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Please buff Incendiary round..

Jayshames's Avatar

04.19.2013 , 01:27 PM | #1
So I just finished playing Lethality on my Sniper, given it's a level 55 let's just say for instance the damage of Corrosive Grenade at level 50 is around 2,500 total (probably more anyway).

Corrosive Grenade;
[let's say] 2,500~ Damage over 21 seconds.
Costs 1/10th of Snipers energy.
Can affect up to 5 targets.
Can be thrown from 35m.

Incendiary Round;
2,500~ Damage over 18 seconds.
Costs near 1/4 of Vanguards energy.
Only affects 1 target.
Limited to 10m range.

Now I know Snipers are a pure DPS class and I don't expect to be as good as them, though I atleast expect to be somewhat near them.
Look at the above skills... Snipers level 20 talent is way ahead in terms of what it does compared to Vangaurds pitiful Incendiary Round which I find myself rarely using.

In my opinion any of these would make it somewhat viable; (not all ofcourse)
  • Increase it's damage by a fair amount.
  • Decrease it's ammo cost by a lot.
  • Increase it's range. (again)
  • Make it damage 1-5 opponents in range. (3 would suffice)

Any of the above changes isn't going to shoot the PT/VG from being an under-par class to god-like any time soon. I feel these changes are necessary now more than ever as pre 2.0 Vangaurds and PT were pretty overpowered, there's no denying that. Though, now that they are one of the worst classes I think they deserve a buff to this rather horrible ability.

Feedback & flame are welcome!