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Alacrity Question?? What benefit for tanks..

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Alacrity Question?? What benefit for tanks..

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04.23.2013 , 06:30 PM | #1
I am a Shadow Tank..I have noticed the new gear has alacrity on it.. Just wondering what benefit it brings for tanking.. Thanks..

Also I have been Going with the Tank Calculations on how to Balance Def / Abs / Shld.. It seems to working great..
I just have a question on the Augments.. I Use DEF / ABS / Shield augments to balance the numbers for the charts..

I see people talking about Endurance augments.. Anyone have any opinions on this..

Thanks for he help and also to the people who take time with the math.. I would be lost without it.. lol
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04.23.2013 , 07:46 PM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueRabbit View Post
alacrity on it.. Just wondering what benefit it brings for tanking
Apart from the possible minor "benefits" as a dps stat, which you would not care about as a tank anyway, nothing.

Well, put it this way...

Survivability benefits of alacrity:

Guardian/Juggernaut: Nothing. Completely useless stat.

Vanguard/Powertech: Nothing. Completely useless stat.

Shadow/Assassin: Well there might be some very small benefit to self-healing. While normally their self-heals are not affected by any other stat except endurance, having a lot of alacrity to reduce global cooldowns might speed up their attack rotation to build up harnessed shadows/harnessed darkness stacks up faster, and allow them to self-heal slightly more often. This of course only when you get Particle acceleration/Energize procs, or else the speed you complete your rotation is limited by the cooldown time of Project/Shock, which is not getting any faster.

In any case even for Shadow/Assassin the benefits of alacrity are probably less than what you get from shield rating, no matter how high you stack your shield rating.

Conclusion: even for Shadow/Assassin it is not worth having alacrity and all of it should be removed from your gear.

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04.24.2013 , 08:29 AM | #3
Although, come to think of it, alacrity can actually have some negative effects to assassin/shadow self-healing. That is to the self-healing caused by Dark Charge/Combat Technique which even though it is lesser part of your self-healing than some other abilities, it is still not good if it gets messed up.

From all I have seen so far, alacrity does not seem to lower any cooldowns other than the global cooldown.
So for now I'm going to assume that internal cooldown of the proc from Dark Charge/Combat Technique which can not happen more often than only once every 4.5 seconds, will always be the same.

As long as you have 0 alacrity this is in perfect sync with GCD so that the internal cooldown of the proc is just as long as 3 global cooldowns, so if you get lucky enough to proc it on the first possible attack, you would have chance to get it on once every 3 attacks.

Now if we added enough alacrity to reduce global cooldown to 1.4 seconds, then after 3 global cooldowns only 4.2 seconds have passed, which is too soon for the Dark Charge/Combat Technique to proc on the next attack, and it would only have chance to proc again after the fourth GCD which would in that case take 5.6 seconds.

Of course this is not entirely as big as this example may suggest either, since the rotation includes FL/TkT which has channeling time longer than the gcd anyway and which makes it harder to calculate how often it would actually proc.

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04.24.2013 , 11:52 AM | #4
Addressing the shadow/assassin self-heal side of things…

The model which predicts the ideal shadow/assassin rotation is as follows:

Minimize[{1/2 * (x+y+3)+3,x>=6-(3 * 0.4931)/z-(3 * 0.2466)/(0.7 * z)&&x>0&&y>=9&&z>=0&&23/z+25/(0.7 * z)+26/x+20/y+30/(1/2 (x+y+3)+3)<13.4162},{x,y,z}]
This gives us a mean time between Telekinetic Throw / Force Lightning *completion* at 11.90 seconds.

Basically, the goal is to minimize the time between Telekinetic Throw / Force Lightning channel completions under the constraint of Force regeneration (including shield/defense procs) and ability cooldowns. What is absolutely fascinating is that this rotation is primarily bounded by the cooldown on Project/Shock, not by the GCD. In fact, the above model includes absolutely *no* assumptions about GCD time (it doesn't need them) and only one assumption about cast time (the TkT/FL channel). I can experiment a bit with things by tossing some alacrity into the mix. Let's assume we have enough alacrity to hit a 10% cast time reduction (note: this requires sacrificing a whopping 822 shield rating, so this would NOT be a good thing to do under any circumstances). A 10% cast time reduction changes the model in the following way:

Minimize[{1/2 * (x+y+3*0.9)+3*0.9,x>=6-(3*0.9 * 0.4931)/z-(3*0.9 * 0.2466)/(0.7 * z)&&x>0&&y>=9&&z>=0&&23/z+25/(0.7 * z)+26/x+20/y+30/(1/2 * (x+y+3*0.9)+3*0.9)<13.4162 + 10.4*0.1},{x,y,z}]
The results? 11.45 seconds between each TkT/FL channel. That's a 3.78% improvement, or an increase of about 9.4 HPS in mitigation-itemized Arkanian gear. Not very compelling, especially in light of all the shield we had to sacrifice.

So basically, alacrity is trash for tanks, don't take any.
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04.24.2013 , 01:30 PM | #5
Alacrity is trash for tanks, just like accuracy. Bioware really sucks at gearing and puts useless stats on our gear, because they have no clue. I remember a while back they had surge on a juggernaut Rakata piece, and they actually had accuracy on the operative medic set.
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