretty small and frustrating cage for writer to stand in.

Almost all NPCs are boring, irrelevant clay statues reading their quest logs and explaining their things-to-do to player without single spark of life or character in them. For anyone curious about what it is like to play an MMO with well written quest giver NPCs, I much encourage you to try The Secret World. Contrast in character, life present is pretty staggering.

SWTOR storylines In terms of 1-10:

Sith War: 8-/10
Inq: 7-/10
Jedi Knight: Way too bloated/10. Very interesting thigs happen. All of it buried in irrelevant sith.
BH: Terrible/10
Smuggler: Terrible/10
IA: Can't really remember/10

On top of it all, I remain very disappointed how removed all stories are from one another and Galaxy as a whole. They could almost all exist in Galaxy of their own. Sith War and Jedi Knight are only stories so far that even briefly bother to flirt with one another.
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09.24.2013 , 08:18 AM | #115
After my experience so far the best class stories have thus far been

1: Sith warrior- I'm a sucker for the thug/enforcer mindset and as one of the Seven (7) people who actually like Baras I found his methods and manner to be surprising and infinity pleasing to work for as a sith lord. Right up until the end I had no great complaints with the story. Well, aside from one or two companion quirks


2: Agent- Started off a little weak taking orders from Darth Mask in between intelligence missions but things took a sudden turn before too long that got me hooked and personally outraged/keen to see it finished and once the action started to heat up in late act 2-3 I saw what the fuss was about. My only complaints below


3: Bounty Hunter: While pretty much all of act one bored me to death after you set events in motion act two and three started to liven up some more, and while I'm rarely invested in a positive way for these story's the sense of outrage I felt during the agent story started here.


My gripes here however are fairly major, and only the inquisitor being the Worst Thing Ever saves the BH from the bottom

Lastly: Inquisitor- What can I saw, from my first meeting with overseer Harken through to the very end nothing about this class felt compelling, there was no sense of growth. With Zash sending you out on a thinly veiled scavenger hunt that proves you are going to make enemy's under her and the most wasteful aspects of the sith on display I finished this class feeling sick to have made it my main for gameplay reasons alone.


I would not recommend leveling an inquisitor

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09.24.2013 , 08:59 AM | #116
for me? In order of what I've played.

Bounty Hunter
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09.24.2013 , 09:04 AM | #117
All the stories are the same to me. Talk to a quest giver and press <space> over the entire conversation to activate the quest, then follow the quest symbols on the map and kill what ever the quest says to kill, then turn it in, being sure to space over any converstion again. Rinse and repeat.

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10.03.2013 , 08:00 PM | #118
It's almost universally agreed that IA is the best class story, or at the least the most original. JK gets big points for basically being the classic SW hero's tale as well as what most consider to be KOTOR 3.

Even among the TOR writers the IA's story is often singled out as the "wow" story. I think it's the one that wasn't expected to be something pre-planned (JK = Luke/KOTOR 3, Smugs = Han, Warrior = Vader, Hunter = Fett) so the writer(s) for it had free reign to do whatever, and it shows. IMO, more of the stories needed a bit more freedom like this.

Hunter, Consular and Trooper rarely get much love. Esp. the Hunter.

It might also be noted that few of the stories (save maybe IA) have the heft of a single-player Bioware game like Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

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10.03.2013 , 08:23 PM | #119
I loved playing the Jedi Knight story Dark Side you get the feeling that you're a vengeful bad*** and I was loving it idk if anyone else went dark side in the story either. I gotta say since I only played those 2 stories and haven't started working on my with imperial agent yet so idk but Warrior and Dark Knight(pun not intended) are tied for me.
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10.03.2013 , 08:54 PM | #120
Of the ones I've played a lot of...

Agent: The story isn't afraid to really put the player character through physical, mental, and emotional hell, which makes it all the more satisfying to survive through it all.

Knight: I played Dark Side as a guy who turned more and more militaristic and never realized how evil he had become, and the story worked well for that.

Smuggler: Pretty much ok. Act 1 has a very solid villain who matches against the Smuggler well. Lots of funny scenes. Memorable companions.

Inquisitor: Pretty much alright! Zash was a fun character. Only ranks lower than Smuggler because Ashara stays goody goody.

Consular: Act 1 is soooooo boring and sooo predictable. Everybody should be able to figure out the great big mystery way sooner than the morons on the Jedi Council do. It picks up a lot in Act 2 and 3, though the mystery in Act 3 is also really obvious. As a note, DS Consular (both male and female) is sad and just doesn't have the gravitas the knight does when being evil, but it works well for LS Consulars. (technically I'm only half way through Coreilla on my Consular.)

Bounty Hunter: Act 1 is dull. I signed up to be a BH but the Great Hunt feels more like a sports thing. No good side chars to speak of. Two companions are forced on you, too, including the infamous Skadge.