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[Slicing] Not one single Thermal Regulator since 2.0.0b

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[Slicing] Not one single Thermal Regulator since 2.0.0b
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GeckoOBac's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 03:47 PM | #1
Pretty much says so in the title... Been farming missions non-stop on two characters, even following what was said by a dev (only rich and bountiful yield purples on crits, plus wealthy ofc), but since tuesday I have to see yet a single regulator.

Bear in mind that I had no problem till Tuesday and in fact I have already sold tens of those.

I wanted to check if it's just an incredibly long string of bad luck or if they messed up something on tuesday (wouldn't be the first time)
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DarthKyorl's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 03:51 PM | #2
I've received only two since Tuesday, one for my Imp and one for my pub slicer. I am on Harbinger server.
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KettleBelll's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 03:54 PM | #3
The real slicing crime is that lockboxes are always worth less than the cost of the mission.


GeckoOBac's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 03:58 PM | #4
Please keep it to the topic at hand. I'd like to see some reports. Due to the nature of RNG, it may be a very bad case of an unlucky streak, but I'd like to see more opinions (or you know, a dev actually checking)
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-Nengtaka's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 04:07 PM | #5
The devs have reported that there is a bug with the Therml Regulators.
They said that the Thermal Regulators are not dropping as intended, whether this means a higher or lower drop rate I do not know, but I am guesing it means higher.
They have also said that lockboxes are not giving the correct amount of credits.
Both bugs they said they are hoping to fix in the 2.0.1 patch, which would be next Tuesday, the 23rd

I have gotten about 11 of them on my slicer. Granted I had a Slicing mission for 1 that got me 2, but otherwise I get them on crits. (Bounty Hunter, so I have Mako's slicing help)

Resiel's Avatar

04.18.2013 , 04:22 PM | #6
unlucky streak ive got about 15 since the patch with only 1 char who is a slicer. (Just running watchdog or unsliceable with Scorpio companion)

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04.18.2013 , 04:50 PM | #7
Ah well, just my bad luck then... Guess I'll wait Tuesday anyway.
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Zarass's Avatar

04.19.2013 , 02:06 AM | #8
The drop rate has increased since patch for sure. Before patch I only got one (in 2 days since I didn't had early access)..
After patch I got about 12. I would say about 1 crit (which gets us 1 single thermal regulator) in about 5 missions.

AmberGreen's Avatar

04.19.2013 , 08:32 AM | #9 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
As folks have pointed out, we do know that there's a bug with Thermal Regulators, and we've fixed it for 2.0.1. The Patch Note is:
  • Increased the number of Bio-Mechanical Interface Chips and Thermal Regulators provided as rewards for level 400+ Slicing missions.
You should see this and a number of other fixes going in on Tuesday, and we have many more on the very near future horizon!
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-Damask-'s Avatar

04.19.2013 , 01:49 PM | #10
Don't forget that only rich/bountiful can crit now... If you're doing the cheaper parts missions hoping to crit that would explain why you haven't got any yet. I was saying the same thing at launch until I saw Amber's post.

Of course with the new changes why do we even have the Moderate/Abundant missions at all? All they serve to do is make us re-log to repopulate the list with the missions we want to run. Nobody in their right mind would run a moderate yield lockbox mission since there are no blue quality mission discovery missions to be had. Same with the tech parts- I get enough blues from failed rich/abundants that I never have to run the lower yield ones. Just remove them and be done with it