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Rise of the Black Sun

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06.15.2013 , 06:47 PM | #31
Sorry for the delay, guys. I was at camp over the week. Will try to get a new chapter posted tomorrow.

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06.18.2013 , 09:26 AM | #32
Chapter 27

Cohl Avenstar was a new recruit in the Black Sun organization. He was a wide-eyed farmboy from Tatooine who'd joined up with them for a free pass off the planet. He'd gotten what he wanted; they'd shipped him briefly to Nar Shaddaa to meet with the sector Vigo. Then, they'd assigned him as a guard for a warehouse. On Tatooine.

Cohl sighed. Was his life's destiny to stay on this blasted planet forever? As he took his daily patrol around the warehouse, he decided it probably was. With his rifle tilted at an angle where he wouldn't shoot himself in the foot (it had happened before), he finished his patrol and was about to go back into the air-conditioned warehouse when he saw shadows on the ground.

He frowned. There are no clouds on Tatooine...

He looked up...and yelped in surprise as what appeared to be dozens of birds of prey swept down. He raised his rifle, fired off one badly-aimed shot, and then ran inside the warehouse just as explosions started raining down around him.

* * *

Dha swept by the warehouse on his jetpack, firing a series of rockets into the wall, and then shooting back out in a loop. Torian came behind him, and then Corridan Ordo, Jogo, Chernan, Dinua, and the rest. There were one hundred of them in total–one hundred Mandalorians rallied against Black Sun.

When they'd all made their assault on the warehouse, Dha landed, pulled out his blaster, and moved inside. Torian and Jogo flanked him, their weapons ready. There was a snot-nosed young recruit cowering in the corner, cradling his blaster. Dha shook his head.

"Torian, give him fifty credits and tell him to get the blazes out of here."


Dha stepped down into the center of the warehouse...and a blaster bolt shaved by his head.

"Down!" he snapped.

He rolled aside and returned fire. A squad of battle droids emerged from crates, unfolding and opening fire. Dha pumped a blaster bolt into one's motor, and then whirled and fired a rocket, destroying another. Jogo was a spinning blur, cutting droids to pieces with his vibrosword. Behind them, Chernan and Dinua cut down droids with their blasters. In seconds, there was quiet.

"Clear," Dha said.

"Clear," confirmed Chernan.

"Upstairs," Corridan said. "They'll keep their records in the upstairs office."

Dha nodded. "Move."

He walked toward the ramp that led to the second level of the warehouse. The Mandalorians had once had a training base here on Tatooine, out near Anchorhead, but some Republic soldiers and Jedi had gone in and cleared them out. Since then, the Mandalorians here had moved out to their own outpost a few klicks from Mos Ila. That was where Dha had gotten a large portion of his forces; in fact, one of the Mandos there had been able to identify this warehouse.

Dha stepped toward the office, but stopped, holding up a fist. The Mandos behind him froze. Dha took a step forward and knelt.

"Trip mine," he said.

Carefully, he disabled it. Then they moved into the office. The Mandos began fanning out, scanning the office for any information that might be useful to them. Torian came up a moment later, holding his helmet under one arm.

"Poor kid was scared out of his wits," Torian muttered. "Took me two minutes to convince him that the credits I gave him weren't rigged to blow."

Dha laughed. "Poor aruetii. By his age, a Mando kid would be handling explosives."

"Don't I know it," Torian replied.

They completed their scan of the office, and Dha downloaded the contents of the computer terminal there onto his datapad. Then he opened his helmet comlink.

"Mako," he called. "You read me, cyar'ika?"

"I read you," her voice came back.

"I'm sending you all the data we could dig up," he said. "Can you have it decrypted by the time we return to Mos Ila?"

"You bet," she replied cheerily.

"Great, thanks. Dha out."

"Mako out."

Dha stuffed his datapad back into his belt and was about to leave when he heard a sharp gasp.

"Dha..." muttered Chernan. "This look familiar?"

Dha turned. Chernan was kneeling on the floor, reaching out to pick up something under the desk. Dha walked over and knelt beside him.


Chernan held it up. It was a totem carved in the shape of a Trandoshan's head. A pair of cybernetics was mounted to the Trandoshan's temples. Dha sucked in air through his teeth.


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07.01.2013 , 10:41 AM | #33
Chapter 28

Dressed in his finest suit, Merok moved through the reception with grace and agility. Once he nearly bumped into a dignitary carrying two glasses of wine, but a quick twist of the hip and he managed to keep from spilling the drinks all over the dignitary's fine suit.

