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Healer & Sniper team needs a good home :)

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Healer & Sniper team needs a good home :)

furryfritter's Avatar

04.12.2013 , 09:06 PM | #1
Hello all,

Like the post says we're a sorc/healer and sniper team looking for a new guild to call home here on Harbinger. We are both 55 and have been working on gearing up with the new makeb goodies. Previously we were in an ops guild and would love to get back into running some again. We have other toons that are also on their way to 55 pretty quick but as these are our mains they take priority . We'd prefer an adult oriented guild if possible. If anyone feels we'd be a fit please leave us a reply as to how to get a hold of you, or grab us in game on either Fheenexis, Fheenix, or Sig'sauer!

Thanks Harbinger!