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Character stuck loading and another hour que?

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Character stuck loading and another hour que?

dajonjamore's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 09:26 PM | #1
Level 30 BH just finished the jedi/tarro quest whee u blow up the ship and hit the door to load back onto my ship, its stuck around 20%.

I get home to a 40 minute que, get on play an hour then this happens, get booted have a lil more than an hour que, get back on try and get on toon wont let me, I have to get out of game and it lets me right back to character screen but wont allow me to play my other toons as the bh is still logged on, so i try one more time to log out and back in, another stupid que.

I understand bugs happen but the QUE is bull, I was placed on that server I didnt choose it, allow us on and don't allow new characters created on those servers its that SIMPLE.

Starting on another server isnt an option friends/family and my time invested already ,I shouldnt have to ,I have limited time to play and tonight i am only going to get an hour to play.