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Grim Tooth

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04.20.2013 , 10:04 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by RoXerS View Post
Has anyone found L'raak? I've found all the others except this guy. He better be well hidden because if he's out in the open and I've missed him... I'll punch myself.

::Edit:: Just found him. haha!

Cartel Mining Mesa -766,2470
where did u find Bilinguis, Master Suz-Anz and Tumbl Weed?

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04.20.2013 , 10:06 AM | #12
J'virgo was with Nigh Kris when we did it, she jumped into the fight and was healing Nigh.

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04.20.2013 , 12:54 PM | #13
Yeah, J'virgo and Nigh are found together.

Bilinguis is in Talaos City in the Fault Line

And Master Suz is on Telemur Mesa (-1324,-1732)

I'm still working on how to "unlock" Grim Tooth without using glitches. I'm guessing right now it's not possible so my efforts are futile. I've found two Power Stations with similar blue rings around them... maybe those have something to do with it?

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04.20.2013 , 02:19 PM | #14
Tumble Weed is located at 1200, 2276 in Frinn Mesa. Its the Central area with the GSI Daily.

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04.20.2013 , 07:21 PM | #15
Okay guys. After everything mentioned and done I can tell you the following about these lore bosses:

CC-121( 3707; 1916)
Once you have arrived on the Avesta Plantation, you head east passing The Fingers and continuing east to the Abora Mesa. From there you head south to the Brakan Mesa( see the doorway south of that map.
Once across that lightbridge you'll find him.

Details: Has 295K HP and spawns shield -and repair droids.

Master Suz-Anz( -1324; -1732)
When I red the coordinates I got from this forum at Telemur Mesa, I got stuck in a regulator base and nothing to be found. A groupmember went around the base and discovered two cave entrances leading to an oasis under the base.
Once the the cave entrances can be found at -1314; -1920 at the backside of the base.
She is has 266K HP and has an apprentice 'Lyla' besides her.

L'raak( -766; 2470)
Coordinates given were accurate for one little detail; he has two brothers called Sterrin and Renak, both having 116K HP. Once you get to these coordinates on the Mining Mesa, you might not notice them directly. Give it a few seconds and you will hear L'raak running upwards the hill like the Jurassic Park T-rex.
Don't be fooled however as you might think it's just him, but as soon as they want to turn back you'll notice they are actually walking in each other.

J'Virgo N'yen and Nigh Kris( -2860; y)
Can be found on the Solida Hesk's Resort, there in the northern Buildin of which currently I didn't write the y coordinate. We grouped up so didn't really give either a chance, but from what I've read so far, one heals the other.

RG-L8R( -3884;-1667)
Upon looking at the map of the Westwater Settlement; you'll notice on the northern side, halfway the map that there is like semi island? The droid( 402K HP) can be found on the western part of that island.

Tumble Weed( 1263; 2270)
Can be found in the centre of the Frinn Mesa in the beautiful Oasis in it's centre, has about 258K HP.

Ka'pkar( x;y )
Inside the Volcanic Mesa, bottom right corner. Group necessary to interupt his 'Terrifying roar'.

I have left out some specific details and will have them filled up by monday afternoon. I'll take screenshots as well and post them on both Swtor-spy as well as TORHEAD.
On top, concerning Bilinguis and Grim tooth I know where they are( for Bilinguis I've red you can find him in Talaos City but no exact detais.
The entire issue regarding Grim Tooth how best to get in even without having a Sage or Mercenary I'll also try to post. Grim Tooth's cage can be found on The Sanctuary, the huge dome at the NW junction.

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04.21.2013 , 12:07 PM | #16
Bilinguis is in Talaos City (about 4111,-215)
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04.21.2013 , 12:55 PM | #17
Regarding Grim Tooth:
I managed to get up to that dome through various jumps, but nothing up there, so no jumping in from above

EDIT: Just had a disconnect while standing on top of the dome and when I reconnected, I was inside the dome
If all imperial moffs are like you, it's a wonder you can get your armor on in the morning, much less conquer an empire.

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04.22.2013 , 08:54 AM | #18
Has anyone figured out the proper way to access Grim Tooth?

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04.23.2013 , 07:04 AM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by StJon View Post
Hey miko not sure if you figured it out or not but heres a "guide" on how to get grim tooth
Sadly i cant take screenshots cause for some reason my game stopped taking them
If i can get them later ill edit this post but anyways

1. First of all you need 2 people (and only 2) to kill it, i did it with my sin and a merc but a jugg would do (you do need either a jugg or a merc to knock you back)
2. The boss itself is located on Sanctuary as you well know inside a cage to the north
3. On the south side of the cage at bout 6-7 o'clock theres a plataform with a tree
4. If you stand on the edge and spam jump the merc or jugg can knock you back and youll land inside the cage
It took me 4 tries to land inside but i just kept trying till i got in
5. the boss has roughly 800k hp HOWEVER! he is bugged on my server (Prophecy of the 5) and eh did NOT attack a single time the entire time.. my companion couldav soloed the boss while naked lol
6. (Optional) im a sin and i pulled the merc to me however since the boss is bugged he just helped to DPS and wasnt needed for the actual fight

I got the screenshots to work but not someone to knockme back again
Heres proof i got the achievement and its possible to kill grimtooth tho

Good luck and Good hunting

PS: Thank you to Hexdecimaluk from Pot5 for the help on this department
PPS: I also have every other mob if you want i make a "guide" for those too just let me know if anyone wnats / needs it
thank you very much and thanks to the others as well. I will try to get to him this week and make some rancor sandwitches. Who wants to get some?

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04.23.2013 , 02:25 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by DogEyedBoy View Post
Has anyone figured out the proper way to access Grim Tooth?
There is none, it's very clear from what happens if you do manage to fight him that he is not meant to be fought yet, seeing as he does not attack at all (curiously he does have an enrage timer however). My best guess would be those power thingies (can't remember the actual name) scattered around the area that resemble the ones on his cage are probably meant to disable the force field, you can hover over them and see they are actual named objects but you cannot interact with them (yet).

My friend and I spent a night trying to find a way to "shot rancor", which I annoyed everyone in general chat with by repeatedly asking "How do I shot Rancor?". Anyway, I eventually discovered you could climb partway up the cage, and through a combination of knockbacks and shenanigans, my friend and I managed to reach the top, only to discover it too was a solid dome that had an invisible barrier separating us from Grim Tooth. We tried to find ways in, but eventually due to frustration we actually ended up dueling each other on top of the invisible dome, which came to an end when I tossed a Cryo Grenade at him, which inexplicably caused him to fall into the cage with Grim Tooth.

At first I thought that he was totally boned, as he is a healer and his companion wasn't even in there with him. However we realized that he did not attack at all, and so my friend "shot rancor" 2 or 3 times that night, with hilarity ensuing as we trolled general chat with declarations of how much more important our shotting of rancor was than whatever things they were doing. Eventually his HK somehow managed to leap inside as well, I think he was finding a weakness in all that time he spent staring at the wall.
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