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Interlude and not Chapter 4 at start up

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Interlude and not Chapter 4 at start up

Renallis's Avatar

09.25.2013 , 08:09 PM | #11
yea same problem on my smuggler lvl 53 now and still on interlude load screan

BlackBeltBlakey's Avatar

12.08.2014 , 06:24 AM | #12
Apologies for the thread-romancy but I also have this issue on my (now) level 56 Sith Warrior. Has it been fixed? Is there a known way for me to move on from Interlulde?

ZomBodyToLove's Avatar

12.10.2014 , 03:40 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by BlackBeltBlakey View Post
Apologies for the thread-romancy but I also have this issue on my (now) level 56 Sith Warrior. Has it been fixed? Is there a known way for me to move on from Interlulde?
Aye, I am having the same problem on my Jugg. LEvel 57 now. Still Interlude.

chouston's Avatar

12.21.2014 , 10:50 PM | #14
Have just logged in and wanted to start playing again, but my smuggler still says interlude at startup. I am just now level 55,hope it changes with the expansion. I was told back a year ago it would be fixed in a patch but nothing ever happened. Anyone else having this issue? This was one reason I stopped playing last time; because of the fun little extras(such as the loading screen storyline) being broken as well as lag.

Kleli's Avatar

12.22.2014 , 12:42 PM | #15
I have the same problem on my smuggler. When playing through Makeb it only said "Chapter 4" one or two times when I logged in. All the other times it was just the interlude from after completeing the class story. Even after finishing Makeb I've only had the old interlude login screen.
And now with Shadow of Revan the issue still persists. Still just the old interlude login screen. Though one time a few days ago it acually said "Chapter 5" (right before the battle of Rishi flashpoint in the story). But before that and after that it has only said interlude so far.

I big part of why I'm playing this game is for the story so I would really like to see this fixed.

Btw, on my Sith Warrior (that have so far only completed Makeb but not started SoR yet) it said "Chapter 4" all the time on Makeb and it now has a new interlude login screen that reflects what happend after Makeb.
So only two characters to compare but looking at this thread it seems like the smuggler is affected by this more often than the other classes.

I have played from several different computers and also reinstalled the game (and computer) more than once on my main rig with no change to the problem.
"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side".

chouston's Avatar

12.24.2014 , 09:10 AM | #16
As of now, I have just completed both Koriban and Tython instances. I did hope that The new storyline would have begun, but nothing. It still says Interlude as it has since before Makeb. But now, in addition, whenever I travel somewhere the loading screen for each area just has the picture, but not the words/hints anymore. Just a blank area under the picture. Has there been any talk of this elsewhere? For me, I see a bug expanding. First non stop Interlude for my smuggler and now a loading screen with no words anytime I go somewhere new.

chouston's Avatar

12.29.2014 , 10:44 PM | #17
For now, I am using my sniper. His story is working. He is now level 54 at Makeb. The one I consider my main(smuggler) is still where I left him story wise with pre makeb interlude showing up on login screen even though I am 2 instances into the Revan expansion. A fix in the next patch would be great ( fingers crossed ) or at least a word saying someone is looking at it .

chouston's Avatar

12.29.2014 , 10:50 PM | #18
Forget what I just said, now my sniper is saying Interlude upon login and I haven't finished Makeb.

chouston's Avatar

01.03.2015 , 03:16 PM | #19
Well, Once I did reach Chapter 5, it was fixed for 2 days. But then now it has gone back to saying Interlude and the Voidwolf being defeated. In fact, I had a conversation where I was told congrats on defeating the Voidwolf. Im just wondering how else this affects story, conversations, and achievements since doing Makeb. I had just canceled my ticket from Dec 22, but today I had to re pen another one. Please tell me there is a fix in the next patch. This is nutty.

Etain_Skirata's Avatar

06.23.2015 , 11:44 AM | #20
I am having the same problem with my smuggler. My smuggler is my first character that I've gotten that far. I finished Ilum and Makeb, and it still says Interlude. I've finished the main storyline for some of my other characters, but I'm afraid that I'll have the same issues, and after reading everyone else's comments, I know that I'll be dealing with the same thing. I love this game very much, but I agree, the active log in story is part of the fun of it. I'm really disappointed that they still haven't corrected the problem after 2 years, based on this whole thread. I always thought that the guys who made and update the game read the threads to help keep an eye out for problems such as this. I certainly hope that they fix it soon, but based on past actions, I know not to hold my breath.