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Sorc Healer LF Guild

Mercia's Avatar

04.19.2013 , 04:12 AM | #1
Im looking for a guild that suits my needs a little more than my current one

I am mainly geared in 66 mods atm and have completed the new scum and villiany raid in story mode.

My main requirement is that raids start at 7pm game time and stops at as close to 10pm as possible.

I live in the uk and have a job that requires me to be up early in the morning so raiding till 11pm and later is no good for me.

I want the guild to have a proven progression path in hard and nightmare modes im an MMO vet and expect nothing but the best of team mates, i want augmented gear and stim requirements and the raids to be serious with no bull and no messing about waiting for people to get out of a FP or having piss every 2 mins

Anything out there to suit me?

Thanks for looking