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Your characters' alignments?

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Your characters' alignments?

Murasakikitsune's Avatar

04.26.2013 , 07:08 AM | #11
Jedi Shadow: Nemo is Neutral Good, and neutral in the Force. To live without passion is to live without a heart for others. How can one care for others without feeling their pain? Struggles perpetuate growth, but that growth must be toward harmony. As long as one is working toward harmony and health of people, the means and philosophies will develop themselves over time.
She uses the darker, more intensely passionate side of the Force, led by empathy, compassion, and ambition, but also keeping clarity and level-headedness in mind.
Peace and Passion can be one.

Vyerix's Avatar

04.26.2013 , 04:22 PM | #12
Hmm, of the characters I have put some time into. I would think the follow along these paths.

Bounty Hunter Powertech - Lawful Neutral

Jedi Guardian - Neutral Good

Jedi Sage - Lawful good

Sith Sorc - Chaotic Neutral

Sith juggernaut - Neutral Evil

SithKoriandr's Avatar

04.27.2013 , 09:54 AM | #13
Trooper would be, I believe, Lawful Neutral. Maybe Lawful Evil? She follows orders, even if she gives them snark, is willing to sacrifice the few for the greater good (Needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few) though she's not above revenge either (she's gunning for the traitors). She's not sadistic and doing evil for the sake of doing evil. So I think Lawful Neutral is probably the right choice.

Smuggler is Chaotic Good, though she's not above taking bribes, wanting compensation, or doing somethings in her best interrest, but generally she does what is right over the big pay-off (though not always).

Knight, Hunter and Inquisitor are Chaotic Good as well. I think I just find the Chaotic Good personality fits really well with the hero persona, and I love playing someone who is out for the good, but on their own terms.

My Warrior is more Chaotic Neutral I believe (obviously I'm not 100% sure if I'm getting all these alignments correct, though I do know they can waver from it every now and again). I guessing this is right, as she'll go back and forth on the good and evil aspect of things.

Haven't gotten far enough on my Agent or Consular to decide, though Consular is already looking Chaotic Good as well. What can I say, I like to play my Jedi's and Sith's as not exactly agreeing with the extreems of their orders. The Sith want to slap the other Sith for over doing it, and the Jedi's just don't agree with the total lack of passion (they'd fit much better in the New Era with Luke Skywalker).
"It's now very common to hear people say, 'I'm rather offended by that.' As if that gives them certain rights. It's actually nothing more...than a whine. 'I find that offensive.' It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. 'I am offended by that.' Well, so *********** what." - Stephen Fry

Lesaberisa's Avatar

04.27.2013 , 10:54 AM | #14
Of the characters/classes I've played much:

Jedi Knight: Lawful good, possibly some neutral good aspects. Basically play her as a fairly stereotypical paladin/proper Jedi, although she can be snarky y at times (some of that was an in-game response to my leveling partner, who would RP his consular as being bipolar/acting strangely to amuse me), Could be a bit neutral good since she doesn't avoid emotional connections (although I'd have liked to have her be more free to be something other than a nun in space until Doc comes along). BFFs with Kira.

Jedi Consular: Neutral, sometimes Chaotic, Good. More willing to deviate from being the 'model Jedi' than my knight, less likely to have patience with Jedi rituals and requirements. Much more snarky/short with people than my Knight. Basically a Jedi with a few rough edges. I admit, I'm leveling my second consular and I still don't feel like I have a good read on what I want from the class.

Sith Inquisitor: Chaotic Good, sometimes Chaotic Neutral (although some of that is forced by game/story mechanics or points). Bitter about being a slave, generally sympathetic and compassionate towards others who have similarly suffered under the Empire's rule (aliens, slaves, etc.) and hostile towards mindless cruelty and other actions that often lead to the problems. Not necessarily nice (she's sarcastic and can be mean to people at times when they mess up badly or give her attitude), but generally tries to do the 'right' thing/avoid bloodshed.

Smuggler: Chaotic Neutral, leaning Chaotic Good. No respect for the law, although perfectly willing to use legal channels when appropriate (i.e.
). Generally a nice person but credits are a high priority, as is having fun. Gets along well with Risha, unsurprisingly, and drives Corso nuts (I couldn't see my smuggler marrying him, for one).

Trooper : Neutral good. He values morals/doing the right thing over doing the thing better for the Republic at times. Generally a nice guy, patient, has the back of everyone on his squad, even when they don't necessarily deserve it (I'm looking at you, Tanno Vik), and is basically the model soldier for the Republic. Sometimes gets himself into trouble trying to be funny or snarky, and doesn't have a lot of patience for politics. Example of why he's not lawful good, from the trooper class story


Sith Warrior (aiming for DS V): Chaotic Evil. Pureblood Sith Princess without much in the way of morals or sympathy. Run Vette, run!

dewback_rancher's Avatar

04.27.2013 , 03:57 PM | #15
Jedi Shadow- Lawful Good. She's a very compassionate character, who cares about the people of the Republic and what it stands for; if it comes down to a conflict between the letter of the law and the spirit, she will always adhere to the latter. And she won't be brutal towards her enemies, and will prefer to end things without violence if possible, or a minimum of violence if not. Hence the focus on diplomacy, stealth, and sabotage over charging in and killing things like a Trooper or a Knight. Her teaching style, meanwhile, is very playful, often couching a lesson with humor and wisdom alike. After all, she knows that a teacher's job isn't just to teach the student, but to learn as well, so it is for both to enjoy. It is both a responibility and a privilege for both teacher and student.

