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Revenge of the Archon: too hard?

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03.30.2014 , 02:31 PM | #291
I just did this myself on my 54 Juggernaught with Quinn...I don't get where people are complaining about the difficulty, it was pretty standard compared to what I've faced all the way up to this point for a Gold Elite Boss. You just have to, yknow, pay attention. This isn't WoW where you can stand still and spam 2 buttons to win.

There's a deadzone in the middle of the multi-aoe, and it doesn't even hit that hard, and I was still wearing Columi gear from 2012, other than 2 pieces I upgraded via questing. I have no post-Expansion gear otherwise, nor does Quinn. Hell, as I type this I look at my buffs bar and I might have even forgotten to buff myself, whoops lol

I didn't avoid the big aoe most of the time, it was a slight pain but I just charged back in. I missed the first opportunity to bust the generators, all you have to do is loot the Repair Droid with the gold lootbeam and use that item to break the power generators behind him and they'll stop spawning completely, turning into little more than a normal gold mob fight. I had more trouble with the first Iso-5 droid at that point.

Again: Just pay attention and think. Everything is there for a reason, and in this game, by the time you get to this quest, you should know boss fights aren't limited strictly to the mob you're targeting by now.

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03.30.2014 , 03:40 PM | #292
Quote: Originally Posted by LadyDrusilla View Post
I don't care what anyone says as a 54 Marauder who knows how to *********** play the game but doesn't have a geared up healing companion this mission is impossible. If you've done it, good for you. I was able to do this boss as an Inquisitor, I cannot do it as a Marauder.
you'll probably see this as a glass half full but 80% of the maras ive run into in this game are terrible dpsers. its not easy but you should watch some videos and gearing guides to get a rotation down.

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03.31.2014 , 04:40 AM | #293
It's not too hard. Use a healing companion, and know your class.

If you do not have a geared healing companion, run some dailies and buy blue lvl 53 gear for them. This is more than adequate. The Makeb vendor mods work just fine, too.

Basically, if you can't finish this, you aren't playing your class correctly for the fight.

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03.31.2014 , 09:50 AM | #294
Quote: Originally Posted by Gotnks View Post
I just did this myself on my 54 Juggernaught with Quinn...I don't get where people are complaining about the difficulty,
That's because you were using Quinn.

Again: Take a moment to think about all the possible playstyles, not just the one you used.

Yes, I did this with a Marauder and Quinn and it was a cakewalk. I didn't even use the rods because I could burn him down fast enough even while clearing out the droids. However, trying the same thing with Vette... was simply not feasible. Same thing happened with my sniper: With Lokin it was easy, with Kaliyo it was next to impossible.

In all cases, dealing damage was not the problem. The problem was taking damage. As a Tank/DPS player, companion tanks simply can't soak up enough to give you the time you need, and DPS companions don't speed up the fight enough to help (since they don't target the droids).

Basically: For a DPS or Tank player, you need to use a healing companion. However, this may be the only fight in the solo-story part of the game where that is true. A large number of people complaining about this quest are stumbling over that one issue. That is why so many snipers complain about this: most snipers I've seen use a tank companion rather than a healer companion.

So, if you want to get why people are complaining, think about some other classes or play styles.

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03.31.2014 , 10:22 AM | #295
Finally got around to finishing Makeb on my 55 healing Sorcerer. It wasn't that hard once I learned the mechanics (then again, being a healer or having a healing companion makes this fight A LOT easier). I was wearing almost full Pristine Seeker gear (the rating 156 gear you used to buy for basic comms but is now given out in quest rewards on Oricon), so that helped a lot.

Biggest advice I can give is to stay mobile. Don't stand in one place for long, and make use of the walls next to where the refueling droids spawn to get out of the line of fire and heal up. I used Static Barrier heavily to absorb a lot of damage, and Force Speed to escape the singularity and get away from his AoEs. The Isotope-5 rod only dropped once, so after using that I mostly just DPSed him down whenever I could, focusing on the refueling droids until he went into emergency recharge mode, then hitting him with everything I had while healing through the reflected damage.

