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The Kestrel Minority

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04.12.2013 , 05:18 AM | #1
Guild Type: Social, Roleplay
Guild Play-Styles: Any and all.
Guild Faction: Republic
Guild Alignment: Republic, Neutral

About our guild

TKM was originally formed by a small group of MMO veterans, we've played many games together and when SWTOR popped up we were all keen to get involved and see what it had to offer us as avid roleplayers.

We originally formed on Trask Ulgo but have since transferred to The Progenitor.

Our aim is to form a small, close knit community of like-minded players.

While we play on a RP server and consider ourselves a RP guild many of us have an interest in and do enjoy other parts of the game as well, be it exploring, questing, raiding or PVP.
Most importantly though we want a sociable atmosphere to do these things in. To enjoy the company of like-minded individuals as we trudge through the gritty underbellies and amble across the brilliant vistas of the Star Wars universe.

Since the inception of the Treaty of Coruscant, Republic society has been plunged into a time of change and uncertainty. While the machinations of the ruthless Sith Empire sow fear and invite strife upon hapless worlds the Galactic Senate prepares and plans for the future. It falls to the proud citizens to protect the peace and freedom of the Golden Age.

As a new generation of heroic travelers from all walks of life venture forth, many come together under bonds of friendship and respect to support one another. Some travel to help the innocent, caught in the vice of war - others work to further their own ends. But they all share a sacred bond of camaraderie. One such network of unlikely allies bear a mark: a swooping bird of prey. They are the Kestrel Minority.

No one really knows when the Kestrels came to be. Some say they have always been and live as a legend shrouded in mystery. Now the Kestrels are again searching for new members because their numbers are waning and the war is coming.

The Kestrels consist mostly of individuals who do not necessarily see eye to eye with the Jedi Council or the Senate of the Republic on all points but who do not support the Sith Empire either. They regard themselves as independent, taking on things that the Jedi order or the senate seem to ignore or cannot act upon. Kestrels may decide that something needs to be done,
but everyone still has their own reasons on a personal level. To maintain their freedom and stay hidden from their enemies, Kestrels all agree to stay silent about their affiliation.

Who can join?
We ask that you are 18 years of age or more (exceptions can be made), that you can speak English and are open minded and tolerant of other people's beliefs, cultures and practices.

Apart from this anyone can join. For those wishing to join from outside the EU that isn't a problem.

So how does one join the Kestrels?
We ask that anyone interested go to our website and put an application in on the forum after registering, it's a short simple application.

Applicants are then given a period of one month (thought it was less)to see whether or not they feel the guild is right for them and also for us as a guild to see if we get along with you. After which you will either be inducted as a full member with all that entails or we part ways amicably.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope to hear from you soon.
- TKM.
My Characters on the Progenitor
Raiah - Jedi Consular (Sage), Nesalia - Smuggler (Scoundrel)
Guild: The Kestrel Minority