Essentially, she knows that the Republic looks to the Jedi as an example. If the Jedi fail to live up to expectations, how can anyone expect the Republic to step up and overcome the difficulties it has in living up to its core principles? Thus, not only does she believe in acting morally for its own sake, but for the sake of those who look up to the Jedi.

That said, she's still very human, subject to making mistakes the same as everyone. From time to time she'll snap angrily at those who are being particularly cruel or ruthless, particularly those who engage in practices such as slavery or torture, both of which she considers "utterly indefensible abominations"- though, she invariably manages to calm herself back down and never gives into her temper after such outbursts, even if she is sorely tempted. Her compassion even for her enemies simply outweighs her disdain for their acts.
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AlaricSevGirl's Avatar

04.29.2013 , 12:43 PM | #16
Darth Cirienne, jugg, Emperor's Wrath, of which she just happened to fall into the role, is Chaotic neutral. She is Sith but doesn't really care for Sith traditions. She considers that she had a job to do and chose the Sith because she didn't want the restrictions imposed by the jedi. She's Mirialan.

Sorcerer Ashan-arani, Chaotic Evil, definitely doesn't care about anyone but herself and is known to show it. She was a slave. Everyone owes her something.

Mercenary Kensi'adron, lawful good. She's a mercenary but doesn't kill unless absolutely necessary. She believes in honor and has been known to tell Sith off.

That's just three of my 12 characters.
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Gurluas's Avatar

04.29.2013 , 05:28 PM | #17
SIth Warrior: Melanion, Human Paragon of Light. she does what she can to help those in need, and she abhores the actions of most of her fellow Sith, few Siths have earned her respect, Lord Cytharat being one. She likes the Jedi and respects the Republic.

Jedi Knight: Rhozno, Miraluka, Mostly Good. As said, Rhozno is mostly good, he disagrees with the Jedi order on a few points, such as romances, he also

Counselor: Albinion, Sith Pureblood. Paragon of Light. She is stalwart, cute, red skinned and very devoted to the Light side.

Agent: Falaneah, Zabrak. Traitor to the Empire. She believes that the Empire is a threat to most, and she works with them to undermine them from within, believing that the Republic is the future of the Galaxy.

AhsokaTanorules's Avatar

04.29.2013 , 11:20 PM | #18
Jedi Knight - Lawful Good. Would always protect those in need including memebrs of the Empire and always willing to try and convert fallen force users or Sith.

Jedi Condular - Lawful Good. Also merciful, benign and enlightened and respects law and authority.

Smuggler - Chaotic Neutral. Extremely selfish and only thinks of herself but would not murder people for the hell of it.

Trooper - Chaotic Evil. Does not have much respect for civil law and somewhat bloodthristy with no sense for compassion or mercy.

Sith Warrior - Evil, brutal and murderous. Likely to kill even allies that displease him.

Sith Inquisitor - Neutral Evil. Self absorbed and only cares about her own creature comforts. Also revels in using her Sith powers to torture or kill anyone who annoys her.

Bounty Hunter - Neutral Evil. Also selfish and mostly out for his own payday. Does not mind using brute force and thuggish tactics.

Imperial Agent - Neutral Good. Can seem standoffish but has a sense of honor and propriety.

psandak's Avatar

04.30.2013 , 09:37 AM | #19
Guardian Jedi Knight - Lawful neutral (with HEAVY good tendencies). Follows the letter of the Jedi code and the rulings of the council in all aspects...except he fell in love with Kira and secretly married her. Always protects the innocent over the objections of the military/government. Always sees the potential good in others, but when evil rears its ugly head he is quick to strike it down.

Scoundrel Smuggler - chaotic neutral. For him it's all about the money, but he tends to do the right thing when innocent people are involved. He mouths off at those in authority, but it also willing to listen to their proposals.

Mercenary Bounty Hunter - True neutral. She has a personal code of conduct where she does the right thing, keeping bystanders out of the line of fire, she tends to capture instead of kill, but she also has a nasty streak; don't piss her off or you'll see it with both barrels.

Inquisitor Assassin - Neutral evil. Most of the time, he does his own thing for his own reasons, but he appreciates that the Empire and its "rules" exist for a reason and obeys his master when he sees fit. He kowtows to no one. He tends to proverbially rub salt in the wounds of his allies and adversaries alike.

Joewrey's Avatar

04.30.2013 , 12:22 PM | #20
Sith Sorcerer:

Neutral evil: He does whatever he wants, everyone and everything comes second to him. He believes his power is supreme, however should there be something he wants and if he requires the help of another person/people to achieve his goals, he shall keep them alive for as long as they have their use. He generally keeps a low profile, not causing any damage or mayhem if it's not necessary.