"Merok," said Raina over his ear comlink, "target's on your left."

Merok moved in swiftly. He'd taken out two targets for Black Sun recently and they had told him to meet an informant at this party to receive his next orders. Unfortunately for them, Merok had no intention of following through with them. He saw the man ahead; he had no business wearing anything other than blast armor, and looked awkward in his tuxedo.

"That thing he's wearing probably costs more than the ship," he muttered.

He closed in and stepped up to the man. Before the man could speak, Merok had his sidearm out from under his coat and shoved in the man's gut so no one around could see it.

"Say a word and you die," Merok whispered. "Outside. Now."

"Merok, behind–"

Merok whirled, but a large fist hit him over the head. He grunted and rolled to the ground, staying still for a moment. He saw the man run away with his accomplice and he snarled in Cheunh.

"Team, move in," he said. "Do not–repeat, do not–kill them."

"Roger that," Raina replied.

Merok stood and sprinted through the reception hall. Bystanders were now in a panic, hiding under tables or running for the exit. Merok shoved several aside. Switching his blaster to stun, he ran out the front door. He looked left and right, and saw the men heading out of Kaas City toward the spaceport. He knelt, took aim, and fired. The stun bolt caught one in the knee, and he groaned but kept running.

Merok stood and ran after them at full speed. He wished he had his rifle; he could easily take them out at this range if he did. Suddenly Kaliyo jumped off the balcony above them and drove her elbow hard into the side of the first man's head. The man grunted and hit his head hard on the ground. Kaliyo whipped up her pistol and pointed it at the second man.

"Don't!" she said.

The man went for his blaster. Merok grinned. He didn't need this one. Switching his blaster to kill, he fired. So did Kaliyo. The man went down with five bolts in his chest.

"Merok to Raina," he said. "We got him."

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07.01.2013 , 03:39 PM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by YoshiRaphElan View Post
Suddenly Kaliyo jumped off the balcony above them and drove her elbow hard into the side of the first man's head. The man grunted and hit his head hard on the ground. Kaliyo whipped up her pistol and pointed it at the second man.

"Don't!" she said.
That SO sounds like a Kaliyo maneuver.
Horrendously bad fan fiction: Sith in a Pretty Dress

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07.01.2013 , 06:43 PM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by Adwynyth View Post
That SO sounds like a Kaliyo maneuver.
Doesn't it?

Actually, I have been watching NCIS: LA lately and though that's not something that I recall ever being done on there, that show was somewhat an inspiration for this scene (except they wouldn't use stun bolts!).

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07.03.2013 , 03:52 PM | #36
Chapter 29

Merok smiled down at the prisoner. He'd been locked in the cargo hold with the man–alone–for three hours. The man was surprisingly resilient to torture. Merok slid his knife down into the palm of his hand and put the point under the prisoner's chin.

"Now, I'll ask again. Where is Black Sun's base?"

The man whimpered. He had bruises on his face, his left eye was black, and his right shoulder was dislocated. His clothes were soaked and he had second-degree burns on his forearms. The Republic didn't approve of Merok's methods, and even Merok himself didn't like using them. But...this was important.

"Okay," whimpered the prisoner. "You win...the base..."

* * *

"Dha!" called Mako over the comlink. "Dha, I've decrypted the info."

Dha looked up from the datapad. The Mandalorians around him popped their helmets on so they could listen to what she had to say. They were all eager to go.

"Dha, I found their base. It's...well, you won't like this."

* * *

Methic glanced up as Pierce walked out of the interrogation room. Quinn followed him shortly. They glanced at each other, and Pierce nodded. Quinn stepped forward.

"My lord, compiling the data we downloaded from the Nar Shaddaa hit, and from the prisoner Pierce interrogated, we believe we've found Black Sun's base of operations. And, possibly, their commander."

Methic's heart rate escalated. Finally. Maybe he could get things moving. With Marr's permission they could launch a strike at Black Sun before the Republic even found out. If Methic waited to send Gareb a message until after the attack, then they could...

But he considered. The Republic could back them up. But would the soldiers agree? It was more likely to cause a three-way battle. So he'd wait, send Gareb a delayed message until after they'd already reached Black Sun's base. By the time the Republic arrived it'd be over.

"Don't keep me in suspense," he said.


