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The Legend of Terrek Corso Ep IV - Temple Fall

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The Legend of Terrek Corso Ep IV - Temple Fall

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04.19.2013 , 05:48 PM | #1
Star Wars The Old Republic: The Tales of Twisted Fate

The Legend of Terrek Corso, Episode IV – Temple Fall
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Chapter 1 – Bad Dreams

Kyle sat across from the coffin, baring his master, aboard the small transport. His face was pale and empty as his mind had not yet left the past. He continued to think back to the moment he saw the stream of red energy surge through his master’s chest as he cowered behind him. He was too young to be of any help, there was nothing he could have done. The transport docked at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and Kyle followed his master’s ceremonial coffin as republic officers led it into the building. Suddenly he felt like he was being watched, not just watched but studied. Someone was reading his emotions, his memory…everything. Kyle had felt it before, from the council when he was first approved for Jedi training. He looked up, following the presence in the force. There he met the gaze of a green eyed man, standing on the balcony above. He didn’t know why, but for the first time in a long time Kyle thought of his brother Vorren.

Kyle woke up in a sweat. The thoughts of his brother had led his dreams into a vision he did not understand. Future, past, present… he wasn’t sure. He sat up in his bed, as his feet touched the cold floor of his room in the Jedi Temple he smiled. It felt weird sleeping in a building again he thought. For the past eight years he’d been cruising around the galaxy with his master, Terrek Corso, after his first master had died in a Sith attack. But that changed this day, the first day of his final trials. He allowed himself a glimmer of pride, one of those emotions Jedi weren’t supposed to have, as he stood up to get dressed. He took a blue shirt and a durable pair of khaki trousers from his personal lockbox. Picking up his tall brown boots and chucking his jacket, a brown leather double breasted flight jacket, over his shoulder he walked over to his desk. After turning on the Holo-news he finished getting dressed, listening to the morning report. Despite that the galaxy is engulfed in war there’s nothing worth reporting today Kyle thought, a little frustrated at the program, before throwing on his flight jacket and leaving the room. Most mistook him for a common, disreputable, pilot on the streets, unless he was forced to draw his lightsaber. He made his way through the grand halls of the Temple while the sun still hung low in the morning sky. The halls where almost empty that early in the morning, even more so with the delegation heading to Alderaan to negotiate with the Sith. He found the notion almost ridiculous as he pondered galactic events in his mind on his way up various levels of the compound and down the grand halls to his master’s courters.

Kyle entered the room to find his master meditating on the balcony outside. As Kyle neared he became more and more aware of the vapour rising from the bowl in front of his master. He could feel it slowly affect his senses, almost enforcing a calm state upon him. Suddenly another vision flashes before him. His master, still a child, charged into an armed gunman. Deflecting incoming fire the young Terrek, still a Sith, strikes in a rage. The gunman’s head rolls to the floor. As sudden as it began the vision ended and as it did Kyle knew he’d seen a part of his master’s past.
“That was your father…Kyle.” His master said sorrowfully, breaking the morning’s silence. Kyle’s mind raced back seven years, to the day they escaped the Mandalorian blockade. It had been then that his master had told him the truth about his father, the whole truth. Before then master Corso had always told him Dayton had died saving him from the Sith. Kyle had been furious with his master for keeping the truth from him until that day, having seen the memory now though; he understood that his master was right. What he’d told Kyle was true… from a certain point of view.

Terrek broke his meditation and turned to his apprentice. He had not meant for Kyle to see that, his student’s reaction however had reassured him that Kyle was in control of his emotions, that he had beaten that particular path to the dark side. Though he worried that Kyle would never truly be free of it.
“I have something for you.” Terrek said as he walked back into his room and pulled out a small dusty box. He opened it and pulled out a beautifully crafted and personally modified blaster pistol.
“This was your father’s. I had the barrel repaired.” He said as he handed it over to Kyle, who thoroughly inspected the weapon, he’d always loved mechanical things and his expertise had saved them more than once in the past.
“I’m proud of you Kyle, congratulations.” Said Terrek, as he thought back on their years as master and pupil and realised that his tag along youngling had grown into a Jedi Knight. It stung him a little that his pupil had not joined the order of consulars but knew that Kyle would become a legend of his own, a true guardian of the republic.

[Chapter 2 – An Honest Job?

Kaiya made her way down the causeway leading from the flight terminal to the senate building on Curoscant.
“Van, why is it I always have to do the tedious jobs?” She said teasingly over her comlink.
“Let’s just say you look more… diplomatic.” An older man’s voice retorted over the comlink.
“Look more civilised is what you mean.” Kaiya says under her breath and without activating the comlink as she walks into the senate building.
“I heard that!” Van’s voice said suddenly over the channel, assuming she’d made a remark about him.
“No you didn’t scruffy.” Kaiya remarked nonchalant, removing her earpiece in preparation for the security checks. The security systems of the senate building on Coruscant were of the best quality money could buy in the galaxy. Fortunately she wouldn’t need to fool them that day. That day they were on official senate business, and she had an appointment. She almost laughed as she cleared security and made her way to a protocol droid, waiting to assist visitors.

“Starfire, I have an appointment with Korynn Mothma.” The protocol droid, familiar with human speech behaviour, took a moment to consider the statement as the question it was intended to be. Then responded,
“You’re meeting has been approved and will be held in conference room 32-E. My colleague will arrive to escort you there shortly. Feel free to express any further queries or requests you may have to him. Enjoy your stay, ma’am.” The droid said. Moments later another droid, of the same make, entered the room and began escorting her to the conference room. Amazing, Kaiya thought as she made her way in to the building, she had gotten more manners out of that bucket of bolts than anyone she’d seen in a long time. Manners weren’t one of those qualities people respected very well in the outer-rim. Out there business ethics were your life, but manners would get you killed. Probably the reason why Van had insisted she go to meet the diplomat. Because even though she’d been away from her family too long to really remember her high society life, her understanding of customs would always be far superior to Van’s.

She wasn’t sure if he had even seen a noble before her father had hired him twelve years ago. She thought back to the day on Nar Shaddaa, when she had first met Terrek, the boy who saved her. In turn she had saved him from darkness, or so Terrek said. She didn’t understand the Force really, or the gravity of what he meant. She thought back to how she held the unconscious boy in her arms, the corpses of three men surrounding them. She remembered sobbing in the silence of the dark hanger. It was then that Van had found them, saved them, and took them home. I didn’t save you Terrek… Van did. All I did was cry. With that thought she was forced back to the present as the escort droid stopped in front of the door marked 32-E.

“Here we are ma’am. There is a final security protocol through this door. I am required to remain here, please enquire if you need any further assistance. May your discussions be of a fruitful nature ma’am.” said the droid. Kaiya smiled and walked through the door.

