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PVE bolster!

MrJurgens's Avatar

06.17.2013 , 01:30 PM | #81
Quote: Originally Posted by kaelthy View Post
NO, if BW makes a PVE bolster, at least half of the community will leave this game immediately. Only reason to do Raids is to get the gear, if you dont have the gear required to finish the latest OP, well too bad because you didnt try to get gearcapped in the previous patch/expansion.

Its what PVE should be, a grind to get the best gear ingame available at the given time to be ready for the upcoming content.

Dont makes SWTOR like WoW, where every new Expansion just makes old epic gear be trashed by common gear. Its a complete nonsense

This is how it should work in PvP, too... ALWAYS. PvE'ers not willing to grind PvP gear to be mathematically and skillfully competitive shouldn't be PvPing.

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06.18.2013 , 05:11 AM | #82
I'm sure if we wine and ***** enough it will become reality. It worked for the PVE'ers right?
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