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Jacktheforcejack's Avatar

04.27.2013 , 05:29 AM | #1
Hi i am very new to SWOR, but I was wondering if anyone can show me the way to join a guild, so I can get help on getting better.
If so please contact me, I would be very grateful

Liwilliams's Avatar

04.27.2013 , 12:43 PM | #2
You can always ask in general chat, or if you're looking for a specific guild via forums, see my signature!

Happy Hunting!

thatghost's Avatar

04.27.2013 , 01:46 PM | #3
On the forums, head to the Server Forums. The individual server forums all have guild recruitment subforums, so check out your particular server's, see who's recruiting, and/or post that you're looking for a guild. This thread might also help:

Good luck and happy gaming