Chapter 3 – Suspicious Contact

The hanger bay was large. Droids scurried about the floor working on the battered Starship that lay docked there. Maintenance crews and personnel flowed to and fro past the door leading into the docking facility. A lone figure stood next to the ship, watching the droids work. The brown leather hat he wore masked him from above, while his long brown coat hid the numerous surprises he never liked to leave home without. Despite this his blaster pistols were clearly visible, hanging in their respective holsters, strapped to each leg. Van Starwind had been his own law all his life. He’d grown up on Tatooine and like any kid there, he learned to take care of himself. Not only that but he’d picked up a few tricks of the trade in his years of dealing with the scum there.

“Hey! No, I like it that way.”

Van screamed at a maintenance droid as it worked on his ship, The Rising Fox. As the droid tried to restore the original lay out of the circuitry and wiring, Van belched out orders irritatingly.

“No that one goes there… and that one goes there!”

He yelled, simultaneously pointing at the intricate workings of the ship. The poor little maintenance droid, with its gears in overdrive, hurriedly continued the work to the best of its ability.

“…Actually, the yellow one used to coil around the thick blue one.”

Van said, calmer than before. The droid stopped working. Then turned its disc shape head unit toward him, the little black eye shifted up to meet his gaze in one quick movement. The droid stared as if to say, you’ve got to be kidding. Van smiled at the droid before his comlink beeped. As he walked away and into the Fox, speaking into his comlink, the droid vividly shook its head as it returned to work.

“Thea Barakis. I haven’t seen you since you ditched me in that god forsaken asteroid field.”

Van said as he inspected the blue projection of a Twi’lek woman, dressed in close fitting black combat overalls. He could just barely make out the purple hue to her skin through the luminous blue of the projection.

“Van shut up and listen! I’m risking my neck here just talking to you. Get off Coruscant, now!”

The transmission abruptly ended and Van looked up with a troubled look on his face. He didn’t know what Thea was up to, he knew he couldn’t trust her, but he was getting a bad feeling in his gut.

As he made his way back off of the Rising Fox the sound of explosions rung out across the city. Not good Van thought as he quickened his pace, he had to get to Kaiya before whatever bad news that was happening really exploded.

Chapter 4 – A Fated Reunion

Smoke rose from the Jedi Temple as the orbital bombardment continued across the planet. Imperial insurgents appeared across the city, aiding the landing forces as they stormed the giant buildings of Coruscant. When the fighting had erupted Terrek ran to catch a turbo lift. Kyle had already left to meet with a local man, looking for some Jedi assistance, in the temple gardens. He could feel the chaos of the battle erupting below and concern for his pupil had compelled him to make haste. It hadn’t mattered though, Imperial insurgents had infiltrated the entire building and he’d already had to fight his way to the lifts. The subtlety and ferocity of the battle had made him all but forget about the presence he’d felt lingering nearby all morning. But as he slew the last of the insurgents, blocking access to the remaining levels, the presence came too close to overlook. A metallic thud rung out to a beat from around the corner as the dark shadow of an approaching figure grew larger on the wall across from him. Terrek looked stunned as the tall dark figure of his former master, Valentin Strago, stepped forward. Though he had felt whose presence it was, he had not expected his master to look so different. A robotic leg stood in the place of the one Terrek had relieved him of when they had last parted ways. Various other robotic implants covered pieces of his body and face, probably more punishment from his masters than injuries of battle. His black hair had grown wild as a storm but his eyes, there Terrek could still see his master. Those murderous yellow eyes stared deep in to Terrek’s own as they had done so many times before.

“I can’t tell you how great it felt to sense your presence when we arrived Terrek. I’ve waited a long time to teach you… a final lesson.” His master said, his voice slightly augmented by his mechanical infrastructure.
“There is nothing I can learn from you but fear and pain Valentin.” Said Terrek as his former master ignited his blade, striding slowly toward Terrek.
“I am Darth Scythis now. And you misunderstand Terrek, I mean… to teach you… to Die!”

As the hate filled words left his mouth he swung at his former apprentice. Terrek in return willed his saber to his hands and, igniting it, blocked the incoming attack. The two blades clashed as Scythis whaled upon his adversary and forced Terrek to ignite the other side of his double-bladed lightsaber in defence. He had begun crafting it after Master Vale’s death, an exact replica of her lightsaber. The blades were a vibrant green, a silver shaft with a vine pattern ran along the length of the hilt. No button was visible, placed on the inside, to activate it one had to use the force.

The two men fought their destined battle while the one raging below them slowly crept its way up the levels of the temple. Those who came in contact with the two, both republic and imperial alike, suffered quick fates, neither combatant willing to give the other an edge or enough time to strike. As the battle dragged on Terrek sensed the advancing Imperial forces, he could stay there no longer he thought, he had to bide some time. He drew Scythis back to where the fight had begun. Avoiding a low swooping blade, Terrek jumped high, reverse somersaulting in mid air and landed on top of a turbo lift. As he regained his balance, Scythis’ violet blade came spinning in directly for him. Terrek leapt to the side and on to another turbo lift. The incoming lightsaber flew by and sliced threw the cables holding the turbo lift, sending it plummeting downward. Quickly Terrek reached out in the force and activated the turbo lift he was now on top of, sending it shooting upward. Scythis calmly strode, his metallic leg thudding with every step, to the third and final turbo lift. He entered in pursuit of his former apprentice. Imperial troops flooded the hallways as he too went shooting further up, to the peak of the Jedi Temple.

Chapter 5 – Chaos Erupts

Kyle contemplated the morning’s events as he walked through the gardens, on his way to meet the tentative informant. His mind raced with every pace, the visions had come so abruptly, in flashes, and they confused him more than anything. He considered what he did know of the visions. He had felt his brother’s presence distinctly, a bloodthirsty vengeance boiled off of him. He felt pain, hate and death…lots of death. Was he sensing the incident seven years ago, was his brother in trouble now, or was he sensing the future? It didn’t matter, he told himself, after the Mandalorian incident Kyle had found the true sense in the Jedi’s policy to abandon family ties. It seemed harsh to many, Kyle included, until he had seen what his brother had become. A man that hunted down and killed people for a living, scum. He wondered if these visions would continue, if this would be his life as a Jedi Knight. He found courage as he remembered why he was walking alone to meet a contact. He was finally going to be a Jedi and he’d make his master proud, even if he’s not supposed to be.

As he entered an annex of the gardens he caught sight of a man, fitting the informant’s description. Before the man could reach him, the Temple shook. Explosions resounded all around as skirmishes erupted across the palace. A large explosion knocked Kyle from his feet and he watched as the informant was smashed by falling pieces of debris. Kyle composed himself and drew his lightsaber. The blue blade snapped to life, he could feel the darkness enveloping the temple, no…the planet. Suddenly he was forced back to the present as an advanced Imperial unit burst down through the high ceiling and landed in force. Kyle batted away incoming blaster fire from imperial droids and troops as one of the numerous Sith ran in to engage him. Before long he was swept up in the mayhem, just one more Jedi fighting in a crowd of dancing luminous blades. His opponent never constant, though it was hard to tell, most wore black armour or robes and black masks with red markings.

