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Question(s) about romances: Vette and Jaesa. Need help, Sith brothers!

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Question(s) about romances: Vette and Jaesa. Need help, Sith brothers!

Gajel's Avatar

04.12.2013 , 09:37 AM | #1
Hello guys.

In the beginning of my dark career I thought I will have a romance with DS Jaesa (she is so madness and crazy, you know). But! Vette made a great impression on me (in contrast, she is so cute!) and i starting flirting with her. I kissed Vette and had a conversation, where she says, kind of, that she is a simple girl and it seems like everything went to romance with Vette (Jaesa is not in team at the moment). Next, i got DS Jaesa in team, gave her a lot of gifts and also kissed and flirted. Then, next conversation with Vette has led to a choice between her and Jaesa, and i chose Jaesa, and, it seems, i cant romance with Vette now (my level is 33 and big affection on both, thanks to many gifts). But i want romance with Vette too, then i threw this warrior for some time, and start leveling another.

So, the question(s) is.. Can i romance with Vette, marry her etc (~0 affection on Jaesa and not even to try to speak with her) then, when I married to Vette, start conversation and romance (flirting) with Jaesa? Will I be able to actually start a romance with Jaesa, in such conditions? How Vette will respond to this, and will not return it all back to the conversation about choice between them? And vice versa.

Or will I need to have two warriors, with each of them? I've looked through a lot of threads here, but still not found a solution (answer).

This question is a very serious problem for one of the most awfuly Sith warrior in the galaxy.
I very much appreciate your help.
For the Empire!

P.S. Sorry for a little confused English :3

Ridickilis's Avatar

04.12.2013 , 11:30 AM | #2
I can't say for sure, that convo that you speak of where you choose Jaesa, but I believe you are locked out of Vette now. Eventually, I ended up choosing Vette (on my Dark V Juggy, opposites attract FTW!) and I'm pretty sure I got locked out of further romance convo's with Jaesa. I think If you don't talk to Vette anymore and romance Jaesa fully, you can go back and then romance Vette. Jaesa does give you an ultimatum as well but you two are alone and Vette isn't privy to that convo.

In the end I would say roll the other AC for the Warrior as well and romance Vette. That's what I did (well, I re-rolled for Jaesa).

Oh, and I thought I'd add that I doubt it was BW's intention for us to romance both, if that's what you're asking. If some have it was more due to a 'bug' than anything else.

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04.12.2013 , 02:08 PM | #3
Hey, i talked about "Is Jaesa just your apprentice?" speech.

I think If you don't talk to Vette anymore and romance Jaesa fully, you can go back and then romance Vette.
Did you mean that continue playing after conversation, there i choose Jaesa? I think i closed chance for romance with Vette anyway now.

To clarify, I ask about what can i begin to flirt and, accordingly, romance with Jaesa, if prior to that already married to Vette ( i mean i married to Vette and dont have any conversation with Jaesa). Or, if I'm already married to one, this blocks the opportunity to flirt with another automatically, starting with the first conversation? If not, I would like to know what will happen then? Can I try to quit the current wife and go to another, say, from conversation-like "Is Jaesa just your apprentice?"?

Anyway, thanks for answer.

Gajel's Avatar

04.12.2013 , 02:22 PM | #4
To my previous post.

I found this thread here

and I quote
As a Marauder I married Vette first and i had already had Jeasa to like 6K affection at the time. Vette was like "I know about you and Jeasa and I dont care because i love you blah blah blah". I continued my romance with Jeasa and we got married as well. So now i am married to both and all is well.
If you the and romance both at the same time it won't work, you get a conflict.

However if you marry one so they are complete, and then romance the other it will work and you'll end up married to both.
Anyone can confirm something like that, or it was some kind of "bug"?

Jossajus's Avatar

04.15.2013 , 03:31 AM | #5
Ugh why would you want to? 2 wives? Double the nagging and double the "Honey Do" lists. I can picture Jaesa's now:

1) Take out the trash.
2) Torture the LS Sith.
3) Slaughter a lot of innocents.
4) Shock Vette for fun. (But not THAT kind of fun.)
4) Kill a Jedi.
5) Clean the gutters
"When you're happy, you enjoy the music. When you're sad, you understand the lyrics." - Frank Ocean

Xeperi's Avatar

04.15.2013 , 03:55 AM | #6
On a totally serious note- the alternate lifestyle sub-theme in swtor need not avoid polygamy. Say what you want about polygamists but I imagine of all of the polygamist/polyamorous cultures and sub-cultures only on EARTH, when you branch across the many thousands of species and hundreds of thousands of cultures in the known sw galaxy, I am sure there is plenty of polygamy going on. Not that the game should ever center on alternative lifestyles, but the options would be nice. Ideally you would even have two husbands and one wife as a possibility and not just the two wives with one husband. Playing as a kind of Hutt or future class or species, the number of spouses could even be a measure of status. No trying to nuke swtor or this thread with controversy, but this is all stuff to think about.