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The Legend of Terrek Corso Ep I - A new Destiny

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The Legend of Terrek Corso Ep I - A new Destiny

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04.18.2013 , 02:57 PM | #1
Star Wars The Old Republic: The Tales of Twisted Fate

The Legend of Terrek Corso, Episode I – A New Destiny (BTC 24)

Chapter 1 – On the Tail of a Traitor

A lone Jedi starship dropped out of hyperspace far above the planet Zeltros. As the ship shifted to an orbiting patern, Jedi Master Nindo Underso, who until know had spent the entirety of the trip in his meditation chamber, stepped on to the bridge. Nindo had felt a dark, lurking, presence from the moment they’d arrived.
“We’re being watched.” He said calmly, the end of his sentence cut short by a flurry of laser fire crossing over the nose of the ship.
“Ya think!” the pilot of the starship yelled in response as he quickly manoeuvred the ship, determined to face his attacker, causing the ship to jolt violently as he tried to pull more out of her than she was designed for. The ship continued to bank and finally they caught the sight of an Imperial Fury class ship moments before its hyperdrive activated and slipped beyond their reach. At that moment Nindo knew he’d already failed and that the Holocron now rested in Sith hands, but he could still unmask the traitor that had led him there.
“Captain, get me as close to that tracer as you possibly can?” Nindo said, determined to see his mission through to the end.
“The reading’s coming from the spaceport, with any luck I can park us right next to the target.” The pilot replied as the starship soared through the atmosphere, down to the planet surface.

Valentin Strago breathed a sigh of relief as he turned the corner. He could see his ship at the opposite end of the corridor. Though his contact could travel with relative autonomy and by now would probably be well on their way to Sith space, Valentin had just spent the last hour navigating the streets, avoiding the security feeds. He knew that his presence on Zeltros would be viewed as all too suspicious and posed an unacceptable risk to his cover within The Order. As Valentin neared his ship his pace slowed. He could sense something watching him, and since it was actively hiding its presence from him he knew it was no coincidence. He wondered if his new mission had been a ruse, if by delivering the holocron he’d made himself redundant. Fear began to swell as he contemplated how likely it was that he’d been betrayed. He turned cautiously scanning for any sign of movement when he spotted the ship docked in the bay next to his, an identical Jedi Starship. With it came the full clarity of his situation, he hadn’t been betrayed, he’d been followed. As the truth sank in the door to Valentin’s ship opened and a hooded figure started down the ramp.
Using the force Valentin detached his lightsaber from his belt and flung it as straight as an arrow toward the Jedi. As the hilt flew through the air the blade came to life and a vibrant purple line headed straight for Nindo’s heart. Nindo forced his own saber to his hand, and as its blue blade shot from the hilt, it caught the incoming blade but an inch away from his chest, knocking it off to the side. Nindo then drew from the force and sent the traitors blade spinning wildly back at him. Valentin dodged the returning blade, allowing it to strike another starship, parked behind him. Nindo, seizing the moment, leapt from the ships ramp directly at his foe. His blade raised high, ready to crash down on his opponent. It seemed Valentin had barely enough time to will his wayward blade back to his hand, grasp the hilt tight and block the gargantuan strike bearing down on him from the sky. The clash of blades continued until Valentin’s blade barrowed toward Nindo’s side, forcing the Jedi Master to dodge away by reverse somersaulting, landing his feet on the nose of Valentin’s starship.

Nindo’s body was now defying gravity as he braised himself against the viewport of the ship. He could not do this for long, he’d have to jump clear soon. But before he could act he felt a force holding him to the ship’s hull. Moments later the artificial light of the docking bay was replaced by that of the system’s sun. Nindo looked up and just as he had predicted, the ship was no longer in the docking bay. A sneering smile began to grow on his face as Valentin let go the grip he held his own ship with, watching it fall away from site, along with his Jedi adversary. Only afterward did he remember his own pilot was also still aboard.

