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Game Crashes as I Quit, now also when I ALT + TAB

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Game Crashes as I Quit, now also when I ALT + TAB
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BilboFett's Avatar

04.25.2013 , 02:48 AM | #1
For a while now the game has been crashing when I quit out, have to go to the task manager, and force quit the program. Sadly, I had just gotten used to this, and now, when I tab out of the game, then go to tab back in, I get a black screen, white cursor. I can still hear the game sounds in the background,. It behaved as if it were loading but never did, nor did a load screen show up. Again under the task manager, the game is listed as "not responding" and I must force quit out of it. Looking for a fix to these issues.

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04.25.2013 , 02:54 AM | #2 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hi BilboFett,

Can you check if there's a driver update available, perhaps this will help with the issue. Another thing is to try a Clean Boot, and see if the tabbing issue occurs when there's little else running to keep your PC distracted. Also, it's worth checking if this happens when you play in Fullscreen Windowed mode, if you don't already.

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BilboFett's Avatar

04.25.2013 , 01:06 PM | #3
Ok, so it turned out that there was indeed a driver update for my video card, so I installed, restarted and everything seemed to work perfectly . For a while. A few hours into my gaming session, and multiple tab outs, it did it to me again. black screen, white cursor, game "not responding" in the task manager. I was hoping to avoid the "clean boot" whack-a-mole style troubleshooting but I'll guess i'll have to. Oh, and I never play windowed mode, only full screen.