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Question of the Day 4/15/2013

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Bomyne's Avatar

04.15.2013 , 08:52 PM | #21
Why did I choose my trooper? Jennifer Hale. 'Nuff said.

KryloKillian's Avatar

04.16.2013 , 12:20 AM | #22
Dirty kick.
Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good kick to the balls, kid.

Sorei's Avatar

04.16.2013 , 12:52 AM | #23
At first, I wanted to play a JK because I'd read the book and wanted Scourge as a companion. Only got him to Tatooine, though. Then I played a Juggernaut and a Sniper, I can't recall why I chose them. I only know that I was watching the Agent Character Progression video in order to settle on the advanced class I'd rather play.

Kespar's Avatar

04.16.2013 , 03:23 AM | #24
I did all the reading before launch, delved into it as much as possible to get involved in the hype...realised upon getting the game on my way home from work, after installing and setting up my account....that I had NO idea what I wanted to do, so rolled a Shadow.

A friend contacted me weeks later saying he and some old MMO friends had rolled imps on the Red Eclipse, so I hopped over - was told they needed a tank. Juggernaut was an easy choice, having looked at the options and play style and its been my main ever since. Throw, leap, choke, smash, ravage? fun X a million.

Incidentally the Shadow is still at level 32.

AshlaBoga's Avatar

04.16.2013 , 03:28 AM | #25
SI: Craves Power

Sorcerer: I like "mage" classes.
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It always wins because it is everywhere.
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Rife's Avatar

04.16.2013 , 04:08 AM | #26
one reason and one reason only

2 lightsabers equals sex
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Rafaman's Avatar

04.16.2013 , 04:44 AM | #27
lol! Well.. yea, I chose Jedi Knight, Sentinel because of the dual lightsabers. But I'm not sure about the previous post.

quirez's Avatar

04.16.2013 , 04:56 AM | #28
I wanted to be a bounty hunter the moment i heard about SW:TOR and took a look at the classes for 3 reasons:

1. Pure Awesomeness i mean i do get to fly around on my jetpack while melting republic sc... uhm my opponents faces with a flamethrower? Falcon punch with a durasteel gauntlet any1? all those shiny telekinetics and lightnings flying everywhere are just silly compared to that

2. BH's fit the star wars world alot, give a lot of freedom in RP'ing, and that special uniqueness while 70% of the population uses lightsabers.

3. Lore-wise not being a force user and still crushing jedi or sith feels like you are really someone to be feared and respected.

after the initial choosing i only got to love my powertech more (not merc becouse i love tanking and gangsta stye 2 guns just doesnt sound too good) due to great story, nice companions and fantastic gameplay
Operative Siduri
Sniper Yai'co


Lavaskajunkie's Avatar

04.16.2013 , 05:31 AM | #29
I chose imperial agent mainly because i didn't want to play a force wielding character and wanted to play imperial. There's nothing like using a good ol fashion rifle! Also there very, very sneaky sir!

Frisc's Avatar

04.16.2013 , 06:03 AM | #30
My first character was a Jedi shadow. I chose the shadow cause of the stealth mainly. But after playin and getting him to 50, i find he was really fun.

My second was the trooper commando. i wanted to try healing an shooting my enemies in the face..