Chapter 2 – Falling

The off world landing terminal on Zeltros, is a giant building of White stone and red metals, which towers above the structures surrounding it. From the ground eight massive winding base pillars spiral their way up interwoven with each other until the general transportation altitude cap. Above that an octagonal vault, stretching for dozens of levels of docking bays on all sides, slowly spins. Elaborate carved pillars cover the exterior, and bunch around each landing bay, which in the event of a closing, roll out across the bay entrance hindering any ships attempting to take off. Normally it is a beautiful sight to behold, a majestic entrance to a world filled with pleasure. But not on this day, people ran and screamed on the levels of walkways below as they looked up to see a powerless starship leave a hanger and abruptly begin to plummet down toward them.

Nindo knew he didn’t have a lot of time. As the starship that had once been his prey fell as nothing more than a hunk of metal towards the crowds of people below, with him on top. He knew there was nothing he could do for them and that unless he acted quickly he would be just one more corps among the crowd. As the lowest tier of landing bays flew by his sight, he closed his eyes to connect with the force, in that instant he was overwhelmed with clarity. As his senses stretched out he could feel the trajectory of the falling vessel. If he abandoned it, it would crash into a support pillar below filled with causeways of shops and residences. On top of this it would destabilize the tower and could send the whole building crashing into the city below. With no time left to find a safe alternative he focused himself, drawing upon all the power he could muster and leapt from the top of the doomed vessel, ripping it out of its initial path and sending him soaring up, back towards the lowest tier of landing bays. Nindo could see where he was going, but he wasn’t going to make it to a stable footing. The docking bay above was too far for that. Fortunately the exhausted Jedi master managed to lodge his lightsaber into one of the decorative pieces that cover the exterior for enough time to wedge himself between two smaller pillars, at the very bottom of the octagonal docking vault. From there he would have to climb the exterior to get into the docking bay and save his life, not to mention try to catch Valentin Strago.

Chapter 3 – On the Verge of Escape

Valentin hid himself aboard Nindo’s ship and hoped the old man didn’t fly himself. It swiftly became evident, from the personal items aboard, that Nindo was indeed not travelling alone. And so Valentin waited, rather impatiently.

Finally Nindo’s pilot returned to the ship. Valentin could smell that the man had spent most of his time in the cantina from the moment he’d walked up the ships ramp. For a moment Vlaentin questioned whether the pilot was in a state to fly, regardless, he didn’t have much choice. Valentin was well aware that he was an outstandingly horrible pilot himself, so the drunk would have to do. As the pilot entered the bridge, Valentin made himself known, stepping in behind the pilot he grabbed the man by his shoulder and hurled him in to the pilot’s chair. The pilot yelped ,confused, as he whipped threw the air and plunged in to his seat. The sudden hum of a violet lightsaber stared back at him before he could react.
“Take off!” Valentin commanded, his blade still hovering in front of the pilot. Having little choice, and scared out of his mind, the pilot obeyed.

The ship engines came to life and slowly the starship lifted from the hanger floor, hovering as it turned toward the bay entrance, before accelerating past the pillar doors and out of the structure. It emerged from the same docking hole as the previous ship, which by now had crashed into the surface a little ways out from the base of the spaceport structure. The bridge of Valentin’s new ship had just barely peaked out of the bay before the ship came to an abrupt stop. Valentin simply placed his vibrant purple blade at eye level for his new pilot. The pilot cursed and swore he had nothing to do with it and that it wasn’t his fault. As the ship reversed back into the landing bay Valentin got a cold shudder down his spine. A shudder that was confirmed as the ship spun round to face down the corridor, past various parked starships they could see a single individual, standing tall and wielding a blue lightsaber.

