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25 Max Missions needs to be increased to 50

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25 Max Missions needs to be increased to 50
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04.13.2013 , 05:13 PM | #1
Once you hit 55 you realize there is no way your going to get anything done without removing missions you are working on or you spend a lot of time running around constantly. I realize that this is going to increase the database on the servers but seriously something needs to be done and fast. At this point I would be happy to buy an unlock in the cartel market if that is what it would take.
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chuixupu's Avatar

04.13.2013 , 05:16 PM | #2
I don't think it needs to be 50, heck, 5 more slots would probably be sufficient for me.
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04.13.2013 , 05:58 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Burtlebe View Post
At this point I would be happy to buy an unlock in the cartel market if that is what it would take.
Don't give them any idea's
It should have been upped by 5-10 earlier, and then 15-20(to 50 total) more with the planet dlc

MidichIorian's Avatar

04.13.2013 , 06:05 PM | #4
Bumped for truth.

MarkoJinn's Avatar

04.13.2013 , 06:06 PM | #5
Yes this is an absolute must!!! 25 is pathetically low...
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elitenz's Avatar

04.13.2013 , 06:10 PM | #6
Another reason why the devs needs to listen to the players and stop with the cartel junk this needs to be changed and fast with all the new weekly stuff + RoThC just kills the 25 limit.

Boomdiddy's Avatar

04.13.2013 , 06:22 PM | #7
Bumpity Bump

Pubsam's Avatar

04.13.2013 , 06:27 PM | #8
Agreed. I don't hoard missions or anything, and from launch to now I've never had a problem with hitting log capacity. But now? Ugh.
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04.13.2013 , 06:34 PM | #9
I agree, bump up the missions! I remember once I was sitting on 25 missions, and I went to get an especially difficult datacron. When I went to right click it, I wasn't allowed because getting that datacron actually counts as a mission. I had to abandon a mission just so I could get the datacron. I was not happy.
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04.13.2013 , 07:45 PM | #10
I didnt think about this I have like 25 before I even accepted any of the Makeeb quests
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