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An idea for bolster

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An idea for bolster

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04.17.2013 , 04:22 PM | #1
I'm not a programmer so I am unaware of what is possible or what is being presently done etc. I like the idea in theory, but so far I think it's safe to say it has some problems. So here's an idea how to make it easier/ more effective.

1.) Have the system go piece by piece: Impose an expertise cut off for each piece, this would equal the amount of expertise from the new gear. If the item the player is wearing does not meet this expertise requirement, the stats on the piece are entirely ignored and replaced by the bolster system. Ideally the new stats would depend on class then spec (mainly only for tanks). This would also solve the issue of pve gear being potentially better for pvp, as the extra stats would be ignored due to the expertise requirement.

With this gear progression will still transpire (each piece of new gear you get will improve your stats from the generic bolster) while removing absurd things like empty slots or removed mods being your best option.

2.) Give an option to end game players where the bolster system ignores their gear choices: This is mainly in the vein of mixing pve and pvp gear to try to max out your build

3.) Have the bolster system ignore everything in leveling pvp: Just have it give each class the same stats, I'm not so much worried about balance in low level pvp, but having to remove gear to play is just stupid.