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Looking For A PvP Guild Only

Nostiator's Avatar

04.22.2013 , 06:20 PM | #1
Hello I use to play a Jedi and after I got tired of sucking the base wall in Illum I finally quite the game.
Well I decided to come back to the game and currently play a 55 Jugg.

I'm looking for a pvp guild only that ques up pvp all day long and am also into doing ranked pvp also. I would like to join a guild with people who respect other players and are not cocky and a drama free guild.... who just wants to q up all day and have a great time doing so. I wouldn't mine if the guilds rato in pvp is more towards the winning side that always helps =)

If you're guild does pve and pvp no offense I rather not join no offense to anyone.

I currently am getting all my pieces augmented as we speak an d am sitting in all part gear and about 1 piece away form full part which I will have today =).

Thank you
My in game name is