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The Legend of Terrek Corso Ep II - In Darkness Raised

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The Legend of Terrek Corso Ep II - In Darkness Raised

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04.18.2013 , 05:35 PM | #1
Star Wars The Old Republic: The Tales of Twisted Fate

The Legend of Terrek Corso Episode II – In Darkness Raised
(BTC 12)

Chapter 1 – The Last Conversion
A D5-Mantis dropped out of hyperspace heading for Nar Shaddaa. On the surface Master Valentin Strago, a tall man dressed in black, with long unkempt jet black hair and a face riddled with course stubble, stared at the luminous blue projection of a Sith officer on his comlink. “They have arrived.” said the officer before abruptly cutting off the transmission.

“Take care of this, and meet me at the ship.” Valentin said, as he turned his back to his apprentice and left the room.
“Yes, my master.” Terrek whispered as he turned to the Hutt standing across from him, whose bodyguards already lay dead at his feet.
“Now we will discuss your new found loyalty to The Empire.” He mocked the Hutt, who trembled in fear at the child standing before him. A Zeltron boy no older than twelve, the red hue of his kind was faint, but unmistakable. Black hair, ironically styled like a Jedi’s. But most distinctive and most disturbing for the Hutt were his eyes, his piercing green eyes. The Hutt screamed in terror as the door snapped shut behind Master Strago.

The Empire had been shipping his student across the galaxy since they had first returned to the Sith four years ago. The Zeltron pheromone his people produce, enhanced by his power in the force had given his apprentice an unnatural giftedness for mind manipulation, a quality not lost on the Sith Empire. Valentin had the feeling Terrek did not particularly enjoy his new assignments, not that the boy had seemed to enjoy his tests on Korriban either, but he could feel a growing doubt within him. Perhaps the eight years he had taught him as a Jedi had doomed the boy from the start, he thought as he made his way out of the safe house, down the filthy alien infested walkways of Nar Shaddaa and on to a discrete landing platform in one of the less than reputable parts of the city.

Chapter 2 – The Panteer Plot
The bounty hunter was late, but considering the cargo he carried, Valentin would be forgiving. Dayton Laurent, a known Mandolorian bounty hunter, had contracted with the empire to deliver them a political prisoner, one of the younger nieces of the Panteer family on Alderaan. How they’d managed to procure her, he didn’t know. He hadn’t been privy to the operational details. Valentin had only found out about it after the local Commander on Nar Shaddaa threw a fit over resources after receiving the communiqué concerning the operation. Valentin had made sure, however to relieve him of the burden of that meeting. To Valentin these events posed an oppurtinity that would pave his way to power within the empire. If they acted fast enough, they could get the Panteer girl and send her back to the republic before anyone caught on. With his apprentice by her side, molding her into a loyal imperial servant, Valentin would hold a key position during the inevitable invasion of Alderaan.

Eventually the Mantis pulls over head, preparing to land and Valentin pulls out his comlink.
“Master I am at the ship, where are you?” says the projection of Terrek.
“Meet me at platform five. There is one more mind to bend.” His master replies.
Terrek makes his way past the entryways of various platforms until he reaches platform 5. Using the force he takes hold of the security agent’s mind, authorizing entry to the platform and erasing himself from the poor fool’s mind. As he enters the hanger he sees a man dressed in armor escorting a little girl, down the ramp of a D5-Mantis and toward his master.

As Terrek approaches the group his mind begins racing. He had invaded the minds of Cartel scum, Assaulted the senses of enemy troops and twisted the thoughts of tribes and gangs. But to corrupt the mind of a little girl, would this really bring glory to the empire he wondered. As that thought crosses his mind a distant memory flashes before him.
“Rain…” he mumbles under his breathe.
Now standing next to his master he looks up, somehow wishing he had misunderstood what his master wanted from him. His master merely looks back at him with a cold stare, his once brown eyes which Terrek had known when he was younger, now a screaming yellow filled with hate. Valentin merely brakes his stare and tilts his head in the direction of the little girl before turning his back,
“Come Dayton, let us see to the matter of your compensation.” He says, walking briskly toward the exit.

