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04.18.2013 , 06:02 AM | #31
When i'm tanking (PvE) i use a priority system.

1. Harnessed Darkness Lightning
2. Wither
3. Discharge (only to refresh debuff)
4. Shock (with or without proc)
5. Assassinate (<30% health)
6. Maul (with proc only)
7. If >35 force thrash, if <35 force saber strike

This system should give you almost the maximum hps, high dps and decent threat. I think for maximum dps you'd want to cut out discharge and wither and also only use the shock with the proc, however this would damage your threat and decrease your damage reduation and hps.
I learnt this through trial and error however there was also some Theorycrafting on the pts server forum showing the maths behind it.
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