* * *

Jorgan crossed his arms and looked at the holograms of General Garza, Supreme Commander Malcom, Grand Master Satele Shan, and SIS Director Marcus Trant. They all had looks of wary anticipation on their faces.

"It's confirmed," Jorgan said. "Yuun processed the information from the Quesh base. We know where Black Sun's base is."

The holoterminal beeped. Trant glanced over, out of the range of Jorgan's view.

"It's Legate," he said. "I'll conference him in."

Merok appeared, a fifth hologram on the terminal. "I've just procured the information as to the location of Black Sun's base, sir."

"So have we," Jorgan said.

"Belsavis," Merok said.

"Yep," Jorgan confirmed. "In the Deep Prison. Where the Dread Masters used to be held."

* * *

Jasin was on the verge of discovering where Revan was leading him. There were only three remaining possible planets and with T7's help they even now whittled it down to two. He was excited; it was time to find out exactly what his vision meant. Suddenly, though, his holoterminal beeped. Annoyed, he walked out to the main hold.

"This is Master Jasin."

"Jasin, it's Jorgan," said the Cathar. "We've found Black Sun."

"Contact Gareb and Dankin," Jasin said. "I'll gather my crew." But on the way there I'll find out where Revan wants me to go, he promised himself.

Ten minutes later, Gareb and Dankin's images had joined Jorgan's. Rusk and Kira stood to one side of the terminal, Scourge and Doc to the other, and T7 stood with Jasin.

"It's Belsavis," Jorgan said. "Black Sun has built its command center right under our noses."

"We're already underway," Jasin said.

"Right," Jorgan replied. "Supreme Commander Malcom is massing the fleet. We're meeting at Hoth, since it's a short jump away from Belsavis. They captured hundreds of Republic soldiers and citizens during the attack on Coruscant. He wants them back."

Gareb nodded. "And Master Satele and the Council are sending all available Jedi Knights. This is it."

"We'll meet at Hoth, then," Jasin said. "May the Force be with us."

The holograms disappeared and Jasin returned to the conference room with T7.

"Come on," he said. "We need to find this planet before the attack."

T7 beeped and returned to work.

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07.04.2013 , 10:49 AM | #37
Chapter 30

Colonel Malavai Quinn stood in the main hold of the Fury, arms clasped behind his back. Pierce was prepping his Black Ops squad in the armory, which included, for this mission, Broonmark and Vette. Quinn looked over at Jaesa and gave her a smile and a wink. She smiled back, crossed over to him, and kissed him on the cheek.

"Don't die out there, my lovely Colonel," she said.

"I promise," he replied.

She returned to her previous position. Methic entered from the cockpit and whispered something to her. She nodded, and they headed for the cargo hold, which Methic also used as his storehouse for Jedi and Sith artifacts, armor, and lightsabers. Quinn frowned but turned to the holoterminal.

"All forces, report in," he said.

"Shadow Platoon, reporting in."

"Strikefire Legion, reporting in."

Rub-bub-bubbub. Oroboro, reporting in.

The other legions signaled their readiness. Quinn nodded to himself, pulled his blaster from its holster, checked its charge, and returned it to the holster.

"Shadow Platoon will attack the rear flank of the vault," Quinn said. "Oroboro and Iesei nests will back them up. Aurek and Xesh squads will lead the frontal assault with the Sith forces. The other Killik nests will reinforce them, except for Kolosolok, which will provide ground support for our starfighter squadrons."

The forces confirmed their orders with comm clicks. Quinn leaned forward heavily onto the terminal.

"Fight for your Empire, men."

He disconnected and turned. Jaesa and Methic had reentered the room. Methic went to find Vette, leaving Quinn and Jaesa alone. She now wore a few combat plates over her Jedi robes. Quinn nodded in relief.

"You saw reason, then," he said with a smile.

She nodded. "No reason for me to die stupidly," she said lightly.

"Landing in two minutes!" called Toovee Arrate.

Quinn stiffened and moved back toward the exit ramp. Jaesa followed, with Methic, Vette, and the rest of Pierce's Black Ops squad right behind them. Pierce slammed his helmet on and checked his rifle.

"Time to get 'em back for our boys," Pierce growled.

Methic nodded. Quinn, counting down, clenched his fists around his blaster. Here we go.