Before long he found himself wondering how many Jedi were left, from those who’d been there when the attack commenced. Reinforcements from both sides seemed to stream in from every entry in the complex. They’d have to pull back soon, he thought, noting the overwhelming number of Imperials and Sith still charging in from other parts of the Jedi Temple. By now they’ll have invaded the entire complex, he thought, as he stabbed a Sith warrior straight through his back, A dirty move, but it saved a Jedi’s life. The older Jedi on the floor said thanks before leaping up and charging in to the fray once again.

Kyle knew they had to get out; he’d be more help in a fighter anyway. Maybe he could even do something about the bombardment. One thing was certain… the Temple had fallen.

He parried away the blades of nearby opponents, making a bit of room for himself, before leaping up to the next level via a large broken pillar. A nearby imperial trooper, who had been firing at the mayhem below, turned to face him. But the trooper fired wild, hitting the wall, as Kyle forces his body over the railing with a swift tug of the force. The trooper plummeted to the level below. Two more troopers advanced, simultaneously firing. They quickly fell as their own shots came crashing back in to them. A disturbance compelled Kyle to jump forward, just before a rocket impacted the wall where he had stood. Turning to face the balcony across, he could make out another incoming rocket just in time to repel it using the force. The rocket spun wildly before crashing back in to the balcony from where it came. He made haste as he battled his way through advancing imperial parties and deadlocked battles between the factions.

The fighting lessened as he neared the exterior corridors, it had moved past there. Dead bodies littered the floor and weapons lay scattered about. In the room before him he could see an ominous red glow, accompanied by a low hum.
“He’s not the one, Corso has reddish skin, not pink. And his eyes are…well, greener.” A voice masked by a helmet said from inside the room. Kyle slowly advanced full of determination. His arms were tired from the hours of fighting. He didn’t know how many Sith he’d killed, how many Jedi he’d seen fall, but he wasn’t done. As he turned the corner to face whomever was in the room, the vile hiss of a lightsaber cutting through flesh resounded about as they ran through whatever poor Jedi they’d mistaken for his master. The three figures had their back to him. One was fully clad in armour another had a woman’s figure, her face masked. The third was a tall pureblood Sith man, his lightsaber still lingered in the dead Jedi’s chest. Kyle flung his lightsaber at the armoured man, hoping to catch the group off guard, but the Pureblood sensed the danger, saving the other man from being split in half.
“I’m sorry my master is a little busy at the moment. Would you like to take your business up with me?” Kyle asked mockingly as he stared down the threesome, his saber returning to his hand.

The pureblood grinned as he beckoned the masked woman to leave, she obeyed. As the hue of the second saber left, Kyle realised the reddish tint of the armoured man wasn’t from the light. Suddenly he recognized him and everything made sense. His dream, his emotions and the disturbance he had felt throughout the day.
“Hello Kyle.” Vorren’s voice echoed through their father’s blood red helmet.

Chapter 6 – The Chandrilla Assignment

“So once we get her to Chandrilla local security will handle the rest.” Kaiya said, concerned for the young aid to the senator.
“Chandrillan authorities have already set up security around her family. Once she arrives she’ll join them under escort.” The Chandrillan senator replied in an assuring and serious tone. The job was simple, the senator’s aid, Korynn Mothma, had been approached and threatened by an imperial agent. For safety, the senator had decreed she be brought home and protected. The senator wasn’t a fool though, he knew sending her on a registered transport was asking for a kidnapping, that’s where Starfire and the Rising Fox came in. Van and Kaiya had been hired to discreetly take the girl back to her family on Chandrilla.
“How much are we talking about here?” she asked bluntly.
“Sixty. If you intend to take the job, I can give you half now, the other half will be waiting for you on Chandrilla.” The senator replied as he handed over the money. Kaiya smiled as she looked at the credits.
“You got yourself a deal senator.” She said. Then added
“A little tip though. Next time you deal like this don’t put your money on the table before you have a…”

Kaiya was interrupted as an explosion went off right outside the room. They all ducked down in panic as the shockwave permeated the building, shattering the viewports.
“Come on miss Mothma, this is our cue!” Kaiya yelled as she grabbed hold of Korynn’s arm and dragged her out of the conference room. Stepping into the hallway she ducked, pulling Korynn down to cover as well, while a sea of blaster fire ripped past from both directions. Republic guards and imperial infiltration units battered each other as they both tried to secure the halls of the senate building. Kaiya reached for her blaster pistol, but it wasn’t there. The memory of giving her weapons to the courteous droid in the lobby came back instantly. She cursed as she leaned her back on the security desk at the entrance to the conference room, where they hid. The security officer who had been there when she entered lay dead a foot or so from them, his blaster still in its holster. Kaiya scrambled over and grabbed the blaster as soon as she noticed it. She sighed in relief that she was at least armed again.

Popping in and out of cover, from behind the large desk, she fired at the invaders down the hall. The barrage caught several of them as the imperial forces continued to advance. The surviving republic troops hustled forward, breaking off in to units to secure rooms and clear out any remaining civilians. Some tried to make it down the hall where Kaiya and Korynn sat, huddled in cover, but were mowed down by the fire of the advancing imperials. Kaiya ducked back down, noticing the red glow of a lightsaber approaching. She caught her breath.
“Steady, don’t panic” she repeated to herself under her breath. She tried to focus, come on give me some luck today she thought to herself, before whipping out of cover and with one clean shot hit the Sith in the face. The imperial forces who were advancing behind the Sith opened fire.
“Hustle, Hustle!” Kaiya yelled, panicked and scared, as she reached her hand out toward Korynn.

Korynn, scared out of her mind, managed to conjure up enough courage to throw herself out of cover and grasp, crying, on to Kaiya’s hand. They ran. How they didn’t get hit only the force knows. Kaiya darted left and right, barely avoiding cross-fire and explosions as the senate building was overwhelmed in combat. Suddenly Korynn was yanked to the side as Kaiya burst in to one of the conference rooms. She let go of her hand and Kaiya walked over to the table, grabbed a chair, and tossed it at the window. It shattered and she pulled out a rope from her belt.
“Okay, we’re over the walkway, just hold on to the rope and try to slide down…Okay?” Kaiya, said attempting to keep a calm voice and mask how scarred she was. Korynn simply nodded threw her tears and slowly walked over to the window while Kaiya lowered the rope out of it.
“I’ll be right behind you” Kaiya said, looking Korynn straight in the eyes, before fixing her stolen pistol at the door. The sweat dripped down her face as she stared down the barrel of the blaster pistol, waiting for Korynn to pull on the rope to signal she was down safely. The signal came and she was only barely out of the window when she heard the outer door to the room open. As the inner door opened, revealing an imperial agent dressed all in black, Kaiya opened fire before sliding speedily down the rope to escape. Landing safely, she took hold of Korynn’s hand and ran with the girl across the walkway.
“Just a little further Korynn” she said, the girl was still crying in her state of shock.

