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Achievements for FPs not working

Karamazovmm's Avatar

04.12.2013 , 04:29 PM | #1
I was hunting for achievements yesterday, and I have noticed that a lot of them are not working properly and the ones I shouldve got already are not giving me completion status

For example, did LI several times yesterday on SM, despite having done the FP more than 10 times (I was in for the gear primarily), it isnt displayed the more than 10 kills for the bosses, actually that one is empty, despite having the killed once achievements there

Mando raiders, soloed the FP, despite that Im not awarded the kills for all the bosses, most notable is that Im granted the kills for 2 of the raiders (the point that we have to fight a mix of mando mercs and sith), and the others are a miss. Not to mention that I did finished that FP when it was in my level several times for the gear

Athiss not displaying properly that I killed the professor, despite being mandatory to progress the FP, and despite that i never have died in that fight

And the list goes on

Anybody experience any issues regarding this?