* * *

Jodark snuck through the dark prison. He had managed to evade Black Sun forces on Coruscant and sneak aboard one of their ships. He'd been creeping through the vault for the last few days, giving Republic prisoners words of encouragement and letting them know to be ready for revolt. He tried with the Imperial prisoners, but they were all too preoccupied with him being an alien. He snorted.

He heard guards ahead and swiftly ducked around the corner. When they'd passed, he moved down into the biggest cell, which housed all captured Republic Special Forces troops. They'd constructed a small area to keep themselves in shape, and even now were building themselves up. Several of them, wounded in the attack, were wearing prosthetic arms or legs that Black Sun had supplied them. The only thing Jodark could figure was that they were going to be used for labor.

He called out, and the Republic SpecForce troops looked up. They gathered around the cell door.

"There's an attack coming," he whispered. "I can break you out and bring weapons. Be ready."

The de-facto commander, a dark skinned, leathery man with piercing green eyes, nodded.

"We'll be ready."

Jodark glanced down. The man had a cybernetic right arm, and Jodark knew he'd been badly injured in the attack. With a nod, the Cathar disappeared into the shadows, leaving the SpecForce troops to prepare for battle.

* * *

Gareb paced as the ship hurtled through hyperspace. Did Methic know? There hadn't been time to call him and tell him of the upcoming attack on Belsavis. If Methic did know, why hadn't he called Gareb? Probably, Gareb mused, for the same reason he hadn't called Methic.

"We're ready," Zenith said.

They'd worked out a battle plan before leaving Hoth. Upon landing, Qyzen and Felix would go out first, drawing fire, followed by Gareb and Nadia, and finally Zenith and Tharan covering their rear. Tharan would meet up with Doc and Elara to work up a makeshift field hospital. Gareb reached for his lightsaber. From the cockpit, Iresso called out.

"Five minutes to hyperspace exit," he said. "Landing in ten."

"May the Force be with us," Gareb whispered.

* * *

Jasin twitched as the ship popped out of hyperspace. He had it. He had it! He knew where he needed to go to find Revan, and–

"We're here!" Kira called.

Running from the conference room, Jasin met up with his crew at the exit ramp. Scourge was seething quietly while Rusk and Doc prepped their equipment. Arms crossed, Kira had her eyes closed and was apparently meditating. T7 followed Jasin, beeping cautiously.

"The time has come," Scourge said, "to take the fight to the enemy."

* * *

Dankin ran toward the exit hatch, Corso and Akaavi right behind him, both clad in heavy combat armor. Dankin pulled his skullcap on and slid the goggles over his eyes. Guss, Risha, and Bowdaar were already at the hatch, and Dankin felt a shudder as the ship slid through the atmosphere. One of the smugglers in Dankin's alliance, a dark-skinned man named Nikk, was piloting the ship. There was a click as the intercom activated.

"The others are coming out of hyperspace behind us," Nikk said.

"Roger," Dankin replied.

Dankin's smugglers' alliance had agreed to help the Republic in this battle since, technically, they were still Republic-employed privateers.

"Touchdown in thirty seconds!" Nikk called.

* * *

Dha stood in the cargo hold as they swept through Belsavis' atmosphere. Around him were Torian, Jogo, Chernan, Dinua, and Corridan Ordo. Mako came down the ramp a moment later, clad in synthmesh battle armor and a skullcap. She didn't like fighting in full armor; she said it weighed her down too much.

"Get ready to drop," Dha said.

"Always," Chernan said with a grin.

"Are you sure you want to come, Mako?" Dha asked. "If we both die here, Crysta will be an orphan."

Mako smiled. "We'll be fine. And besides, there are no orphans on Mandalore–not for long. She'll still have Torian, and Gault and Blizz...and even Skadge."

"We'll make sure she's taken care of," Torian promised.

Dha nodded. "All right. Then let's do it! Skadge, you and Blizz meet us on the ground. Gault, guard the ship."

Chernan popped the hatch and wind rushed into the hold.

"Go, go, go!" Dha said.

"Oya!" cheered Chernan.

* * *

Merok winced as the ship touched down. Blaster bolts bounced off the front canopy, but the ship's hull was too thick for them to damage it. Swiftly, he grabbed his rifle and ran down to the exit ramp. Kaliyo and Raina were already there, and they were joined by Lokin and Scorpio shortly. Merok frowned.

"Where's Vector?"

"Communicating with Killiks," said Raina. "The Empire's using them as footsoldiers here."