Ep IV Temple Fall Continues in the following Post
SWTOR: The Tales of Twisted Fate The Legend of Terrek Corso, The Adventures of Kyle Laurent, The Origins of Hate,The Rising of the Fox

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Chapters 1-6 can be found in the previous post

Chapter 7 – Operation In Progress

Darius Ores stood with his back firmly placed against a support pillar in the middle of the senate building. The stealth field around his armour mesh worked perfectly. He’d managed to infiltrate the senate building and place his explosive probes around without being noticed. From the sound of the explosions, during the first seconds of the invasion, he assumed he wasn’t the only one who’d succeeded. He was a member of Imperial intelligence. A proud Chiss man with unquestionable loyalty to the empire, he worked as an agent of darkness. Joining the advancing Sith troops as they stormed the sabotaged building he was swept up in the chaos of the front lines.

As a republic trooper ran past him, firing at the imperial troops down the hall, Darius lunged out from behind the pillar, catching the man by the neck and quickly stabbing him in the back. The trooper fell down, a small vibro-blade still stuck in his back. He bled out while waiting for the shot that would end it. Darius stood over the trooper, who lay bleeding on the floor. Across the hall he watched as two women ran down the halls of the building and stormed in to a side room. From the way they were dressed they couldn’t be imperial or republic troops, Darius thought before concluding there was a chance they could be diplomatic targets. He shot the helpless trooper; still writhing on the floor with a quick shot from his rifle and pursued the two women.

He approached the door after weaving his way across the grand hall, covered in constant cross-fire. As the outer door to the room opens, a light flashes and a high distinct tone resonates through the doorway. So much for stealth Darius thought as the security measures at the door disabled his generator. He walked forward ready for anything as he approached the inner door. The door hadn’t half opened when a blaster bolt flew right by Darius’ face. He instinctively hugged the wall; slowly he edged forward and peeked round the corner in to the conference room. Immediately he noticed the broken window with a line hanging out in the back corner. He ran forward and cut the rope, but to no avail, his targets had already made it down.

He watched the fleeing women run down the open walkway toward the starport as he pulled his rifle from his shoulder and took aim. Through the scope he could see that one was being dragged along by the other. The one being dragged he recognised. He had tried to probe her for information concerning the senate building before the assault. He smiled a wicked smile before firing a small dart at the poor girl.

Korynn fell down as the dart’s effect slowly stole her consciousness. Kaiya felt her hand jerk as Korynn slowed and in her haste was pulled round. As she did, a blaster round hit her straight in the arm. Kaiya fell to the floor. She grabbed her emergency med. kit and pulled out a ready to go injection. She twisted the tube to prime before jabbing it in her arm, where she’d been shot. She looked over at Korynn, who was out cold.

Kaiya slowly stood up as she watched her shooter climb out of the window they had escaped through and slide down on a fixed line. As the man dressed in black slowly approached, his rifle locked to his hip, she stepped forward. She raised her hands in surrender. Her pistol dangled loosely from her trigger finger, caught on the loop round the trigger. In an instant she whipped it back round and fired at their attacker.

Darius rolled to the side, avoiding the incoming blaster fire, before activating his portable cover shield. The sneaky girl continued to fire at the energy wall he hid behind. As he pocked out to return fire the girl darted forward. His fire trailed her as she ran past his cover and slid down over the coarse floor of the walkway. She fired again and this time it hit him. It was nothing his mesh couldn’t handle, but he had to find cover again.

Kaiya stumbled her way back to her feet. Her eyes were fixed on her assailant while he to stood up, trying to redeploy his energy field. She ran forward and caught him by surprise; she kicked him where it really hurts. then pushed the man to the floor. As he fell she noticed the rifle coming up just in time to avoid the wild shots.

The two faced each other down in the middle of the street. Each blaster fixed at the other. Suddenly a barrage of fire streams past Darius, one clipping his face and burning through his armour. He screamed as he ducked while activating his energy field once again. He pulled off his tight black mask, revealing his face. An open wound ran down his cheek. As he turned back to face Kaiya he realised taking off his mask had been a big mistake. A small detonator bounced off the floor next to him before flashing in a blinding light. He knew he had to escape, the girl had proved more troublesome than she’d seemed. He’d have liked to stay to teach the girl a lesson but with the arrival of the man who’d grazed his face and his blinded state he had to retreat. He grounded a cable to the bridge and stood up. Before he could jump, or even see he felt a kick and fell screaming off the side of the walkway.

“What took you so long?” Kaiya asked exhaustedly. Van walked over to her and helped her up.
“Sorry hun, I was a little preoccupied with some company of my own.” He said with a smile. The he pulled a serious face and asked if she was ok. Kaiya nodded and looked over at Korynn, still lying unconscious.
“Who’s the sleeping beauty?” Van asked jokingly.
“Our job… looks like we’ve done well…again.” Kaiya responded sarcastically. Van walked over and threw the poor unconscious girl over his shoulder. They started walking back to the Rising Fox. Behind them the battle for the senate building continued. Around them the towers of Coruscant burnt.
“We’ve got to hurry or some really nasty folk are gunna catch up to us.” Van said, a hint of panic in his voice.

Chapter 8 – Memories In The Dark

Lord Schythis grew impatient as the turbolift zoomed upward, trailing his former apprentice. He looked up to face Terrek. The boy had grown taller than him now and had a good athletic build. A thin, black goatee encircled his mouth and chin. The red tint of his Zeltron heritage had faded almost beyond notice. The only part of his apprentice he could still recognize where his unmistakable green eyes, the eyes which stared down at him now. Every time he saw them, he saw the eyes of Terrek’s mother, smiling as she died, thinking her son would be safe.

His leg began to throb, the one that wasn’t really there anymore. He clutched the metal limb with his arm in a vain attempt to stop the psychological pain. His thoughts wondered back to the day Terrek betrayed him, the day he took his leg. He looked back up in hate at his former apprentice, but he was no longer there.

Moments later his own turbolift docked near the top of the spires of the Jedi Temple. Slowly he stepped out with a slight lean to the right, putting his wait on his robotic limb.
“You can not hide Terrek!” he said as the violet beam of his lightsaber sprung to life.
“I sense your presence… The Jedi have made you weak, I can feel your anger…your hate…but you hide them.” Scythis taunts Terrek as he searches the shadows of the abandoned room.
“The Jedi have fallen, the republic is doomed! Give in to your anger and join me! Maybe then I can save you, as I did brfore.” Scythis said, probing the Jedi for a reaction. Anything to fuel Terrek’s rage, to face the beast he had unleashed twelve years ago, one more time.
“I’ll never join you Strago.” Terrek’s voice said, echoing throughout the room.

Scythis stopped and turned to face down the long hallway he had just traversed. Shadows filled the space, broken only by flickering light coming in from the few unhindered windows. The light was a foul red, an invasion of flames that raged outside. A clean stream of daylight passed through a large window behind Scythis.
“Then you will die! Maybe the inquisitors would prefer to take you alive.” Scythis grinned before he added “I know some who wouldn’t mind torturing you for what you did to them.”

Terrek didn’t want to recall those times but the bond forged between master and apprentice over so many years is hard to resist, forcing one to share things, even things buried deep whithin.