As Terrek’s gaze falls back to the frightened little girl only a few feet away from him and as he tries to come to grips with what he is about to do, their eyes lock. As they do Terrek sees the vision of a woman suddenly appear behind the girl. At first he did not know who she was. He had never seen her before but her green eyes, red skin and soft smile told him everything.
“Mom” he uttered, before the vision disappeared. With tears in his eyes he spun round.
“Noooo!” He cried, as he drew his lightsaber and sent it flying straight as an arrow towards his master. In one swift move his master spins around and drops to a knee. At the same time Valentin wills his saber to his hand through the force and in the same manner sends it flying directly into the path of the incoming threat. The two sabers barely touch as they pass each other in mid flight, but just enough to send both hurtling off course.

Chapter 3 – 30 Min. Earlier
Ganio Niedra, a Twi’lek Jedi with a pale yellow complexion, makes his way through the crowded cantina and over to its back corner. Once there he looks back at the bar tender and with a small nod the Chiss reaches under the bar to stealthily press a hidden button. Discretely and completely silent, the back wall opens to reveal a secret sitting room, not much larger than any of the other private booths scattered around the walls of the cantina. The point of this room wasn’t its size; rather it was the element of discretion that had made this location ideal for meeting with contacts. The Jedi has a standing arrangement with the Chiss barkeep, one of the few people on Nar Shaddaa Ganio feels he can trust, at least as long as he pays him.

Already sitting in the room is a human man with short brown hair and stubble suggesting the man has not shaved in at least a week or so. On the table sits an intricate Helmet, the bottom half covered by a fixed dark red cloth, a pad of short spikes adorns the top with the same color. As the hidden door closes behind him Ganio takes a seat across from the bounty hunter.
“Dayton Laurent I presume?” says the Jedi.
“Don’t presume too much Jedi, it will get you killed… Now do you want your intel or not?” Dayton smugly retorted. The Jedi reaches for the very substantial amount of credits given to him by the counsel for his mission.
“I do, but I was wondering how much “cooperation” would cost?” he says as he reveals the credits. The bounty hunter’s answer is quick.
“Twice my price and my family safe under republic guard. Here are the details. We’ll have to hurry if you want this to work” He says, handing a data pad to the Jedi.
Ganio merely smiles and says “That can be arranged.”

Chapter 4 – Clash on Platform 5
As Ganio finds his way to the landing terminal the bounty hunter had directed him to he can feel a powerful disturbance in the force. He knows all he needs to from that, such raging emotions tuned directly into destruction can only be coming from a Sith. He rushed to the platform, the force guiding him to the darkness. He reaches platform five and as he does he draws his lightsaber from his belt and activates it. An orange blade springs to life with a deep humming noise. The security agent at the platform, fearing for his life and not wanting trouble, quickly opens the doors to the hanger and raises his hands as if to surrender. As the hanger doors open Master Niedra watches as two lightsabers hurtle towards each other and clash in mid air.

While attempting to grasp the situation he continues to watch as the two Sith charge at each other, each willing their sabers back to their hands before meeting each other in a violent clash. Dayton, still confused about the current events watches as the two Sith lock in combat when he sees the hanger door open, his Jedi friend standing beyond it. Still confused he says “oh Whatever!” while drawing his blaster pistols and unloading volley after volley of blaster fire in the direction of the battling Sith.

The incoming array of blaster fire forces Terrek to spin around in order to deflect the incoming volley, as he does Valentin seizes the moment and slices down. Inches from his face his masters blade is caught by a mysterious orange blade. As Terrek looks up he sees a Twi’lek in Jedi robes engage his master, driving him into a corner. With all of them locked in combat, none really understand the situation. Dayton sees Sith being crazy, that’s nothing unusual. When they gave him a heap of credits to kidnap a noble relative from Alderaan he had no problems. It was when he finished the operation, when he found out his target was a ten year old girl, that he decided to betray the empire, and their deal. He had kids of his own, two boys, and he’d make damn sure his kids weren’t snatched by the Sith. He’d make sure his kids wouldn’t end up like the enraged boy who was now charging at him, batting his blaster fire back at him like it was a game.