Merok nodded. Vector joined them a minute later. Finally, the ramp lowered, and Merok led the charge down the ramp, firing his rifle.

* * *

Darth Nox sneered as he stepped out of his ship. A blaster bolt passed near him, and he flicked it out of the air with the Force. Khem, standing at his shoulder, growled deeply in his throat. Nox knew he was waiting to be released, and he clenched his jaw.

"Go, Khem," he said. "Eat them all."

Behind him, Andronikos and Talos fired, and Ashara and Xalek drew their lightsabers. Now is the time, Nox thought. Black Sun ends now.

* * *

Jorgan fired his rifle, taking out a Black Sun enforcer on the ridge. He dropped. Elara and Forex charged out behind him, weapons flashing. A grenade exploded near Jorgan, and he rolled. He felt a hand around his waist hauling him to his feet and he looked up. Vik grinned down at him.

"Can't lose you yet, sir," Vik said.

There was another explosion. Jorgan snapped up his rifle and fired. The enforcers near the Thunderclap were quickly eliminated. Jorgan walked over to the edge of the cliff and look down. There was a massive battle going on below, and the Republic's main strike force hadn't even landed yet. Imperials. Jorgan supposed that if they were against Black Sun, too, then they could work together. For now.

"Havoc Squad," he said, "move!"

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07.05.2013 , 11:56 AM | #38
Chapter 31

Methic leapt out of the ship with his lightsaber already in his right hand. His left hand was going for his belt when a meaty fist grabbed his cloak and slammed him hard into the ground. He groaned, rolled over–barely avoiding the blaster bolt fired by his assailant–and jumped to his feet. His attacker, a Houk, swung his fist. Methic ducked and gave the Houk a punch of his own, which connected in the thick-skinned alien's solar plexus. The Houk grunted and Methic took the opportunity to decapitate him. Then he drew his second lightsaber.

Behind him, Quinn knelt and snapped off a pair of shots. A human and a Rodian fell, dead. Pierce charged down the ramp, followed by his Black Ops squad. Methic Force-leapt across the field they'd landed in, slashing at a Trandoshan warrior. The Trandoshan raised a vibroblade and blocked Methic's lightsaber. Cortosis, blast it.

The vibroblade in the Trandoshan's hand came for Methic's gut. The Sith rolled aside and slashed his blue-bladed lightsaber down, cutting off one of the Trandoshan's fingers. The alien gave a growl-call and lunged with his claws. Methic slashed his dual-sabers in a figure-eight, disemboweling the Trandoshan. The alien plopped to the ground with a thud.

"Methic, behind you!" shouted Vette over the comlink.

He whirled and found a Dashade–not Nox's–with a large club raised. Methic crossed his lightsabers to block, but the club–cortosis again–smashed through his defenses and knocked him flat on the ground. He grabbed the Dashade in a Force choke, and the alien wheezed, panicking. Methic stood, and squeezed. The Dashade groaned, fell to the ground, and finally died.

"All forces," said Quinn, "advance on the vault. Be advised, the Republic has landed forces. Do not engage them in combat; they are assisting in the fight against Black Sun."

There was a chorus of begrudging confirmations, and the fighting resumed. Methic charged in to join Jaesa and Quinn.

* * *

Jodark snapped the guard's neck, slid his blaster out of his holster, and moved stealthily down the hallway. He reached the SpecForce cell and threw in all the weapons he'd gathered. Then, pulling out his rough, weathered pistol, he shot the lock. The SpecForce soldiers silently took up the weapons and moved out in combat formation.

"Thank you," mouthed the dark-skinned leader with the cybernetic arm.

Jodark nodded. He led the team down the hall. Most of the guards were already dead, killed by Jodark with knife or broken neck. The SpecForce soldiers looked suitably impressed. They encountered their first resistance in the large antechamber outside the cells. Five Black Sun enforcers stood in a semicircle, blasters raised. Quickly, the SpecForce troops dropped to the ground and fired. Jodark fired his blaster once, a clean headshot.

"Let's get outside," Jodark said. "The Republic and Imperial forces have already landed."

One of the SpecForce soldiers glanced up. "Is Havoc Squad with them?"

Jodark nodded. "Yes."

"Then we'll win."

* * *

Jasin leapt into battle, lightsaber flashing in a constant blur of silver-blue. A Black Sun guard dropped. Another enforcer charged, and was slashed in half. With his lightsaber spinning in a tornado of light, he quickly dropped ten enemies. The Force flashed a warning in his mind, and he dropped flat. A red-bladed lightsaber shot overhead and slashed two guards down the chest.