It was dark, cold, wet. Corse sand littered the floor on which Terrek lay collapsed. Scared, alone and crying he lay surrounded by other Sith acolytes. Slowly they crept closer to him, the new addition to their class, their new victim. Hours passed, Terrek couldn’t see them, but the other Sith acolytes had all slowly backed up against the walls of the large cell, gasping and yelling in fear of their delusions. Suddenly a fell light appeared, accompanied by the sound of a rusty door mechanism. A dark figure stood in the doorway and it took a moment for Terrek to adjust to the light, before he could make out the wide grinning face of his master starring at him in amazement.

Terrek broke free of the reminiscent thoughts shared by their bond, unwilling to dwell further on that day. The first time he’d used his pheromones in conjunction with the force.
“You showed me fear, hate…pain.” Terrek said, commenting on their shared memory with nostalgic disbelief. Scythis grinned, the same grin as in the memory.
“But without that pain, that fear, you’d have never been forced to awaken your power, can’t you see it made you strong.” His former master said spitefully.
“It is who you are Terrek, your very being influences those around it. You can’t stop it, so embrace it!” Scythis continued while Terrek stayed hiden, shaking his head, fighting another memory. The next words uttered by his former master however jumped his mind to someone he hadn’t thought about in a long time.
“Wouldn’t you like to see Reane? She’s still alive. I wonder what will remain of her mind when they finally decide to wake her up.” As Scytis spoke, chills cascaded over Terrek’s body. For a moment the memory permiated him and he could again see the poor girl as she screamed in pain, her long blonde hair soaked in sweat. But Terrek refused to give in to the memories, willing himself back to the present once again.

“do you remember Terrek!... the day you took my leg?!” Scythis’ voice belched out across the hall as he continued to provoke the Jedi.
“Do you remember Dayton’s head, as it rolled by your feet? That’s who you were meant to be!” he said.
“If only you had embraced your gift! If you’d only have broken that wretched girl…!”
Scythis was cut off in mid sentence by the sudden appearance of a green lightsaber, flying toward him. Swinging across his body he blocked the incoming projectile. At the same moment waves of energy cascaded down the hallway. Scythis laughed wickedly for a moment as his robes fluttered as if in a heavy wind. The large window behind him shattered in a pulse of power and Scythis was sent hurtling through the gap.

Chapter 9 – The Bond Between Brothers

Vorren sped up his speeder-bike. Out in front of him the pureblood sith clashed blades with Kyle as they raced through the streets of Coruscant. The fight had started at the Jedi Temple and Vorren had followed them as the two men fiercely battled. Hesitant to shoot his own brother, he held back, hoping Kyle would lead him to his prey. He thought about the power his little brother had displayed, hurling the Sith away from him. In the spare moments Kyle had jumped on a speeder-bike parked outside and taken off, the Sith and Vorren had followed in pursuit.

The speeder-bikes zoomed by at intense speeds, Vorren tried to catch up though he still wasn’t sure he could shoot his own brother. Kyle couldn’t break free, he was locked in combat with the sith and there was no way out. They both dodged traffic only to collide with each other once again. Kyle didn’t know where he was going but he knew he couldn’t keep this up for much longer. Ahead of him was a busy intersection, speeders flew back and forth continuously. Beyond it was a large landing terminal, most of the bays had been shut, but the few that still hung open presented Kyle with an opportunity.

As they approached the intersection the traffic forced Kyle in to a weaving pattern once again. Suddenly Vorren fired, hitting the speeders as they were passed. One exploded just as Kyle slid by it. The sith took hold of the advantage, blasting forward. Kyle’s eyes went wide as he noticed the black figure on the speeder-bike, now ahead of him, he knew what was coming. The pureblood slowed his bike and sliced downward as Kyle passed. The front end of Kyle’s speeder-bike fell away before the entire craft started a downward tilt.

Leaping from the doomed bike Kyle barely managed to cling to the roof of a swoop in the first row of traffic of the intersection. He jumped from swoop to swoop while Vorren and the Sith continued to fire at him, often catching the vehicle on which he stood. The
sith swept round and sped back toward him from above. Vorren was still trying to get to the intersection when the pureblood leapt from his bike, down toward Kyle who stood at the front of the roof of a swoop on a lower level of traffic.

In mid air the pureblood activated his lightsaber, held in both hands, ready to crash down upon the Jedi. Kyle watched the Sith as he sped toward him, centred on the force for guidance. Before the Sith reached him he leaped up high, aided by the force. His feet lifted above his head and he spun before the Sith could properly swing. Kyle, now upside down in mid air, continued his spin. The blue blade of his lightsaber sprang to life and cut straight through the Sith. The body fell in two pieces down the endless levels of Coruscant. Kyle barely caught hold of the back of a swoop as it sped by his freefalling body.

He clambered to the roof and looked over at the passing hanger bays of the landing terminal. He was now in the closest lane and as his eyes caught hold of a ship in an upcoming hanger, he made up his mind. He focused himself as he jumped off the swoop and on to the ledge of the hanger bay. Before him a familiar ship sat alone in the hanger.

“Kaiya…Van!” Kyle screamed before shots impacted around him from outside. Vorren had reached the intersection and, like a mad man, was weaving straight through the lanes and toward Kyle. As he closed in Kyle reached out in the force, suddenly the controls of Vorren’s bike wouldn’t work. He looked up as he sped forward. His trajectory was too low; the bike would impact on the wall below the hanger. He fiddled with the controls for his life, but to no avail. In a last act of desperation he activated his jet-pack sending him flying off of the bike before it rammed in to the wall. Vorren shot up trailed by the explosion of his speeder-bike. He landed safely on the hanger floor and approached his brother who stood before him, active saber in hand.

“Why are you hunting me Vorren.” Kyle asked with determination. Vorren answered calmly as he continued to approach.
“I’m not hunting you Kyle, I’m hunting…”
“My master!” Kyle yelled in anger, finishing Vorren’s sentence for him. Vorren stopped his advance and shook his head slightly.
“Your master? He’s the Jedi that murdered our father Kyle! Vorren spat back, disgusted at the notion that their father’s murderer had raised his brother as his own son. Both men stood in silence for a moment as the sounds of battle raged around them.

“Terrek wasn’t a Jedi when he killed dad, Vorren, he was a Sith. You don’t understand. I didn’t understand until I felt it myself!” Kyle said, knowing he could never say enough to truly make Vorren understand.
“What’s there to understand, who cares? He killed dad, I’m going to kill him.” Vorren said menacingly and with a conclusive tone. As he heard his brother say this, Kyle smiled slightly. He wasn’t happy, his face was filled with concerns and regrets. But he couldn’t help it, one side of his mouth raised as though to smile. Perhaps despite the gravity of the moment, or maybe because of it, he felt that a great question in his life had been lifted as he answered his brother.
“Then I’ll be standing in your way.” He said, his eyes fixed on Vorren.

