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2.0 BiS Gearing and Crit

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05.08.2013 , 07:39 AM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by AMightyKnight View Post
Try Kerens spreadsheet. It doesn’t get more accurate.
I played around with your idea.
I used 1000sims / 300sec runs with BIS stats from here:
And 2/2 stacked set bonus, anything else Kerens default options
This is what I got:

2838 2832 2835 2837 2839 2838 dps
using 3 Nimble 31A mods for 96 crit

2842 2839 2842 2839 2844 2843 dps
using 1 Nimble31 and 1 Nimble 31A for 89 cit

2843 2841 2850 2846 2843 2844 dps
with 2 Nimble 31 mods for 114 crit

2847 2848 2849 2850 2852 2851 dps
with no crit, just power

You see how the rng affects even those simulations. Sure, you ll probably be able to eliminate it by running your computer into the ground but – as said – this has no basis in actual ops. That’s why I don’t like focusing on the math too much. It shows a picture that just isnt there. You could do much better or much worse in one operation based solely on the rng effects even if you would and could play the perfect game (which no one does and the bosses don’t allow anyway). So in my view it doesn’t get more accurate than “some points in crit wont hurt you more than you could benefit”. Using Nimble 31A might be BIS for you tonight since you’ll get good rng. Tomorrow things might look different. Its just that close.

Heh yeah, with those numbers getting just a second of lag spike means changing everything...
I guess I'll keep the weapon full crit based for around 160 crit, if nothing else because it makes itemization simpler (bloody enhancements...). Now, to get rid of crit from everything else...
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