Jasin turned and saw the lightsaber return to Scourge's hand. The large Sith grinned at Jasin and leapt into battle, fist and lightsaber taking out equal numbers of enemies.

There was a clunk and the vault opened. Jasin winced as roughly two hundred Black Sun enforces charged in. He fought through the enemies, killing them in droves, but more and more charged through the exit from the vault, and soon the Jedi was surrounded. Somehow he ended up back-to-back with Kira, and the two of them stood there, surrounded by enemies, deflecting blaster bolts back in waves and slashing apart those close enough.

"I think we're in trouble," Jasin said.

"You don't say!" Kira replied. She ducked. "Uh–feel my Force!"

Jasin grinned at her usual combat catchphrase and resumed fighting.

* * *

Jorgan fired quickly, mowing down enemies. Then he turned and rammed his gauntlet vibroblade up across the throat of a Weequay enforcer. A blaster bolt grazed across his helmet and he threw himself to the ground. A knee dropped in the small of his back and his vision exploded in red, his body flaring in pain. His blaster rifle clattered away, and he rolled over, grappling with the mysterious attacker.

A fist slammed into the faceplate of his helmet and the attacker shouted in pain. Jorgan punched the attacker hard and whipped his pistol out. The attacker brought his fist down, but Jorgan pressed the pistol under the attacker's chin and discharged it. The attacker groaned and dropped.

Jorgan dragged himself out from under the corpse, rolled over, and holstered the weapon, retrieving his rifle. He looked down at the corpse. It was an Esh-kha, but it had a coral implant on the back of his neck. Jorgan's blood ran cold and he knew instantly what it was. Dread Master control seed.

"Shavit," he hissed.

Quickly he sprinted over toward the Jedi Master, Jasin, who was near the entrance to the vault. He blasted through the enemies on the way there, but he was overwhelmed and knocked to the ground. Enemies began dog-piling him, and he switched on his helmet comlink with a blink.

"Forex!" he called. "Need assistance!"

It wasn't two seconds before a massive metal two-ton body smashed into the enforcers piled on Jorgan. They screamed and were thrown around. Jorgan stood unsteadily.


"Yes, sir?"

"Ugh...get me to the Jedi."

"Yes, sir!"

It took a full five minutes to cross the mere ten feet, but eventually he was side-by-side with Jasin.

"Sir!" Jorgan said, firing.

"What?" The Jedi slashed an enemy in half.

"Sir, I think the Black Sun is being controlled by the Dread Masters."


"I found a control seed on–"

There was a rumble that shook the ground and actually knocked boulders off the cliff face above. Everyone–Black Sun, Republic, Imperial–froze. Up on the path that went farther into the Deep Prison, there was the sound of rumbling footsteps. And still, everything was silent save for those.

And then Kephess the Undying, a huge Trandoshan, stormed down into the canyon.

"Jorgan?" Jasin hissed.

"Yes, sir?"

"You were right."

And all at once, Black Sun resumed their attack, Kephess leading the charge.

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Chapter 32

Dha soared over the battlefield in the lead of his squad of Mandalorians. He released salvos of rockets down on the heads of the Black Sun forces. They fell in droves. He pulled up as blaster bolts shot by and winced when one grazed the thin piece of fabric between his chest and shoulder armor. He did a barrel-roll to avoid more attacks, but suddenly there was a terrifying screech and a man with a coral implant leapt up at him. Dha shot him clean through the heart, but the distraction was enough that a Black Sun enforcer got a shot through, destroying Dha's jetpack.

"Gah!" he exclaimed.

He hit the ground with a powerful thud and lay there for a moment, groaning. He heard the sound of several jetpacks switching off, and then Mako and Torian were helping him stand. Chernan, Dinua, and the others landed nearby and opened fire. Dha waved Mako and Torian away.

"Keep fighting," he said. "I'm just winded. I'm fine."

They nodded and pulled out their weapons, cutting through droves of enemies. Dha swept his pistol from its holster and blew an enforcer's head to pulp, and then turned, unloading his blaster into one of Kephess' Trandoshans. But there were simply too many. One Dread Master-possessed warrior leapt on Dha's back, attacking wildly with his clawed hands. Dha grabbed him by the shoulder and flipped him over, and then discharged his blaster into his head.