Hearing his brother defend Terrek was the last draw; Vorren knew he’d lost his brother. From now on they would be brothers in name only, no family tie held them together anymore. The happy days of childhood on Coruscant had been washed away, deemed irrelevant by his baby brother. The Jedi had twisted him, turned them in to their pawns, Vorren thought. He cried, concealed under his helmet, as he backed away from his brother. The Jedi had taken everything from him, even while their temple burnt he thought.
“Goodbye Kyle.” Vorren said before activating his jet-pack and flying through a doorway to make his escape. Kyle watched as his brother left the room, then hurried aboard the Rising Fox.
“Kaiya! Van!” He yelled as he made his way in to the ship.

Chapter 10 – Heavy Rain

Five small republic dropships raced past the smoke of the burning buildings on Coruscant. Flanked by a heavy fighter escort, starfighters of both factions exploded in heaps of flames across the sky as the dropships soared toward their targets.

Damon Rann sits patiently aboard one of the dropships, reading the latest Holo-novel he’d acquired. He was tall and well built. Despite the short stubbly blond hair and the thick armour plates of his Republic battle suit he held a gentle expression. On the battle field he wasn’t gentle at all, he was fierce and unforgiving, but he’d found a way to separate himself from that when he wasn’t working. Some guys in his unit thought it was creepy, how a jolly nice guy like him could turn in to the cool ruthless machine they worked with in the field.

Suddenly a voice burst over the com channel.
“1 minute to target” it said quickly, the voice garbled by the effects of a flight mask.
“Get ready for a hot drop you guys!” The pilot of the dropship yelled as he turned his head to face down through the craft from his cockpit. Damon had just put away his novel and started prepping his riffle, when a nearby explosion shook the entire ship. One of the privates on board, a young rodian, tripped as the ship trembled. The others laughed at him as he clambered his way back to his feet. As the rodian stood up the same voice as before came over the com. channel.
“Gold five is down, repeat, Gold five is down.” It reported, now panicked. Sarge, a large man with an unkempt moustache and a grey crew cut, turned to Damon.
“Corporal the Lt. was on that ship.” He said. The countdown to drop started before Sarge could say anything else, but Damon knew enough, Sarge had command. Damon grabbed hold of the lever to unlatch the door for their drop as the pilot counted down the last seconds.

Imperial troops poured out of various buildings and access ways on to the bridged causeways, on their way to swarm the senate building. On one side, republic defence teams held off the advance of the original assault force, but only barely. With the carnage on that bridge and the chaos inside the building, caused by advanced imperial infiltration units, republic units guarding the opposite causeway had been forced to leave their posts and join the fight inside.

Only recently had the imperial forces started coming down the second access bridge. Two figures, who’d till recently been running from the carnage of the senate building, apposed the second stream of imperial troops. Crouched behind walls of debris, for cover, the figures fired at the incoming troopers while a meagre bunch of republic soldiers ran to assist them from the senate building.

The fire fight ensued, Van stood tall, continuously firing both his pistols at the advancing imperial forces that threatened to overrun them. Got to hold on, he thought. Kaiya was behind him, treating wounded Republic troopers that could still rejoin the fight. He couldn’t keep this up much longer, much less make it past the incoming hostiles and back to the Fox. He didn’t know how he’d get out of this, how he’d get Kaiya out, but it didn’t matter. As he ducked for cover behind a large pile of debris, caused by the battle, four small republic dropships flew around the corner and began to pound in to the enemies, flooding the bridge in laser-fire.

Kaiya looked up from the trooper she was bandaging as the loaded dropships flew overhead. One by one they hovered over the bridge; troops dropped lines from inside the ships and proceeded to slide down them in haste. As the troops landed and joined the fight to hold the bridge, Kaiya returned to fixing the wounded trooper’s bandage.

Damon rushed forward as soon as his feet touched the bridged causeway. Sarge and Doc streamed cover fire past him, mowing down imperial troops who couldn’t find cover on the, fairly open, walkway. The troopers that had been aboard Gold 1 were mixed in with the original troops holding the bridge in front of him, while Damon and the rest of the unit made their way to fall in behind them. Many more men, from both sides, joined the heap of bodies that lay sprawled across the bridge. Doc, still in the rear, alternated between providing cover fire for the advancing units and providing aid to wounded troopers.

Damon approached the front line, moving fast and firing at the sea of attackers. His head fixed behind the sight, he jerked it in quick, steady movements, blasting the most advanced enemy troops. In a split second he made out a rocket launcher, priming to fire and aimed straight at him. As the explosive projectile menacingly howled in at him he jumped forward in to a roll, landing behind a barricade formed by a twisted and broken piece of the walkway’s surface. The rocket shot over the makeshift wall by only an inch or two. Damon followed its trail as it swept by. He watched in horror as the rocket smashed straight into Gold 4 and exploded. The small dropship crashed with a violent intensity on to the bridge, obstructing the way past, but also crushing the troopers still beneath it as they ran in terror.

As he sat there, back against the makeshift cover, two imperial troops climbed over the debris and proceeded past him. They took no notice of him until it was too late, he shot them both in the back. He stood up, knowing more would be approaching. He was right, as he popped from cover he found a pureblood sith man, their faces were only inches apart. Both men were shocked at first but Damon got the upper hand. He smacked the Sith in the face with the butt of his rifle, the man was forced to stumble to the side from the force of the blow and lost his footing. The pureblood sith’s leg fell over the side of the bridge first as it clambered to find footing, but all it found was air and the rest of the Sith’s body went tumbling after it down the endless levels of Coruscant. This first proper Sith, not just imperial trooper, that he’d taken out.
“Nice one.” Van said laughing as he pocked his head out from behind his own cover, across the width of the bridge. Damon had not even noticed him before then, he wondered who the rugged looking man was for a moment before joining Van in holding off the flood of imperial soldiers barring down on them.

Two young Jedi barged out of the Senate building, heading for the action. They ran across the bridge with blinding speed, slicing through the imperials they passed. Damon ducked down behind his cover as one approached and leaped over the barricade of rubble. A moment later the distinctive hissing shot of a sniper rifle went off. Before Damon could stand to cover the Jedi, he already lay on his back. A blaster wound entered from the shoulder and left near the Jedi’s hip, he’d been shot from up high.
“Sniper! ...up high!” Damon yelled as he watched the robed man die on the floor, before covering the back of the second younger Jedi.

As the young Jedi caught up, he burst forward, cutting through imperial lines. Darius Ores sat quietly, his scope trained on the young Jedi. He couldn’t afford to miss, not now the troopers knew a sniper was there. With a quick flick of his finger the rifle went off. A beam shot out of the high window, from which he watched the carnage of the battle, and passed straight through the young Jedi’s skull. Darius smiled, killing two Jedi had made the ordeal of surviving his fall almost worth it. After being knocked of the side by Kaiya during their tussle earlier he figured he was doomed. Somehow he’d managed to clamber his way back up the line he’d only barely secured and shimmied his way over to a side from which he could enter the nearby space port building through a small window. Now it was pay back time he thought as he looked over and caught a glimpse of Van. He shifted his rifle to fire.