Again, the methods I used relied pretty heavily on being a healer, but I imagine it would be even easier with a healing comp as long as you either kill the refueling droids as fast as you can or keep your comp out of the way of the massive laser he fires if enough of those droids get to him.
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03.31.2014 , 09:47 PM | #296
Quote: Originally Posted by Kurokage View Post
being a healer or having a healing companion makes this fight A LOT easier
Having heals makes this fight possible. Plain and simple.
Have heals ? Fight is challenging but alright.
Don't have heals ? You will die eventually. The fight is just too long.

I've done it on 3 characters so far. My sniper went first and was using Dr Lokin. I died once while trying to figure things out, and beat on second try. Then I played it on my sorceress, was specced dps and using Ashara but I had enough off-heals to make up for it, passed on first try. Then I played it on my juggernaut. Was specced tank and using Jaesa. Nope, didn't work, not even close. The first isotope-5 droid boss in the volcanic mesa was already bad with this setup , but it worked, barely. Then I tried with an undergeared Quinn, went better but still not nearly enough. Then after a trip to the GTN to outfit Quinn in full lvl51+ gear it passed easily.

This is just bad and I don't understand why they didn't give more options for this fight. The Oricon bosses are notorious for giving trouble to the less experienced players and none of them require any healing to pass them.
None of the Makeb bosses in the Republic story require any healing to pass them...

If a fight requires healing but there is no guarantee a healer is present, you put some healing items in the room, like in the tactical flashpoints.

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04.13.2014 , 01:35 PM | #297
Quote: Originally Posted by agamemnon- View Post
I really believe that Bioware failed to completely test this encounter with a variety of classes and companions.

Also the encounter comes off as being a flashpoint style fight (heck, there is even a fight just like it in one of the Kuat flashpoints).

Personally, I'm not going to waste my time leveling an Imperial alt through Makeb again. I have yet to meet someone in game with good things to say about that fight, even if they did it in one try.
It took me 8 tries (yes 8) before I was able to do it. My Sith Marauder is level 55, but I never kept up with gearing her, and I stopped gearing Quinn because I hate the SOB traitor. Even so, I didn't have too much of a problem with Makeb up to that point using Jaesa.

It took me 3 tries to eventually understand what was going on and the strategy needed. I then did dailies to earn cash to gear up. I still wasn't maxed out in gear but I fiqured it was good enough with a mix of 120 to 156 blue and purple rated gear on my Maruader.

The next four tries were just so aggravating. I had so much trouble targeting. I kept getting knocked off my feet. I would see the red target appear and I would immediately move but I couldn't get out of the way fast enough. And, most importantly, Quinn kept dying!

On my eight try, it was weird--everything went as planned. I concentrated on the refueling droids, sneaking in hits to the Archon every once in a while. I destroyed the generators. Then I took down the Archon. All very quick and simple. Both the health of Quinn and my Marauder never went below 75%. So I'm not sure what was so different my last time because I was trying the same strategy as before.

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04.13.2014 , 05:29 PM | #298
1) I hit the boss, he goes down to 80%
2) The droids come in. I kill them all, I grab the rods
3) the ray shield is still up. I can't access the generator, odd enough something makes me jump all the way back in the room and back to step 2 except no more rod drop
4) The ray shield is still up, there is no droid around, I hit the boss until more droids come in. Odd enough, I suddenly jump all way back in the room. and more droid come in to play
5) I kill all the droids, no rod drop. The ray shield is still *********** up, I hit the boss and odd enough, I jump all way back in the room
6) More droids come in, i kill them all, no rod drop, ray shield still up, I hit the boss whom always goes back around 80% health and odd reasons I jump way back in the room + mega laser and poof I am fried and dead.

How do you get this *********** ray shield down? I clearly see the generator to kill behind a ray shield, killing droid drops one and up to a few rods but never do the ray shield goes down, I do not see anything to click or do to male it go down.

Mission is not hard, the bugs AND overwhelming AOE and missiles makes it look stupid

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04.13.2014 , 06:25 PM | #299
@sebastienrivas, which class and companion were you using?

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04.13.2014 , 08:15 PM | #300
I guess I just stumbled into a working approach first try some time back, first toon I did this on was an assassin tank, I pulled him too me at the start of the fight from max range, refueling droids spawned and just stood there, never refueled him and i just took my time beating him down since he never got any fuel while having Talos healing me.