The dark side clouds Ganio’s connection to the force. Locked in combat with the juggernaut in front of him, he finds himself astounded. The power and rage that had led him to the hanger so quickly, did not eminate from the master, they where both cascading out of the young apprentice he had saved only moments ago. When he had entered the room, seeing the pair crossing blades, he wondered if he could save the boy. Now, as he felt the boy’s emotions erupting behind him, he was not so sure.

Valentin lets the Jedi back him into a corner, away from his pupil, splitting the combatants to his advantage. Sensing the wall behind him, Valentin jumps back, planting his feet firmly on the wall before extending his knees sending him hurtling back into the Jedi. His mind was clear… they all have to die.

Chapter 5 – Dayton’s End
Terrek can’t think. His rage has taken a hold of him completely. He doesn’t feel in control, in a way he’s never known before. It scares him, but the rage is too overwhelming to let what he thinks interfere. He closes in on Dayton deflecting blaster fire from, what is now, point blank range. As Dayton scurries backward, simultaneously firing his blasters and dodging an ever closer lightsaber, he tries to use the jet-pack installed on his back. Dayton flies up, still firing, as Terrek deflects the incoming shots and takes hold of him with the force. Suddenly Dayton stops in the air, he can’t move. Before he knows what’s wrong he’s already slamming back into the ground. The impact shakes him; he knows he didn’t just fall and as he picks himself up he knows he doesn’t have time. Taking a knee he picks up his blaster. Terrek charges in as the bounty hunter struggles to pick himself up. As the man reaches for his blaster Terrek spins. His trick worked, Dayton fired as Terrek predicted. Spinning his saber behind him in mid turn the red blade catches the blaster bolt perfectly, sending it smashing back into the blaster. Now defenseless Dayton pulls the trigger in panicked desperation, but to no avail. The terror doesn’t last long. As Terrek finishes his spin he brings his saber round again catching the bounty hunter in the neck. The red helmet with the head still inside rolled off of Dayton before his lifeless body, still propped on one knee, collapsed on the floor.

Terrek turns around to see that Master Strago and the Jedi are still fighting. The tables having turned now as Master Strago strikes without mercy at the Jedi, driving him back toward the ship and Terrek. As they draw closer they pause. Master Strago stares at Terrek. He knows that he wants him to attack the Jedi from behind. Going back to his master was not an option now though, he had rebelled, with a reason, and going back would merely mean surrendering to endless torture, if not death. Ganio can feel the boy’s doubt.
“I can free you from this hate young one, let us try together.” He says while keeping his eyes on Valentin.
“Are you too weak to face me alone, Jedi?” Valentin mocks before slashing his lightsaber downward at the Jedi, but Ganio catches the blow. The two men struggle to dominate the now locked blades. Terrek, still enraged and unable to think, sees his chance. Lunging forward he thrusts his blade straight through the Jedi’s back catching Master Strago in the chest as well.

Valentin jumps back, his armor had just saved his life, but he was still wounded. His pupil came charging straight at him, his saber low. As Terrek draws close his master swings and as the blade nears he drops to his knees and leans back. He watches as his masters violet blade passes inches over his face. As the blade cuts threw his, still falling, Jedi braid he’d had fashioned above his right ear all his life, he closes his eyes. The momentum of his charge still carrying him he jerks himself to the side, flinging his saber in front of him and catches his master in the leg, severing it. Valentin Cries in pain. “I should have left you to starve in your dying mother’s arms!”

Terrek gets up. Standing over his master, now helpless, he brings his saber back to life takes it in both hands and points it downward. Suddenly Terrek feels arms around his waist and a warm embrace from his back. Kaiya, the little girl, clutches him from behind, crying on his back.
“Please… Stop…” she says. As soon as the words leave her mouth Terrek calms and the rage lifts before he looses consciousness entirely.
SWTOR: The Tales of Twisted Fate The Legend of Terrek Corso, The Adventures of Kyle Laurent, The Origins of Hate,The Rising of the Fox

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04.18.2013 , 05:39 PM | #2
The Legend of Terrek continues with...

Ep III - Mandolorian Menace

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SWTOR: The Tales of Twisted Fate The Legend of Terrek Corso, The Adventures of Kyle Laurent, The Origins of Hate,The Rising of the Fox