Suddenly Damon caught sight of the sniper, his rifle had shifted and now he knew where he was. Damon unloaded at the window and the shots cascaded all around Darius, who in his panic fired back at the incoming blasts and ducked down in retreat. The shot had hit, Damon laid back, a bleeding wound on his left shoulder.
“You Hutt butt!” He cursed at the unknown sniper as he locked his rifle under his arm. He loaded the incendiary round and fired. The explosive shell rammed in to the window in a great burst of flame. Darius, still hunched with his back to the wall was sent flying across the room. Debris from the window covered and pierced him, though he wasn’t mortally wounded, he wasin a lot of pain. He reached to activate his com device.
“Orbital bombardment, heavy rain…danger close.” He said panting in to the speaker as he continued to lose blood.

Kaiya raced forward and ducked behind the same cover as Damon. Once there she started treating his shoulder wound, using the last of her med supplies.
“Hi…” Damon said, smiling as he looked up at her, his head resting on her lap.
“Stop smiling or I’ll move on to someone else.” Kaiya snapped back at him not really serious. She mainly didn’t want the soldier forgetting where they were. The moment the comment had left her mouth though two enemy troopers passed by the corner of their cover. Damon immediately fired catching both in the maelstrom of blaster bolts he desperately tried to steady with one hand.

Van let out a grunt of irritation, their cause was hopeless. They’d been pinned down on the bridge for ages and hadn’t moved forward one bit. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a starship as it flew round the corner of the building ahead, far removed from the bridge. It was flying just low of the bridge and heading straight for it when Van noticed it was his ship, The Rising Fox.
“What the, that’s my ship!” he said, utterly baffled. As it sped up toward them he looked out across the bridge.
“Kaiya!” he yelled followed by a beckoning glance at the ship that approached them from behind him. Lifting Korynn in to his arms Van ran across the bridge. The cross fire zoomed by from both directions as he ran straight through it.
“You’ve got to be kidding.” Kaiya said stunned, as she saw the Fox and realised Van’s plan.

The Fox passed under the bridge. As it did Kaiya grabbed hold of Damon and pulled him with her as they rolled off the side of the bridge. With a large thud they landed on the top of The Fox, wedged between bits of the superstructure. Van landed with a loud clamber behind them on his butt, near the back of the craft. Korynn , still unconscious, lay heaped on his lap as the Fox sped away from the bridge. Moments later orbiting Sith cruisers fired upon the bridged walkway, annihilating it completely.

Chapter 11 – Infernal Rage

Terrek slowly stepped out from the shadows. His face expressed concern as he lingered in front of the now broken window. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, trying to calm his mind. His former master, Strago, knew him all too well. Terrek knew that if he did not end this quickly, his old master would continue to poke and prod at his emotions. His own thoughts would betray him and, if he wasn’t careful, lead him down a path he’d struggled his whole life to bury.
“Terrek!” His masters voice resounded from outside, carried by the sound of the rushing wind. It was time Terrek thought, before leaping up, through the broken window and on to the roof.

His robes fluttered violently in the wind as he soared down from the window, landing on the angled roof of the temple tower. Strago, stood before him, his lightsaber active in hand. They stared each other down as they stood on the convex surface that sat upon the peak of the Jedi Temple. The vast open area surrounding the temple allowed them a view of the chaos that engulfed the city planet. Smoke rose from all directions, fires burned in buildings while forces continued to clash…everywhere. From the top of the Jedi Temple it seemed as though they stood apart from the destruction, fixed solely on their own present moment and awaiting their destiny.
“You’ve grown strong in the force, my old apprentice. I can not help wonder what power you would hold now, if you had embraced the dark side, if you had accepted the true nature of the force!” Scythis said, breaking the cold silence between them. He sounded angry, yet there was a sincere sense that he believed what he was saying. He seemed to revel at the presence of his former student, basking in a pride he’d not felt in a long time.

A cold shiver ran down Terrek’s spine as the bond between them, forged over their years together, linked their thoughts in reminiscence of the past. The years they’d spent as master and apprentice in the very temple that burned beneath them. He remembered being confused and frightened the day his master left the Order, the day he’d been discovered. He wondered why his master had taken him then, it was only when they’d returned to the Sith, when he’d been scared for his life, that the power of his pheromones flourished. Maybe his old master had known his potential in that respect, even before Terrek. He wondered how his life would have been if they’d never left the Jedi, if his master hadn’t been a traitor. Would that power have still developed, would he still be cursed to hold back, hold in all he could so he wouldn’t hurt someone as he had before, like he’d hurt Raene. As the name rung through his head he stopped, trying to clear his mind.

But it was too late, the thought was clear and their bond was strong.
“You naturally project your emotions upon others Terrek, do you really believe you can hide anything from me?” Scythis said laughing.
“Look at you. The planet is lost, your temple burns and you’re using half your strength to hold back who you truly are. Let go, give in to your feelings.” He continued.

Suddenly Terrek broke his silence.
“That’s not who I am! It’s what you made me!” He screamed, simultaneously igniting one end of the lightsaber he held in his left hand. Scythis’ wide grin returned as he looked at the blade in Terrek’s left hand.
“Finally, you intend to face me.” He said as he lifted his own saber up before him. Simultaneously they swept their blades to the side, in recognition of their opponent, before charging at each other, once again, in a dazzling display of combat.

They fought their way up to the top of the convex roof, furthest away from the rising flames and the flattest most stable footed area. Both combatants continuously struggled to keep themselves from sliding down the roof and off the side, to plummet to their deaths, while viciously hacking at each other.

As the cascade of blows continued back and forth they were forced apart. Both blades stretched forward at each other, their tips barely crossing. Darth Scythis held his blade firmly in both hands, his arms slightly bent, ready to jab steadily forward. Conversely Terrek held his green, double-bladed lightsaber in his left hand with only one side active. His wrist loos, the tip of the green blade danced. Always pointed at Scythis, but never steady, never still.

Suddenly Scythis jabbed forward and with that the battle had recommenced. Terrek relied more on his speed and agility, redirecting Scythis’ blade and dodging the rest of its trajectory, before countering with a succession of quick stabs. Some hit, but the strength of his master’s armour repelled the blade. Suddenly the mechanical leg of Scythis lifted and kicked Terrek right in the chest, sending him sprawling backward.

As he slid to a halt on his back he saw Scythis crashing down upon him from the air above. In the nick of time Terrek managed to activate and twirl both ends of his weapon round directly above him. As the blades spun they caught the violet lightsaber of his opponent only inches from impaling his face as he lay there.

Around them pieces of the convex roof started to cave in. The flames billowed out from the rooms below. It was obvious the structure would not stand much longer. Terrek tried to sweep his opponents legs and get to his feet but caught the metallic leg of his former master. He screamed briefly in pain while Scythis prepared to strike him down once more. Terrek reached out to in the force to a caved in section of the roof nearby, taking hold of a large support beam he pulled it toward him with the force. The pillar shook as it felt the pull from the force, as Scythis’ blade began to fall it burst loose from its fitting and came howling in at him. As it smashed in to Scythis he screamed, Terrek scrambled to his feet hoping that the battle was over.