At the very sight of Nindo, Valentin beheaded his hostage pilot and made his way out of the ship as quickly as he could. As Valentin jumped down he noticed that Nindo was carefully putting down the ship, instead of letting it fall which would have certainly killed him. He would not let this opportunity to strike go to waste. As he landed he used the force to take hold of a small vessel near Nindo and flung it at the Jedi Master, who quickly dodged forward and continued to close on his target. Valentin retreated as the starship above him came smashing down to the floor, determined to find a position of advantage over his advancing opponent. Their sabers clashed briefly as they stood in front of a hub of turbolifts on that level. For a brief moment Nindo had the advantage. Suddenly one of the turbo lifts’ doors opened providing Valentin with an escape. As he stepped back into the lift he summoned the force to send Nindo flying down the corridor they had just traversed in battle. You will not escape now, thought Nindo. He hurried back to the hub and forced the doors open. With the turbo lift already heading below, he jumped down after it. As he approached the top of the speeding turbo lift he used his lightsaber on one of the walls in order to slow his descent before crashing on top of the moving object. No sooner had Nindo lifted his head than as a purple jet of energy came pulsing through the ceiling on which he had landed. He had nowhere to move to evade anymore, he’d have to parry, which meant there was only one thing to do. Nindo drew his blade and deflected a stab aimed at his leg before jamming his own saber in to the ceiling. Both Jedi stabbed and slashed through the metal ceiling of the turbo lift as it continued it’s decent. Unable to see each other and dropping fast they duelled. Valentin tried to stop Nindo from making a whole to enter through and Nindo fought for his life.

When Nindo finally managed to cut a hole, large enough for him to pass through, his enemy forced the loose metal back up and pierced it with his saber until the turbo lift stopped. Nindo took one last jab at the ceiling and grazed the traitors arm. Valentin screamed as his pursuer’s blade singed his left forearm. Losing his focus, Valentin could no longer suppress the weight of the turbo lift’s roof, but before the roof collapsed upon him the doors opened and he rolled out. The turbo lift had arrived in the lobby of the gigantic off world terminal. Seizing the moment Valentin bolted in search of an exit. Before Nindo could compose himself, after falling along with the ceiling of, what was once, a turbo lift. Having lost sight of his prey Nindo drew upon the force to search the crowd, it took him only a moment to detect Valentin Strago’s presence, scared and angry, heading to an exit. Past that, outside the terminal on the streets of Zeltros, Nindo could feel pain.

Chapter 4 – Amidst the carnage

Outside, debris of a republic starship litters one of the walkways along with remnants of, what was, an over passing walkway leading from the off world terminal. Hundreds of people lay dead. Either they were killed in the explosion on the platform above when the ship impacted, or they were unfortunate enough to have survived this, in which case they would have swiftly met their end by means of the collapsing rubble from the passages above. As the two Jedi approach the wreckage, once again locked in combat, any who are able flee the area do so swiftly, not wanting to be caught up in the escalating Jedi affair. The two combatants looked at each other. They somehow knew these would be the final moment of the conflict they had been waging. As they fought amongst the smouldering wreckage, hurling debris at each other with the force, Valentin knew he could not hold out much longer. Swiftly he searched his robes for his last resort, a thermal detonator. Hurling the explosive at the Jedi he charged after it blindly. Nindo caught sight of the incoming explosive in time and willed it away to the side with the force. But he was too late to stop his charging attacker. The grenade, still hovering to their side exploded at their side, as the violet blade of his attacker pierced Nindo’s chest. He could just feel his heart vaporize, as Valentin pressed the blade straight threw, before falling dead to the floor.

Valentin started to leave when a woman’s hand grasped his leg. As he looked down he could see the hand belonged to a young Zeltron woman on the verge of death, sheltering her newborn child from the chaos surrounding them. She looked up at Valentin, her eyes told him everything she wanted to say, but could not bring herself to. That she would be gone in moments and she wanted her son to be cared for. At first Valentin was confused, but soon realised that the woman did not know that he was a Sith agent, for all she knew he was the Jedi Master he pretended to be. He realized then that this child would be an excellent excuse for why he was on Zeltros in the first place, when he reported back to the Jedi temple on Coruscant it would tie up many loose ends. He merely nodded to the woman and took the child from her arms.
“What’s his name?” He asked. She smiled and said “Ter..rek”
SWTOR: The Tales of Twisted Fate The Legend of Terrek Corso, The Adventures of Kyle Laurent, The Origins of Hate,The Rising of the Fox

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04.18.2013 , 02:59 PM | #2
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SWTOR: The Tales of Twisted Fate The Legend of Terrek Corso, The Adventures of Kyle Laurent, The Origins of Hate,The Rising of the Fox