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Medium RP Guild - The Ashla Guard

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04.13.2013 , 06:51 AM | #1
<<Commence Input Summary of Log 314031>>

<<Summary of "Foundation of the Ashla Guard" output>>

Many centuries ago, when the galaxies brightest and smartest force sensitive individuals gathered on Typhon and eventually formed the early Je'daii order, from this large number of individuals formed a sub sect known as the Ashla Guard, who's mission was that of protectors of the Je'daii through their eternal thirst for knowledge and affinity to the force.

This sub-order of the Je'daii was long since forgotten when a young Padawan found writings on Tatooine describing historical records of the pilgrimages and heroics of the once prestigious group.

The Padawan spent many years keeping the discovery of such historical information to himself, as a dismissal of it's relevance to the new way in which the Jedi order exist. But after the decades that had past, his progression in the Jedi order and the plunge of the galaxy into war, the once young Padawan, now matured Jedi Master Denxyk saw a need for a new or even old order to be formed to assist and protect the Jedi, the Republic and most importantly the galaxy.

The Jedi Master then sought out other like minded force users in a hope of re-forming the once prestigious group.

Jedi Master Morvaini, Jedi Master Ezi and Jedi Knight Connor were the first to hear the stories and read the records previously found by Master Denxyk and an instantly mutual perspective on the need for such ways again was evident. An accord was struck and the four individuals became the first Council of the new Ashla Guard.

<<Summary Ends>>

[OoC Information]

The Ashla Guard are a newly formed Jedi focused medium-heavy RP guild looking for mature, motivated Old Reublic Roleplayers to become part of the recently reformed Ancient Je'daii group.

Our focus is that of learning great understanding of the force, honing the force affinity and defensive abilities of the lightsaber art, gaining forgotten knowledge of our ancient order and using these to become a beacon of light in the protect of the Jedi Order, The Republic and the people of the Galaxy as far as our light can reach.

If you feel that you have exciting new ideas and a drive to be part of a new growing guild, with open prospects for future game, guild and roleplaying progression, then please drop us a line.

At this early stage we ask only that those interested visit CLICK HERE and leave us a short message telling us about both you OoC and your character IC and what you feel you can bring to the guild