As he peered out at the giant support beam, still tumbling and crashing down the side of the roof he knew it wasn’t. Suddenly the Beam stopped, first it stopped rolling and finally it stopped sliding. Then in one grand display, it lifted of the roof. The Beam flew over Scythis, who stood there with hand outstretched, guiding it in the force, before it was let go and fell back toward the roof, smashing a large area on the rim before tumbling off the side.

Terrek simply stared at his former master as Scythis slowly walked back up the steep gradient of the roof, which was more and more being consumed by flames. “You remember Raene don’t you Terrek? Of course you do, you were just thinking about her. As I remember you were good ‘friends’ when you where still a sith.” Scythis mocked.

“Until you forced me to destroy her mind.” Terrek hastily replied, his voice sombre.
“As I recall all we did was lock you in a room together.” Was the sith lord’s response followed by an evil laugh.
“You locked us up and tortured me…for days. All to see how my pheromones would effect her, how the force would make me, in my anger and pain, lash out at everything around.” Terrek’s eyes glistened in the fire as they began to tear.
“And what we beheld was magnificent. Fear, pain, pleasure, hate, sorrow, by the end of it she could not feel any emotion you did not feed her with. Complete corruption.” Scythis said as he started to get close to Terrek again.
“And you call that magnificent, to never know what someone truly feels, to not know if you’re the cause of what they say, what they feel.” Terrek spat back, disgusted by the notions of Scythis.
“Oh yes she felt quite abandoned when you left. She was after all so dependent.” Scythis said, prodding at Terrek’s feelings.
“What did you do to her?” Terrek said, almost afraid to even ask.
“I trained her of course. Once I’ve killed you… perhaps there will be another who feels abandoned.” He said, that evil grin returning to his face.
“Perhaps Kaiya will find solice in my teachings!” he yelled out, a threatening tone to his voice.

“Noooooo!” Terrek screamed before the sentence had even left Scythis’ mouth. He charged forward, striking wildly at his opponent, intent on killing him. His emotions swelled, anger had gotten the best of him for a moment and it had cost him. As Terrek’s two blades flail back and forth in to his opponent’s violet blade, Scythis dodges and bringing his blade up severs Terrek’s right hand.

Terrek falls to a knee grasping the hilt of his saber tight in response to the pain. He looks up to see Scythis standing before him. \sparks of lightning begin to rain, with increasing strength, from the sith lords hands as he holds them, fingers stretched out, before him. Terrek, in the brief moment he had, stretched out his hand, holding back the incoming strikes of lightning as they began cascading from Scythis’ finger tips.

He held on for a moment, the power of the force building in the palm of his hand, but he was too tired to hold it out. The remaining sparks enveloped him, jolting him back and forth as each hit. In one last effort Scythis pushed his former student away. As the force smashed in to Terrek he was sent tumbling down the roof, toward the rim.

Helplessly Terrek reached around him with his left hand, searching for something to grasp hold of. As he approached the edge of the roof he caught sight of a cable, it was his last hope. He grasped at it even as his legs went flying over the edge. There he hung, dangling by one hand off the top of the Jedi Temple. Terrek could barely see above the rim of the roof from which he dangled. He’d lost any hope of surviving this ordeal, but his thoughts went out to Kaiya, he hoped she’d be safe.

Chapter 12 – The Bonds of Love

Aboard the Rising Fox, Kyle and Van were manoeuvring through the chaos of the skies of Coruscant. All around them starfighters clashed with reinforcements of both factions hidden behind any corner. Korynn Mothma sat in the corner of the medical bay sipping a drink given to her by Kaiya, a warm blanket pulled over her shoulders. The trooper, Damon Rann lay sprawled on the medical table, his shirt off, while Kaiya treated his wounds.

Suddenly Kaiya felt something. She didn’t know what it was, at first it scared her, but soon it was clear as day. She heard Terrek’s voice calling her name clear as day, but somehow she knew it was in her head. She raced to the bridge, clambering against the sides of the ship as it rocked under fire. “Kyle! Turn around.” She screamed as she made her way in to the hectic cockpit.
“Are you out of your mind!” Van spat out. While Kyle gave an equally squabbled “What!”
“I know where Terrek is, now turn around.” She said abruptly. Moments later the ship banked and, while dodging heavy enemy fire reversed its course, shooting of toward the Jedi Temple.

Scythis approached Terrek as he dangled off the edge of the burning roof.
“You disappoint me Terrek. Even when enraged you hold back…Wouldn’t you’re Jedi Masters be proud.” He said in a demeaning tone as he stood over Terrek, his life in Scythis’ hands.

Terrek’s mind wandered briefly back to his time with Crystala, his Jedi master. “Terrek no power by nature is evil or good. Even intentions can be misleading; it’s why we Jedi focus on the force, to see what its will is and act accordingly. We all influence each other Terrek, it’s the nature of the impression we leave on people that matters, not how strong it is.” The lesson from Master Vale rung as clearly in his ears then as it had years ago, when she’d actually spoke them.

“You marvelled at this curse you laid upon me master? Then perhaps you should experience it yourself!” Terrek yelled up at the man standing over him. For the first time in six years he let go, allowing his presence in the force to flow out and invade all that was around.

Scythis began to sweat; the fires around him seemed to stretch past the sky. He was scared, but he didn’t know why. Suddenly the ghost of Terrek’s mother appeared, stepping from the flames in the gapping holes in the failing roof. Another appeared, one from every pit and flame. Scythis started to breath heavily, before he felt he couldn’t breath. His wrist on his right arm began to burn intensely. Dizziness took him and he fell to his knees panting, out of breath from nothing. He was scared, in pain and alone, he knew he was going crazy, but it was too late. More delusions appeared, visions of Scythis burning alive. Panic set hold and the mind of the Sith Lord was lost, invaded by the vary power he had forced upon his former student.

Terrek watched as the flames began engulfing the real Scythis, who had already been screaming in his lunacy. Terrek’s grip was failing, he stared at the twisted metal he clung to as his fingers finally slipped loos.

“There!” Kaiya screamed, as they watched Terrek begin to fall, from aboard the Rising Fox. They were just close enough to swoop in after him. As they pulled in under him Van opened the top hatch and came out, catching the falling Jedi but forcing them both to stumble and fall down the access hatch. As the hatch closed the Fox pulled back up, away from the surface in retreat. As they blasted off, behind them the roof of the Jedi Temple burnt, buckled and collapsed, consuming Darth Scythis. One day they’d make The Empire pay for what they’d done to Coruscant.
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The Rising of the Fox Ep Vi: The Fall of the Risen
ATC 20

The Legend of Terrek Corso Ep VI: Twisted Fate
ATC 20

The Chronicle of Crystals Ep IV-Vi (To Be Named)
BTC 28-24
SWTOR: The Tales of Twisted Fate The Legend of Terrek Corso, The Adventures of Kyle Laurent, The Origins of Hate,The Rising of the Fox