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My suggestions for Group play and Group UI improvements....

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My suggestions for Group play and Group UI improvements....

LordArtemis's Avatar

04.24.2013 , 07:39 AM | #1
I'd like to touch on a few things I would like to see changed about the UI behavior in Group play, and a few general changes to the Group dynamic itself.

1) Adding "Target of Target" icon to Group member icon displays

I think it would be beneficial to the group if a "target of target" icon could be added under the group member. This would allow other members to see what the player is targeting, and perhaps quickly target it themselves if necessary.


As you can see in that rather horrible example I tossed together, mobs that the group members have targeted show up under their icon display, far enough down so they do not block any comp display. Health, level and the type of mob (surrounding graphics) are displayed in micro form.

2) Chat bubbles for group members

Add an option to enable chat bubbles for group members to display what they type over their heads. This allows us to directly see what they saying based on their location on screen, and would be helpful for many reasons. One plus of doing it this way is other players should not suffer a slowdown since the chat is only enabled for the group, and only group members can see the bubbles.

3) Group leader summon

I would suggest you add the ability for the group leader to summon other group members to his or her location with a similar QT cooldown. This ability existed in one form before headstart and I think it was fantastic. Not sure why it was removed.

This should only work as long as all players are on the same planet and the same instance. Graphics for the summon should be similar to the graphic sequence used when someone uses the medical probe.

I may add more suggestions later. Thank you for reading.