He heard the sound of a blaster rifle shot and whirled. The corpse of a Weequay lay behind him, both arms above its head grasping a battle ax that would have split Dha's helmet and head in two. Dha looked over and saw Merok kneeling on the ground a dozen meters away, his rifle smoking. The Chiss nodded once and then whirled, firing and slashing with his knife. Dha grunted as a Gamorrean warrior charged him, and he went back into the fray.

* * *

Dankin pistol-whipped an enforcer across the face, turned, and fired both his blasters into a Houk clad in heavy armor. The alien fell. Dankin heard a roar from behind him and dropped on his back, sliding under the feet of a two-meter tall Twi'lek warrior. He fired both pistols up into the Twi'lek's lekku and the back of his head, killing him instantly and turning his head into a fine mist.

"Good shot, Captain!" Corso called.

The human was across the field, firing his rifle and flamethrower with abandon into the Black Sun and Dread Master forces. Dankin shook his head wearily. He glanced up. Somehow, during the fight, his adopted brother Backblast had made his way over. Backblast fired his heavy cannon, killing a Gand warrior, and moved to stand by Dankin.

"You all right?" Backblast asked.

Dankin nodded. Before he could say anything, a Wookiee roar split the air and the massive beast threw itself at Backblast. Dankin's brother tried to fire but the Wookiee pinned his arms down and threw him to the ground. There was a rattling sound and Dankin winced even as he rolled aside to avoid the Wookiee.

"Bowdaar!" he called. "Friend of yours?"

The other Wookiee bellowed a negative and leapt in to join the fight. The two Wookiees engaged in a fierce lock, slamming each other to the ground and rolling around, fists flying. Dankin moved over by Backblast and pulled off his helmet. Backblast's one eye–the other was cybernetic–was blackened from the Wookiee's blow, even through the helmet, and his visor was smashed. He was lucky shards hadn't flown through and pierced his face. Dankin helped him to his feet.

"M...Mom and Dad are here," Backblast observed. "Over with the other Mandalorians."

Dankin nodded. Unlike his brother and parents, who were humans, Dankin was a Mirialan and had been adopted into the family. Still, he held to them like they were his birth parents–who, as far as he knew, had been killed by the Empire in a raid on Dankin's homeworld.

"Go to 'em," Dankin said. "Back them up. I need to stay with my crew."

Backblast dodged a blaster bolt, hefted his cannon, returned fire, and nodded, running across the field. Dankin glanced back at Bowdaar. He had the other Wookiee in a choke hold and swiftly broke its neck. He bellowed triumphantly and picked up his fallen vibrosword, returning to the battle. Dankin did the same.

* * *

Jorgan groaned as a powerful blaster cannon bolt hit him in the chest. His armor exploded and he went rolling across the field. He lay on the ground, unable to move, feeling paralyzed by the blast. He tried to stand, fell back to the ground. His rifle was too far away to reach. He could hear the comm chatter, and he knew Dorne and Yuun were coming to his position.

But he could see that by the time they got there it'd be too late.

He reached up feebly, pulled his helmet on. He didn't want to die wearing his bucket. He collapsed to the ground, staring up into the blue sky of Belsavis. Above the clouds, he could just make out the top of the dome that shrouded the prison. Not a bad view to see as he died...

He looked up. He was lying right by the door to the vault. He could hear footsteps inside. They were coming out. Well, he wasn't going to die without a fight. With all the will he could muster, he drew his sidearm from its holster and aimed it at the door. He wouldn't die defenseless. A Cathar came out first, dark-furred–and that's what saved his life.

"Jodark!" Jorgan exclaimed. "You're alive. I thought you'd been killed during our escape!"

"Nope," the other Cathar replied. "Here I am. Safe, sound, and ready to kick Black Sun where it counts. And I've got friends."

Soldiers in prison rags, soldiers Jorgan recognized from Coruscant, poured out of the vault, armed with a motley assortment of blaster weapons. Jorgan took in a deep breath, disbelieving. How had one sneaky Cathar accomplished this? One of the last SpecForce troopers to exit looked down at Jorgan, and his eyes widened.

"Jorgan!" he said.

Jorgan ran his gaze over the trooper. He was very dark skinned, tattooed on his face, and he had a cybernetic right arm. His eyes were a piercing green and his head was topped with...cranial horns...?

"Prudii! You're alive!"

"You better believe it, Captain."

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Awright!!!! Prudii!!
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