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[HEROIC] Special Devliery - Overtuned

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12.20.2011 , 09:17 PM | #1
The level 28 Heroic mission on Alderaan, "Special Delivery", is badly overturned in my opinion.

Our full 4-man group consisted of all the elements of the trinity, tanks, heals, 2 DPS. I was the lowest in the party, at level 29 (the same as the mission). The tank was level 33, the healer level 32, and the other DPSer was also 32.

We did everything that could be expected of us. We CC'd two targets, and continued to CC adds as they came in and our CD's expired. Our group tried to beat it three times - and wiped three times. Various expressions of "holy %#^%!" and such were heard in the party.

In before L2P qq moar: ex-officer of a 5-year old WoW semi-hardcore raid guild, dozens of heroics bosses beaten. MMO player since 2003. What may be overtuned to one is undertuned to another - it's all relative - but my feeling is this particular Heroic mission is badly overtuned.

Would like to hear of other people's experience with this mission and what they think of it.
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12.20.2011 , 10:51 PM | #2
I remember my group getting stomped on our first try and getting it on the second. It's primarily a challenge to tank because the adds start out so spread out. It helps if you have force pull or a similar ability to grab the ranged mobs in (CC as many of the others as you can, and the tank should try to keep the non-CCd ranged ones taunted). AFAIK they are just elites like the other ones wandering the area so they burn down fairly quickly; problem is if group members don't target the same mob and pull off the tank, etc. I agree it's one of the more challenging heroics, but it was fun for that reason.
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