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FREE EXPERTISE = unbalance pvp

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FREE EXPERTISE = unbalance pvp

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04.17.2013 , 09:03 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by Ivosaar View Post
No what i was saying is that the gear should be the same so that for let say u like the style of the pvp gear and also do pve u should be able to go do the raid content in u top end pvp gear with out having to go grinned for a pve set same goes for pve
The problem with that is that you have to make sure that it takes similar amounts of time to aquire the same item level set. If time investment for one or the other is significantly better than the other, then players will take the shortest path to gear progression.

Then we come full circle and the same complaint of having to PvE to get the better PvP gear is still there, or the opposite is true. For instanced no one wants PvP gear to be random like PvE gear is. You could always make PvE gear guaranteed like PvP gear but then progression goes to quickly and players are whining that there is nothing to do since they are already BiS, and it is already to easy to get BiS in most MMO's. In fact the only time BiS was hard to acquire was T3 vanilla WoW, and the Final tier in Burning Crusade. A very small percentage of the raiding population ever got BiS in those two tiers because the bosses were designed to be very hard.

The reason games have separate gear is so that they can better control damage in each environment, through a PvP stat, or some other means. The other reason is so that progression paths can very, and time needed to aquire the gear can very.