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Weapons of Chaos

Slowpokeking's Avatar

04.11.2013 , 12:25 AM | #1
It's SOOO HARD to find the seeds, any tips?

idronald's Avatar

04.13.2013 , 09:28 PM | #2
No tips, except from using the Triangulation Enhancer Mark 1 or Mark 2. I've spent 3 hours at my first mission on Tatooine and found nothing but crap. I have emptied my bags 6 times by my companion. I felt it was a complete waste of time and as far as I am concerned BW may raise the drop rate. I hear other people are more lucky though and dig up the seeds in 10 minutes.

KostonxEld's Avatar

04.13.2013 , 10:30 PM | #3
Ya I spent 20 minutes at a few diff locations, tat, taris, and never found anything but gray crap. This mission is just a time sink. Maybe once I'm fully geared again and sick of the 55 hm fp's ill try more, but for now this is just too reminiscent of the hk51 quest and its really no fun!
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Vandicus's Avatar

04.13.2013 , 10:39 PM | #4
The directional ping on the seeker droid has a range of 30m, which is not inconsiderable. Use that to your advantage when searching the general area for your first green directional ping. Now the green directional ping is a semicircle, and so represents quite a possible range, but if you send the seeker droid in that direction and move, you'll gradually be able to do a crude triangulation of the dig spot.
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Powervette's Avatar

05.06.2013 , 09:40 PM | #5
I have now spent over 5 hours!!!! across a few days just trying to get the seed on Taris. W T F!?!? I have lost count of the greens, blues and even acouple purples I have dug up, but no dam seed. I dare any Bioware rep to come on here and try to explain how this stupid quest is fun in any way shape or form.

Man, I thought Archaeology was bad in WoW. ( OK, it is pretty much as boring) but this is just stupid, no real indication if I am doing something wrong, if I am getting close, just NOTHING.

i know no one is forcing me to do this, but its gotten to the point i'm just mad and want to find this f'ing seed.

I think I will submit a bug report, this can't possibly be "working as intended "? I say it must be a bug.

definitely envious of people who say they found it in 10 minutes.

5 hours and counting .....

AshlaBoga's Avatar

05.06.2013 , 10:05 PM | #6
I don't understand how people are struggling with this.

Every planet except Balmorra took me 8-9 minutes (Balmorra took me 25-30). That's right, with the exception of one planet I found every DreadSeed in under 10 minutes.

What is everyone doing differently that makes them struggle so? Is it a server population issue? Do the Seeds move if one person finds one? If that's the case then being on JM would be why I found this so easy I guess.
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JPryde's Avatar

05.07.2013 , 01:49 AM | #7
To my experience some easy advice helps a lot with finding the dread seeds:

Totally forget about the signs, that your probe returns to you.

Just scan the area methodically. I personally was doing real fine with using my probe on any pool of water and any strange root growing from the ground. I took no more than 20 minutes per seed.

The green indication is NOT exclusive to the direction of the seed. It shows you just where to find ANYthing. Since you do not want to find just about anything, you can safely ignore the green indicator.
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Dext's Avatar

05.07.2013 , 01:51 AM | #8
took me about an 2 hours to get it all. Just need to do the last quest.
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Lung_Tien_Lien's Avatar

05.07.2013 , 02:20 AM | #9
Wow, I think the longest I spent on any of the seeds was 15 minutes. Maybe twenty.

Here's what I did: use the Seeker Droid, run right underneath it and wait until it shows you the direction of the next item. Then I'd just place the droid as far away from where I was standing as possible (in the suggested direction, of course). If that turned up nothing, I'd use the droid again but closer to my character this time.

If an area was messing with me (i.e. the next item appears to be on top of an enormous rock that I can't even target), I'd relocate. I don't think there's just one seed buried per character or anything.

Sorry, but I found spending my entire evening to find groups for the Heroic 4's much, much worse.

OddballEasyEight's Avatar

05.07.2013 , 02:21 AM | #10
Each location took me between 5-10 minutes... longest i spent was on taris because i kept fighting the enemies instead of avoiding them.

If its taking you more than 20 minutes, you are doing something wrong.
Dont just run around randomly popping down the drones... use the triangulation system that they have. Follow the green indicator.
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