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Basilisk Droid - unofficial polish server

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Basilisk Droid - unofficial polish server

Syluar's Avatar

12.23.2011 , 04:04 PM | #31
But the polish community does not "claim" the server nor anyone stated here that all general and trade is going to be in polish now. Ofc there are rules that need to be followed and the post was only meant to inform polish players which server to choose if they wonna play with lots of their national friends. Same thing happened on lets say Bloodworthy with it beeing sweeds community server and those things always happen in mmos.
Now if general is being spamed in any nonenglish language simply report and if enough people will remember about that button existing there should be no problem. The problem with people spaming is problem with single trolls not a entire community.
And now that I made my statement: yes, I am from Poland; no, I don't play on this server - I'm playing on non-any-unofficialcommunity server in multinational guild and no - I do not aprove anyone speaking not english on general chats on any server. But I don't have any problem about the very presence of those unofficial national servers.